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Mastering Totenwald “Wrong Place Wrong Time” on Mass Media Records.

“Totenwald from Berlin are a 3 piece dark punk band featuring the wonderful Trish on vocals.”

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Mastering Reproach ” DESPAIR / SHITTOWN EP” on Lost Youth records (Belgium)
7″ will be out on Deep Six (US),  Awesome Vision (Belgium), Crapoulet (France)
CD version will be released by Crew For Life (Japan).

Recorded and mixed February 2015 by Nico “KrevetNoiseTerror” Vedts at Majestic Underground.

“Reproach is one of Belgium longest running hardcore punk bands around, known for their short, fast forward and angry songs about the shitty things of our society and the human race in general. That is also what you get on this EP but their trashy pissed off hardcore punk is angrier, heavier and rougher … it seems to be enriched with some death metal/core elements.”

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Mastering Denim and Leather “s/t” on Lupus Records and All Dead Tapes.

“First release for Manchester oddballs Denim and Leather. Unhinged guitars and thumping drums stagger through five solid songs. Their slightly psychotic style of punk is often compared with the likes of Flipper, Pissed Jeans and ‘Potion For Bad Dreams’ era Void. Their gigs are rough, raucous and entertaining.”

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Girl Power

Mastering Girl Power “s/t” on Richter Scale Records.

“Great new UK based duo making some clattering, bashing Black Flag meets AmRep meets NoMeansNo hardcore punk shoutiness. Dead good!”

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Mastering Lich “Moloch​/​Lich Split” on Dry Cough, Vendetta, and Vetala.

“After almost two years in the pipeline, early 2016 will finally see the release of the much anticipated split LP from Nottingham sludgers Moloch, and (the sadly now defunct) Margate hardcore quintet, Lich.

Despite regular forays onto the live circuit to destroy eardrums alongside such great bands as Cloud Rat, Full of Hell, and Thou, the two tracks from Moloch represent the band’s first recorded material since their Dry Cough co-released split 7″ with Haggatha way back in May 2014. You’ll be very happy to hear that they continue to spit forth their own unique strain of abrasive, bile-drenched sludge; but while that abrasiveness is more noticable than ever (even more so live!), their sound has continued to evolve; the clever use of controlled feedback, the hints of noise rock, the TONE! These guys just keep getting better and better.

The flip side, while offering a decided change in pace, offers no respite in terms of sheer face-pummelling brutality. The Margate 5-piece sadly called it a day back in 2013, but before they did, they recorded these 8 tracks with the intention of releasing a couple of split 7″s. For whatever reason, these never materialised so they decided to compile them all for this release. All but one of the songs clock in at under two minutes, but the band cram in a hell of a lot into each track; a vicious concoction of fast and sludgey slow riffs, ear-piercing feedback, and throat-destroying vocals. The perfect foil for the jarring, lumbering offering from their friends on the other side.

The sleeve features the stunning artwork of Patrick Milsom.”

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Mixing Apostrophe “InfinityTimesZero”.

“The second album from Berlin post-punkers Apostrophe should just about be well warmed up and already waiting for you in your trusty record stores, because on Friday comes “InfinityTimesZero.” Harsh guitar riffs pair up with crafty drumbeats … the changes are carefully measured and promise to keep boredom at bay over the duration of the seven songs. I find “Battlefield,” “Dancebeat,” “Lighthouse,” “New Truths,” “Flood,” “Trigger” and “’” especially successful. The sound and the melodies remind me of a mix of Dinosaur Jr. in their best moments and bands like Motorpsycho, which Jeff (guitar, vocals), Dale Nixon (bass), Igor (guitar) and Marc (drums) probably like to consider musical role models. Vocally the four guys grab me directly and I feel immediately moved back to the indie rock of the late 80s and early 90s . Long time since I heard that; great stuff, gentlemen … thanks for this! As a special little tidbit in addition to the CD and download link there are 50 hand-numbered tapes in yellow. Although I didn’t know of the band before this, I’m quite sold on Apostrophe and their new album .. . I’ll probably have to give their first release a listen right away. So get “InfinityTimesZero” and take a stroll down memory lane … that’s an order with the best intentions!”

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Kick It!

Mixing Kick It!  “Biere, Frites et Vandalisme” on Kink Records.

“After the great 7″ from 2013 here’s finally the 1st longplayer from the german band KICK IT. Yet again you’ll get beautiful melodic punk-rock, which moves skillfully between hardcore, garage-punk and ’77 punk. All harsh and at high speed, but always remaining nice and catchy like on the 7″. Vinyl is housed in a nice diy-silk-screened cover and includes a digitial download card.”



Remastering Sperma “Züri Punx” on Static Age Records.

“Originally released in 1979 on Urs Steiger’s label Another Swiss Label the punk anthem “Züri Punx” (“Zyt from flower power ish verbii / Woodstock ish shit GSII …”) by the group Sperma. This song expressed with his musical directness and their slogans like lyrics (“They träumed vo Punk and Anarchy”) very nicely the fierce determination of the first round. The following year, the song reappeared again with a new B- side (Sinnlos insteed of Bombs). Today, 35 years later Static Age Musik from Berlin did release for the first time all 3 songs on a single in an edition of 500 copies with the two original covers and some liner notes.”



Mastering Maniac “Chola Queen” on No Front Teeth Records.

“Gentlemen Punks from Los Angeles who are / were in these bands: Clorox Girls, Cute Lepers, The Girls, Images, L.A. Drugz, Red Dons. Now in MANIAC. Bringing together their varied gazpacho of musical influences, the Maniac sound is lean and angular with sonic walls of power chords, biting leads and catchy vocal delivery of lyrics that are comic yet have a dark sense of humour. Themes range from sexual frustration to internal turmoil. Maniac are a quintessentially L.A. band and bring to the table a deep understanding of the city they live in and the music they play.”

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Pink Hawks.jpg

Mastering Pink Hawks “Taste Your Medicine b/w Ku Ku” on Snappy Little Numbers.

Pink Hawks have just unleashed the “Taste Your Medicine b/w KuKu” 12″ onto the world!  Much like with pxlman, we’re stretching our musical boundaries with Pink Hawks.  These two tracks are jazzy afrobeat at it’s most contagious.  These songs really stretch out musically which is why we just had to press it on 45rpm 12″ vinyl.  Housed in a classic DJ single jacket on an assortment of colors, a download is of course included. Dust off your dancing shoes and play-flip-repeat!”

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