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Crown Court

Mastering Crown Court “English Disease” on Rebellion Records.

Recorded by Jonah Falco.

Taken from American Oi:

“With the mint “Trouble From London” demo and their superb debut 7”, the “Ruck And Roll” EP from earlier this year, London’s number one troublemakers, Crown Court, took over the scene by storm! A storm that is far from over, because the Crown Court boot boys ave it again with a banging new piece of vinyl, that continues on spreading “The English Disease”!

 Just like the demo and their debut EP, “The English Disease” contains another three riotous anthems that will cause a ruck on the dancefloor! I can see the chaos, the fists and boots flying through the air when a song like “We Made You” sets off all the rabble-rousers in the crowd on a Friday night, ready to do it all over again on the terraces the day after! There is so much power, pace and energy in Crown Court’s sound and lyrics, that it gives me an absurd adrenaline rush when playing “No Paradise”, “Jack Jones” and, the earlier mentioned B-side, “We Made You” over and over and over again!

 Therefor Crown Court not just ‘ave it’, they and please pardon my French, fucking kill it on “The English Disease”! These lads are rowdy, raucous and right on the frontline of the NWOBOi!, or should I say the New Wave Of Best British Oi!? Because this is simply one of the sickest bands out there right now, ready to infect you with their much anticipated sophomore EP “The English Disease”! Get it!”


Mastering Miscalculations “Kill the Whole Cast” on FDH RecordsP.Trash Records, and Rockstar Records.

“CAPITAN MARCO of the London-based punk rock fleet No Front Teeth Records is an unweary demonio for the good punk work and he was the singer of the recently deceased GAGGERS and played in a helluva other bands. He quickly calculated his remaining super-powers: writer of excellent punk poetry + wizard of super catchy melodies = MISCALCULATIONS. That’s simple math. Bam! New band going. Together with drummer SHAUN he already wrote and pounded out two LPs on Dead Beat and Rockstar Rec. and now kills everything with this third LP. Though the Miscalculations know how to add 7+7, and Marco’s gritty and snotty voice screams ’punk singer’ with every syllable he spits out, Miscalculations definitely advanced the punk sound (some may call it Post-Punk). The 12 songs on ’Kill the whole cast’ are a tasteful blend of the sound of Buzzcocks, Wire, The Statues and even some Mind Spiders with the catchy and sharp, yet laconic guitar work and the melancholic and demanding undertone of Wipers, Masshystery or The Vicious, plus some Electro-Synth-NoWave-Punk of The Units or even The Spits. Always intense, always poetic with outstanding cryptic yrics and wrapped up in cool imagery. When this album has passed they killed the whole cast / You will be obsessed when they killed the whole cast!”

Buy it here!


Heavy Makeup

Mastering Heavy Makeup “2nd Tape” on Farsot Records.

Heavy Makeup came out of nowhere and just stirred shit up with their dirty, edgy and dark mid-tempo hardcore punk. This is their second tape that is a perfect continuation of their portrait of human angst and desperation. I have a very limited amount of these tapes, so grab one and get lucky. “

But it here!


True Vision

Mastering True Vision “Demo 2015” on Quality Control HQ.

“New UKHC Champions League outfit from Leeds, influenced by Side by Side and Youth of Today with a British twist. Razar ‘Gourmet Drum Machine’, take to the mic and has written some thoughtful lyrics ala Cappo in his heyday creating a breath of fresh air amongst a sea of cry babies and lack of insight. Members of Flex/VR/AR/Shrapnel/Obstruct/Unjust/Insist. This is the New Breed of Leeds Straight Edge. Art by Belgian Nic. Screenprinted by Max Harper.”

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Futuro Terror

Mastering Futuro Terror “s/t” on Tigre Discs.

“Hace unas semanas os avisamos de que Futuro Terror publicarían en breve un nuevo EP bajo Tigre Discs con descartes de su gran LP homónimo editado el año pasado. Estas nuevas grabaciones continúan la senda descarada y agresiva de lo que nos habían mostrado hasta el momento. Esas guitarras que parecen sonar por arrebatos y unas letras oscuras que tratan de esos temas que aparecen el momento más álgido y temerario de la noche.”



Mixing Zotz “s/t” on Mass Media Records and DISCOS ENFERMOS.

“Hailing from Mexico City are Zotz, rawdark punk in the vain of Lost Tribe with batcave elements. Artwork by Ashley Hohman. This is a split release with Discos Enfermos from Spain.”

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Potential Threat

Remastering Potential Threat “Demand an Alternative” on Beat Generation.

“First ever reissue since its official edition on Conflict’s label Mortarhate Records. 13 tracks of absolutely great and fast punk played as it has to be played, with high energy and rage. Limited edition to 500 copies, replica from insert and artwork. 180 grs. vinyl. POTENTIAL THREAT were formed in Blackburn in 1981, and recorded a couple of 7″ between 1982 and 1985. They played a lot of gigs with different bands as Discharge (their main influence in Pauline’s own words), Conflict, Crass and so on. The band started to be recognized by the punk fans especially in U.K. and got some great feedback as their gigs were totally wild and out of control. After different line-up changes, the band recorded this fucking ace LP in 1985 under the mighty Mortarhate label with a running of 1000 copies that were sold in few months. This is the first ever official re-issue from the album, with the same artwork and insert in a limited edition of 500 copies.”


Daily Ritual

Mastering Daily Ritual “S/T” on 4409 and Sabotage Records.

“Hailing from Singapore, Daily Ritual give us an 8 track album of infectious, melodic, political punk. Musically this is in the same vein as Red Dons and Masshysteri, while the lyrics to songs with titles like “Surveillance” (We got no place to hide from their eyes), “Desperation In A Police State” (This is a police state / We hold your passports / Your access to freedom…) and “The Siren” (When the sound of siren starts to wail / You know they’re coming here for you) are inspired by life living in a totalitarian state. This is just a great LP, music to make your heart race and lyrics to engage your mind; this is punk rock!

Europe, buy it here!


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