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Mastering Sissy “Gave Birth To A Mum” EP.

“Limited to 299 Copies with insert and download code. Dublin’s Sissy release their debut EP ‘Gave Birth to a Mum’ and it’s a stunning opening salvo. The raw and stripped back garage style recording and production just adds to the excitement. The music twists and bounces whilst the lyrics are modern femminist manifestos. The sound mixes Sleater Kinney and Julie Ruin and could have easily been on Kill Rock Stars if recorded twenty years ago. One of the four tracks is a Blitz song ‘Attack’. The lyrics include “Freedom to fight / Your freedom to choose”. It probably wasn’t a pro choice song to begin with but they’ve appropriated it into their repertoire.”

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Mastering Dulac “Four Summers EP” on Sic Life Records.

Recorded and mixed by Assaf Bomgard.

“Limited edition EP from this german band, with a previous album released in TAKEN BY SURPRISE. Features 3 hits, perfect in time for summer. A mix of Post-Punk and Powerpop, and some more influences maybe… all tuneful, upbeat and catchy. References that struck me the most while listening: REPLACEMENTS, ELVIS COSTELLO and a bit of THE JAM.”

“Elvis Costello, Gun Club, Angst und andere SST-Bands, Dinosaur Jr.’s „ear-bleedin’ country“ oder aktuell Bands wie The Men – manche Punks stehen auf Creedence. Dulac schielen mit einem Auge auf Sound und Songwriting ur-amerikanischer Musik von Bob Dylan, Neil Young und wie sie alle heißen; mit dem anderen haben sie die letzten 10 Jahre DIY-Punk verfolgt. Wo andere ihre Version von Americana, von Pubrock, Hardcore oder Noiserock aus spielen, haben Dulac eben No Hope for the Kids, Observers und Masshysteri gehört.
Nie gehen solche Beschreibungen in Gänze auf, auch nicht, wenn man noch The Jam und Rites of Spring mit in den Topf wirft. Wie Dulac klingt es, wenn sich drei Freunde nicht nur ihren eigenen Musikgeschmack anerzogen haben, sondern auch zusammen gelernt haben, wie man zu dritt eine Punkband hat, die knallt. Und zwar Punk als modus operandi, nicht als musikalisches Korsett. Mach mit deiner Band, was du für richtig hältst, mach es selbst oder mach es mit Freunden, nimm deine Musik, aber dich selbst nicht zu ernst, sei kein Arschloch – the Punk gospel according to Dulac.
Nach einem später auf 7“ gepressten Demotape und einer LP auf Taken By Surprise Records (München, RED DONS, AUTISTIC YOUTH,…), Twintoe Records (Berlin/Tel Aviv, VVHILE, UZBEKS,…) und Crapoulet Records (Marseille, 1000000 Bands), zwei Touren durch Europa und einer Israeltour kommen Dulac vor ihrem zweiten Album mit der „Four Summers“ EP auf Tour. Aufgenommen in Berlin mit ihrem Freund Assaf Bomgard, gemastert in London von Daniel Husayn/North London Bomb Factory, 3 Songs geschrieben während die Band nach und nach aus dem Rhein-Main-Gebiet nach Berlin umzog. Dulac in ihrem vierten Sommer.”

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Is Dodelijk

Mixing …Is Dodelijk ” Lederhosenzombies” on Kink Records and Pifia Records.

“After a demo tape in 2012 and a Split 7 “, now there last replenishment of Is Dodelijk from Nürnberg. 7 songs in just under 7 minutes 45rpm , ie 7x thrashy hardcore punk in top speed ! Both musically and lyrically somewhere between early Amen 81 and the entire 2000s Thrashcore as Nihil Baxter , alert Gerd or Surf Nazis Must Die .”



Paul Orwell

Mastering Paul Orwell “Blowing Your Mind Away”on Heavy Soul Records.

“Paul Orwell is a singer / songwriter from London who possesses a unique talent in his ability to create the music, attitude and ambience of the mid 1960’s beat period with an assuring knowledge of his place in today’s society. With an extensive record collection encompassing Soul, Freakbeat, Rhythm & Blues, Gospel, Folk and late ‘60s Rock he has taken elements of all these fantastic genre’s and come up with an album filled with moments of genius incorporating the talents of Phil Spector, The Pretty Things, The Beatles, The Who and all those other influential bands”

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Mastering Diät “Positive Energy” on Iron Lung and Adagio830 Records.

