Mixing Apostrophe “InfinityTimesZero”.

“The second album from Berlin post-punkers Apostrophe should just about be well warmed up and already waiting for you in your trusty record stores, because on Friday comes “InfinityTimesZero.” Harsh guitar riffs pair up with crafty drumbeats … the changes are carefully measured and promise to keep boredom at bay over the duration of the seven songs. I find “Battlefield,” “Dancebeat,” “Lighthouse,” “New Truths,” “Flood,” “Trigger” and “’” especially successful. The sound and the melodies remind me of a mix of Dinosaur Jr. in their best moments and bands like Motorpsycho, which Jeff (guitar, vocals), Dale Nixon (bass), Igor (guitar) and Marc (drums) probably like to consider musical role models. Vocally the four guys grab me directly and I feel immediately moved back to the indie rock of the late 80s and early 90s . Long time since I heard that; great stuff, gentlemen … thanks for this! As a special little tidbit in addition to the CD and download link there are 50 hand-numbered tapes in yellow. Although I didn’t know of the band before this, I’m quite sold on Apostrophe and their new album .. . I’ll probably have to give their first release a listen right away. So get “InfinityTimesZero” and take a stroll down memory lane … that’s an order with the best intentions!”

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