Gift Shop Girls

Mastering Gift Shop Girls “Aloha, Paradise” on Passion on Plastic Records.

Taken from

“Eight tracks; is it an album or an EP? I don’t know and I don’t guess it matters since I love all eight songs on the debut album from Gift Shop Girls entitled Aloha, Paradise. I mean, how can you go wrong with frenetic, furious punk rock that hits you right in the happy spot and never lets go. I have no idea how to pick a favorite song or songs because they’re all just too cool for school. What’s wonderful to witness is an unsigned band whose debut sounds like it has had professional production. You have to love technology. Never have bands been able to do so much, not just with producing and recording their music but also with promotion and it’s great to see/hear. While none of the songs on Aloha, Paradise is very long, they’re all fun and I can’t wait to see these guys play live, preferably with me showing up on the guest list and getting a bunch of sweet pictures. Just to clarify a possibly confusing point, none of the band’s members are female. Irony is my favorite.”

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