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Mastering the Mirror Men “Out of Tune” on Tutl Records.

“The Mirror Men, manned by Aksel Tórgarð on drums and Sigmund Zachariassen on vocals and guitar, is a few years old with 2011 perhaps their most prominent year, reaching second place in the Sement finals and being invited to perform at the celebrated G! Festival amongst other places.

The band’s new 7″ vinyl contains the single “Out of Tune” – a loud and thundering one – in addition to the b-side recordings of “Tea is Served” and an acoustic version of “Out of Tune.”

-It’s about making the right choice at the right moment,” says frontman Sigmund Zachariassen.”

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Magnetic Mind

Mastering The Magnetic Mind “.​.​.​Is Thinking About It” on Heavy Soul Records.

“Debut album by London’s leading Pyschedelic Groovesters sees the band bring all their influences (The Music Machine, The Carrie Nations, The Seeds, Shocking Blue, Jefferson Airplane, Moby Grape, Os Mutantes, The Creation, Iron Butterfly, The Remains, Barry Gray, Link Wray, The Zombies, The Byrds, Pentangle, The United States of America, Silver Apples, Booker T and the MGs, The Ventures) to their music and create an album full of late ’60s references mixed with a sound that is totally unique on today’s music scene.

The beautiful tones of vocalist Ellie will bring obvious comparisons to that of Grace Slick and rightly so, whilst the band behind her bring a wealth of different instruments to the collection of songs that add more to a straight forward Jefferson Airplane link. The Peanut Butter Conspiracy, The Mojo Men – a wealth of Soul, Rhythm & Blues, Garage, early Rock ‘N’ Roll and Progressive Rock are all evident in making the ….Is Thinking About It album a leading contender for album of the year, certainly in the ’60’s crowd spectrum.

A string of live dates including Le Beat Bespoke and Brighton Untouchables Weekenders have raised the profile even higher.

Do you have a Magnetic Mind – you will after listening to this beauty.”

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Mastering Disco Lepers “Sophisticated Shame” on Dead Beat Records.

“Disco Lepers- Sophisticated Shame LP.  Totally diggin the stink these guys are throwin’ out there.  Like a stab in the ear, London’s most putrid, bile-spewing snotbags are back with another depraved, dose of debauchery.  DISCO LEPERS continue to hit that tattered, festering vein rattling the same snotty, thunder-punk nerve as the GAGGERS eargasm to heaven.  DISCO LEPERS brilliantly spew 11 rabid scuzz-punk rippers like the the nastiest elements of the Vomit Pigs, Satans Rats, The Victims, The Dickies and The Lewd while totally carrying their own sound and doing it better than most.  Nasty stuff as expected here from members of THE GAGGERS and MISCALCULTIONS!  As long as Terminal Gagger and Co. continue to puke out cruddy blasts of homemade genius like this, count me in!  Tuff lookin’ cover art by Jackie Sudden.”

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Mastering Daylight Robbery “Accumulated Error” on Deranged Records.

“Daylight Robbery makes expansive sound for tight spaces. This Chicago trio of DIY scene anchors delivers anxious post-punk for those who came to throw their bodies on the gears and those who came to dance (categories that clearly overlap). 

David and Christine Wolf are a forever-shifting point / counterpoint to one another, both in their melodic guitar and bass interplay and their big harmonies and vocal trade-offs, and Jeff Rice’s propulsive drumming provides a solid foundation on which to build song structures that shift, collapse and grow organically. One may hear echoes of the late ’70s and early ’80s in what they do, but their restlessness is very much of the now, the sound of the endless post-industrial search for stability rather than the sound of the late Cold War.”

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