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The Vultures

Remastering The Vultures “At Home” on La Vida Es Un Mus Records.

“Official reissue of another of the scarcest Dutch punk records that was listed in the top 25 European punk rarities in Record Collector. THE VULTURES hailed from Epe, in the middle of the Dutch Bible-Belt. They recorded this 4 Track EP in 1981 that overtime has became impossible to find. Which is a shame as it is simply a masterpiece of Dutch Punk. Loud, proud and snotty, the sound is based around a trademark chainsaw guitar tone, plodding bass, passionate vocals and overall a clear UK influence. Without doubt if this band was english they would have been on Riot City, Rot or Secret Records or seen supporting the MAU MAUS, THE EXPLOITED or both DISORDER’s (Bristol and North East). Reissued replicating the artwork as originally printed but adding a few unseen full colour pictures on the reverse sleeve.”

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Quango 12%22

Remastering Quango “Fatality (12″)” on Danger Records.

“Originally released in 2013 as a 7″ on First World Problems. The 12” includes the unreleased ripper, ‘Viva Il Papa’ from the same session.
Recommended if you like: WARSAW, CRISIS, RONDOS, SIX MINUTE WAR.”

Holy Kings

Mastering The Holy Kings ” Losing The Bond To Society” on Ghost Town Noise Records.

“Auch wenn unsere Freunde von THE HOLY KINGS am 20.11. mit einem Abschiedskonzert im Büro (Regensburg) offiziell den Punkrock-Kosmos verlassen, um – teils unter neuer Flagge und mit anderer Besatzung – neue Soundsphären zu erforschen, so ist doch eins sternenklar: Ihr letztes gemeinsames (bis jetzt unveröffentlichtes) Album „Losing the Bond to Society“ ist es mehr als wert, in unsere Atmosphäre katapultiert zu werden!”


Mixing Berlin Blackouts “Bonehouse Rendezvous” on Wanda Records.

Taken from American Oi:

“From the greatest German city in the world, Berlin, comes the brand new punk rock band the Berlin Blackouts. With (ex-)members of other ‘Hauptstadt’ outfits like the Radio Dead Ones, Erotic Devices, Twitchblades and The Uprising, these guys gained some experience over the years and that is something you definitely hear back on the band’s debut “Bonehouse Rendezvous”!

“Bonehouse Rendezvous” holds a total of eight songs exploring all directions of the punk genre. But the Berlin Blackouts don’t sound like they’re still looking for a specific style, they easily seem to mix elements of punk rock, ’77 punk, streetpunk and even glam-punk into a sound of their own , making them to be loved easily by a wider audience than a band that likes to stick to one specific genre.

 This leads to an explosive mix of energy and melody, in both the Berlin Blackouts’ sound and vocal department, where they make excellent use of both dual lead vocals and fantastic back-up vocals. You just need a few spins to remember the words and before you know it you will be singing along, simply because tracks like “Slay The Demons”, “I Won’t Back Down”, “Home”, “G.O.D.” and “Stay Away” are catchy as hell!

 Great debut album made for a wide audience of punk fans and available on a wide variety of formats! What more could you ask for?”

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Arms Race

Mastering Arms Race “New Nonsense 2015” on Quality Control HQ Records.

“Exclusive to the USA tour in April, Arms Race bust out some new tracks from their upcoming LP out later in the year! Expect more UK82/NYHC crossover bangers. Side B has the Demo 2013 remastered.”



Mastering the Repossessed “Born. Work. Die.” on Muscle Horse Records.

“The Repossessed make the most of their first time on record, spitting the gravel from their boots right in your face over ragged glory riffs that recall the likes of The Ejected or The Partisans (there’s even a Welsh language number on here, a nod to singer Donna’s heritage). All four songs nail that perfect combination of high energy bounce and ear worm shout-along choruses like they really could be a lost Riot City Records band, but this is much more than a well-executed tribute, as demonstrated by their barbed reflections on the every day struggle in a contemporary Britain, one that’s just as if not more bleak than UK82. These four are undoubtedly in possession of fuck-you spirit and brains to boot, so get into it or get out the way.”

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Mastering Nakam “s/t” on Spastic Fantastic Records and Crapoulet Records.

“Nakam from south germany with its first record on Spastic Fantastic and Crapoulet. Steam-roller-Hardcore-Punk in best BOMBENALARM, TRAGEDY and THE NOW DENIAL manner. This fat and grumpy bastard with ex-members of NIHIL BAXTER, DANGER! DANGER! and DERBY DOLLS will kick you through the gates of hell.”

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Raw Noise

Mastering Raw Noise “A Holocaust In Your Home 1984 Demo” on Nausea Records.

“Nausea Records proudly presents the official vinyl issue of the legendary demo tape containing some early Extreme Noise Terror tracks.
Restored and mastered from original tape at North London Bomb Factory.
Presented with printed inner sleeve with photos, lyrics and liner notes from Dean Jones.

RAW NOISE formed in Ipswich ’83 with Dean Jones on vocals, Ali Firouzbakht on guitars, Ade on bass and Olley (Pigkiller) on drums.
Early in ’84, John Borley temporarily stepped in on guitar to replace Ali. The first release was then made which was this 7 track demo tape recorded on 23/09/84. Following the release they had their first gig with Disorder and Lunatic Fringe at the Ipswich YMCA club. After Ali returned on guitar they had only one more show which was in Sudbury, Suffolk.
In Jan 1985 Raw Noise split to form EXTREME NOISE TERROR with Dean and Pigkiller teaming up with Phil Vane and Pete Hurley from other local band Victims of War, using many of the tracks from the demo tape to go on E.N.T’s first release, ‘Earslaughter’, a split album with Chaos U.K.

“…essential wild energy from the mid-80’s British hardcore generation” – from Kids and Heroes Magazine

Get yourself a piece of Punk history now. When they are gone, they are gone.”

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Slur 2

Mastering Slur “Demo 2015” on Quality Control HQ Records.

“New UK band channels Early Swedish Kängpunk, Finnish and Polish hardcore punk ala Destruktions, Siekiera with a touch of Mob 47. Members of Detergents, No, Good Throb, Arms Race, Obstruct, and The Flex wanted to create politically infused anti-war songs to pogo to complete with phaser pedal and stomping drums to smash the state to.

The cassette comes with a screen printed sleeve by Max Harper with art by Guillem ‘El Muro’ of Una Bèstia Incontrolable.”

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Snob 2

Mixing Snob “S/T (2nd)”.

“Finally the long awaited follow up to SNOB’s debut 7″ from last year. This time around 4 tracks of aggressive distorted hardcore somewhere in between RUDIMENTARY PENI and USA CONFLICT. The songwritting has improved drastically, moving the band away from their infuences and finding them in their own realm. A vital part of the current London scene and a must hear.”

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