Fleshhead Attack

Mastering Fleshhead Attack “Brain Parasite”.

“Fleshhead Attack is a young HC/Trash/Punk band from Eisenach in the centre of Germany. Last year we have recorded and mixed our album ‘brain parasite’ by ourselves in our practice room. The room is next to a cowhouse whose stink influences our music now and then. Beside the recordings we also made the merchandising by ourselves, as DIY is very important to us. We have already found an artist who drew our cover, so now there is just a label missing which wants to release it on vinyl !
Reviews for our demo
Maximum Rock’n’Roll # 369:
 A young, German punk outfit with great snotty vocals that remind me of Neo Cons or the Fairfuck, and really good guitar riffs. There’s a thrash moment here and there, but it mostly charges at a bouncy mid-tempo. This is just the right lenght. Six tracks, none exceeding 1:45. Cool demo!
Trust Fanzine:
FLESHHEAD ATTACK – DEMO CD-R (self-released) Hailing from Eisenach, Germany this four-piece sounds like a relict of ten years ago. Fleshhead Attack blast through six wild and frantic hardcore-thrash assaults in the vein of Tear It Up, DS-13 and Vitamin X. The songs are all straight foward and super fast, but at the time they are filled with snotty blasting midtempo parts that recall the classic sound of Reagan Youth or Black Flag. Despite all the speed and power, the recordings offer plenty of catchy choruses and an undercurrent of occasional used melodies. This is really a very promising debut release.”