“The long awaited debut full length has finally arrived. And the wait was well worth it. Diät have worked, worked and reworked these 8 songs until they were perfect. Who is this band you ask? Let us introduce you:
“Brought together by a shared enthusiasm for bleak UK punk and a history of playing in hardcore bands, Berlin based DIÄT have created a sound that they have described, perhaps not entirely seriously, as ‘tough new wave’. Fans of Crisis, Killing Joke and The Mob (UK) should be pleased by the band’s unlikely synthesis of depressive drift and cranked, accelerated energy.
‘Positive Energy’ was recorded last Winter while huddled in a practice space overlooking the industrial landscape of frozen East Berlin, the album finds Diät reining in the threads of malignant enthusiasm still peppered throughout their earlier recordings (both 7″s previously released on this fine imprint) to focus on the cynicism and dejectedness that binds them as a band.”
Packaged in a high quality reverse board jacket with a 12 page lyric booklet only available in this version of the LP. All copies on black vinyl. The download comes with the “Hurricane” video as well.
Art: Jes. Sounds: Duckface. Mastered: Husayn. Video: West.”

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Dead Tired

Mastering Dead Tired “Demo Tape”.


Dim Prospects

Mastering Dim Prospects “S/T” Lunadiscs Records.

Taken from Suspect Device Fanzine:

“This record arrived via punk post from Dim Prospects’ guitarist Mops who gave it to my good friend Rich when he visited Vienna recently. Many years ago Rich had given me an album by an Austrian band I’d never heard of at that point, Target Of Demand, it was a great record that also featured the guitar talents of Mops. I wouldn’t go as far as comparing the two bands, although some of the guitar parts on this do have me thinking of that record, perhaps unsurprisingly. Dim Prospects deliver driving, melodic punk which at times reminds me of early Leatherface or even Pegboy, and although not super fast, the songs are brimming with an energy that gets into your soul and makes you feel you can do anything. I’ve been playing this a lot and have no hesitation in saying that this is one of the best melodic punk records I’ve heard in a long time. (Tony)”

Ruleta Rusa

Mastering Ruleta Rusa “Lathe cut 7″” on Human Double Face Records and Discos MMM.

“50 pressed for MANIC RELAPSE FEST, hand made lathe cut 7″s”

Sticky Valnetines

Mastering Sticky Valentines “S/T” EP.

Taken from Uberrock:

“Somebody once sang, “who will save rock and roll?” Well I could give you a list as long as an elephant’s trunk of bands who are flying the flag for good old Rock and Roll and I’ve just added another name to the illustrious list. Sticky Valentines is their name and playing dangerous sloppy rock and roll is their game.

Don’t despair kids, Rock and Roll is in rude health if you only scratch the surface, or failing that check out some of the bands I get to review on Uber Rock. Imagine the Rolling Stones around the time of ‘Exile…’ jamming with a prime time Thunders and Sylvain and add a dash of Hanoi Rocks when they were entering Mystery City that’s where these pirates of glunk sit comfortably. Hell, for good measure throw in some Replacements and a few Chuck Berry licks and Izzy Stradlin when he was on top of his game, oh and don’t forget the booze.

Kicking off quite literally is ‘Bored On The Boardwalk’ – with its heaving, sloppy swagger it’s like one huge barroom brawl is only one swig away and these vagabonds are gonna mess with anyone and everyone. With a fantastic guitar solo that Johnny would have been proud of the song just ends and gets the hell out of dodge. Superb stuff.

There are many pretenders who have a go at Rock and Rolling but can’t pull it off. Sticky Valentines were born to Rock and Roll and I see it as my duty to offer them up to you as paragons of taste: it’s only right you join me in saving rock and roll by supporting this band of rock and roll gypsies. Now can I get a “Fuck yeah!?” Stay alive, stay out of jail and Rock and Roll! Fuck Yeah!!!”


Mastering Raatoämpäri “Tuomiojärvi”.

What is there to say other than everything that comes out of Finland is amazing and worth checking out.

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