Warrior Tribes

Mastering Warrior Tribes “Warrior Tribes EP” on Hex Enducer Tapes.

Recorded and mixed by David Wolf

“Debut vinyl from this Chicago band, and it’s a really cool little slice of hardcore. It strikes me as a very “Chicago” record in that Warrior Tribes seem simultaneously determined to push at the edges of the hardcore punk formula while still retaining the most important parts of the basic hardcore punk sound. In that respect it reminds me of a lot of different bands… most importantly Articles of Faith, but also other midwest bands like Mecht Mensch and (the Minnesota) Final Conflict. It’s almost like the record offers this little mini-narrative, starting off with some pretty straight up skinhead hardcore-style stuff on track one (with some impressive, Choke-esque vocals) and then gradually pushing at the edges of that sound, the guitars getting more and more creative and less tethered to the drum and bass as the record progresses. By the time you get to the last track, “Iron Fist,” the guitars are rarely playing power chords and the whole song gets built around these super catchy, high-on-the-neck guitar figures. Throw in some cool packaging featuring color vinyl, hand-stamped labels and what looks to be screen printed glue pocket jackets (or maybe it’s just a metallic silver regular print… it’s hard to tell) and you have the kind of record that people are almost destined to be calling “underrated” 10 years from now. – SorryStateRecords.com”

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