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Mastering Cretins “Meat” on Deranged Records.

“CRETINS rear their ugly heads yet again with six new cuts of destructive hardcore punk on “Meat”. This is a completely savage recording that harnesses the pure hatred of Poison Idea and depraved genius of Cleveland’s finest into one crushing EP. This is not the safe, easygoing, or experimental garbage that has crept into HC punk in recent years. CRETINS’ approach here is simple – hard hitting and forceful songwriting with lyrics that espouse a clear distaste for humanity. Executed much faster and tighter than previous material, if there’s one CRETINS release to end it all to, “Meat” surely wins out.”

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Gulag Beach

Mastering Gulag Beach “Favela Blues” on Maniac Attack / Left Hand Path / East Beat.

“Here comes the sound of rebellion presented by the Old school HC-Punx from Berlin, Germany. After their first record dealing with North Korea, this release continues fighting for liberty in a sarcastic and ironic manner: apart from Kim Jong-Un’s repressive system, current topics are the favelas in South America, the authoritarian regime in Russia, the torture cases of the C.I.A. and Pol Pots regime of terror in Cambodia. Six melodic songs are hit by a rough sound and were recorded in Berlin’s legendary K.V.U. studios. The record is restricted to 500 copies and comes with individually colored vinyl.”

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Analog Ruins

Mastering  Analog Ruins “s/t”.

“ANALOG RUINS (Melodic Post-Punk from Bremen)
Analog Ruins have been rehearsing in their current formation since 2013 and have played a couple of shows w/ Big Eyes, Schwervon!, Rae Spoon, Naive, Static me, Caves, friend crush, Gwehrmutter*.

The band members know each other from different contexts in Bremen. Some of them have lived together, organised concerts as queer-feminist concert-group „betty beatz“, put up a queerfeminist festival called q*flash in 2012 and played together in all different kind of diy/rrriot/performance/punk/singer-songwriter projects resp. bands (a.o. Kobayashi, Awry Pattern, neongrey, largact.ill, Too rude to be cute, Toxic Titbits, Sissy Boyz, Ärzte ohne Ängste)”

Vertical Slump

Mastering Vertical Slump “Ruined Value E.P” on Icecapades Records.

“Vertical Slump are Simon Marsham (guitars, vocals), Andrew Milk (drums, vocals), Ed Shellard (bass,vocals) and Peter Simpson (synthesizers), a quartet of time-served hands at the DIY foundry who are/were also involved in (amongst others) the bands Shopping, Gloss Rejection, Omi Palone and Circuit Breaker.

This collection of songs was recorded in February of this year at Sound Savers studios with Mark Jasper, and follows on neatly from where a cassette E.P of early demos left us, released earlier in 2015 through Mïlk Records.

In collaboration with Mark, they have produced a fully formed and insistent record, oozing with confidence and vigour. It is four tracks of galloping, compelling post-punk wherein vocals are gulped with ardent intensity; guitars jag and agitate across the mix, veering from the sweetly melodious to the darkly dissonant, while basslines rumble and lope hand-in-glove with sparse and sympathetic percussion. Keys change, amps squawk, and tense locked-in cadences give way to silvery, sweet-spot choruses.

Mastered with an added slice of punk grit by the evergreen Daniel Husayn at North London Bomb Factory, these recordings can be seen as both a pulsating introduction to a band, and a persuading proposition of what’s to come in the future.”

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Warrior Tribes

Mastering Warrior Tribes “Warrior Tribes EP” on Hex Enducer Tapes.

Recorded and mixed by David Wolf

“Debut vinyl from this Chicago band, and it’s a really cool little slice of hardcore. It strikes me as a very “Chicago” record in that Warrior Tribes seem simultaneously determined to push at the edges of the hardcore punk formula while still retaining the most important parts of the basic hardcore punk sound. In that respect it reminds me of a lot of different bands… most importantly Articles of Faith, but also other midwest bands like Mecht Mensch and (the Minnesota) Final Conflict. It’s almost like the record offers this little mini-narrative, starting off with some pretty straight up skinhead hardcore-style stuff on track one (with some impressive, Choke-esque vocals) and then gradually pushing at the edges of that sound, the guitars getting more and more creative and less tethered to the drum and bass as the record progresses. By the time you get to the last track, “Iron Fist,” the guitars are rarely playing power chords and the whole song gets built around these super catchy, high-on-the-neck guitar figures. Throw in some cool packaging featuring color vinyl, hand-stamped labels and what looks to be screen printed glue pocket jackets (or maybe it’s just a metallic silver regular print… it’s hard to tell) and you have the kind of record that people are almost destined to be calling “underrated” 10 years from now. –”

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Sin Motivo

Mastering Sin Motivo “El Desierto”on Erste Theke Tonträger Records.

“Finally! After two stunning demo tapes SIN MOTIVO created this untold hardcore punk 12″ bastard. Born and bred in Fort Worth/ Denton, Texas’ legacy of DIY, SIN MOTIVO seeks to push what it means to be punk in 2015. In equal parts Victim In Pain and Too Many Humans, SIN MOTIVO perpetually pushes Punk’s lack of attention span.

Psychedelic drudging interwoven with a classic hardcore punk formula balances out to create a true sonic seduction. All aspects mentioned before are finally realized in their recent opus, El Desierto, an LP brought to you by members of Wiccans, The Sentenced, and Treatment.

Their recordings capture that energy perfectly and form some of the most driving and propulsive hardcore punk I have heard in ages. You need to hear this. These songs are chaotic and unrelenting. Constant changes make the songs feel relatively short although some of them stretch out over five minutes and even the shorter songs just plod along. Sin Motivo isn’t afraid of frantically throwing anything and everything into a speedy, punk rock blender that persists of thumping around for a moment before exploding into a hardcore nail bomb.

If you like your hardcore chaotic and turbulent, you’re in for a hell of a ride. This is hardcore punk with demonic vocals and hard-as-nail beats that is extremely hard to shake once you have heared it. Ferocious, dissonant hardcore focused in intensity and all-out rage. A record full of uneasiness and trepidation.
SIN MOTIVO is another living proof for how great the current Austin punk/hardcore crop is. Recorded / Mixed by Dentons finest, Mark Ryan and Jeff Burke ( Marked Men, High Tension Wires, Mind Spiders, Radioactivity ) and mastered by Daniel Husayn ( Red Dons ) I am more than honoured to release this timeless LP.”

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Role Models

Mastering Role Models “The Go-To Guy” on Glunk Records.

“Fantastic debut long player from London based Rock and Rollers. Features guest appearances from Rich Jones & Sami Yaffa

This eleven track album is the brilliant work of Rich Rags (formerly of The Loyalties along with Rich Jones)

Produced and Mixed By Andy Brook and Mastered by Bass player Daniel Husayn at The London Bomb Factory; its a fantastic mix of dirty power pop, punk rock and good old Rock!

Already getting rave reviews on websites like Uber Rock who said, ” ‘The Go-To Guy’ is one of the brightest debut albums in recent history”.

Punk Globe said, ” By the end of the first few plays you’ll be hooked and telling your friends about your new favourite band”.

That’s just for starters – now, Will you hear a finer debut album this year? We think not!”

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