Crown Court

Mastering Crown Court “English Disease” on Rebellion Records.

Recorded by Jonah Falco.

Taken from American Oi:

“With the mint “Trouble From London” demo and their superb debut 7”, the “Ruck And Roll” EP from earlier this year, London’s number one troublemakers, Crown Court, took over the scene by storm! A storm that is far from over, because the Crown Court boot boys ave it again with a banging new piece of vinyl, that continues on spreading “The English Disease”!

 Just like the demo and their debut EP, “The English Disease” contains another three riotous anthems that will cause a ruck on the dancefloor! I can see the chaos, the fists and boots flying through the air when a song like “We Made You” sets off all the rabble-rousers in the crowd on a Friday night, ready to do it all over again on the terraces the day after! There is so much power, pace and energy in Crown Court’s sound and lyrics, that it gives me an absurd adrenaline rush when playing “No Paradise”, “Jack Jones” and, the earlier mentioned B-side, “We Made You” over and over and over again!

 Therefor Crown Court not just ‘ave it’, they and please pardon my French, fucking kill it on “The English Disease”! These lads are rowdy, raucous and right on the frontline of the NWOBOi!, or should I say the New Wave Of Best British Oi!? Because this is simply one of the sickest bands out there right now, ready to infect you with their much anticipated sophomore EP “The English Disease”! Get it!”