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Mixing Aerosol Burns “Afraid Of The Phone” on Pogo Time Records.

“Featuring members of Young People With Faces and the Chain Letters, the Aerosol Burns emerge from the garage playing fierce DIY power pop packed with hooks and killer riffs. Fans of the Buzzcocks, Zeros, Distractions and Pointed Sticks will flip out over this.”

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Rhubarb Triangle.jpg

Mixing the Rhubarb Triangle “67 Guilford Street (I Feel Alright) / She’s A Demon” on Rhubarb Records.

“The second single from UK three-piece The Rhubarb Triangle. Limited to 300 copies, this double flexi disc (on red and green plastic) comes housed in a hand cut, screen-printed gatefold sleeve. “One of this years most effective, and affecting spins”. ~Shindig! Magazine, Issue #53. “A psych-rock shimmer frothing with sexual tension, otherworldly echo and good old rock’n’roll. It’s a perfectly packaged 7-inch that really does scream ‘Look At Me’! Recommended” ~Jumbo Records, Leeds.”

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Mixing Apostrophe “InfinityTimesZero”.

“The second album from Berlin post-punkers Apostrophe should just about be well warmed up and already waiting for you in your trusty record stores, because on Friday comes “InfinityTimesZero.” Harsh guitar riffs pair up with crafty drumbeats … the changes are carefully measured and promise to keep boredom at bay over the duration of the seven songs. I find “Battlefield,” “Dancebeat,” “Lighthouse,” “New Truths,” “Flood,” “Trigger” and “’” especially successful. The sound and the melodies remind me of a mix of Dinosaur Jr. in their best moments and bands like Motorpsycho, which Jeff (guitar, vocals), Dale Nixon (bass), Igor (guitar) and Marc (drums) probably like to consider musical role models. Vocally the four guys grab me directly and I feel immediately moved back to the indie rock of the late 80s and early 90s . Long time since I heard that; great stuff, gentlemen … thanks for this! As a special little tidbit in addition to the CD and download link there are 50 hand-numbered tapes in yellow. Although I didn’t know of the band before this, I’m quite sold on Apostrophe and their new album .. . I’ll probably have to give their first release a listen right away. So get “InfinityTimesZero” and take a stroll down memory lane … that’s an order with the best intentions!”

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Kick It!

Mixing Kick It!  “Biere, Frites et Vandalisme” on Kink Records.

“After the great 7″ from 2013 here’s finally the 1st longplayer from the german band KICK IT. Yet again you’ll get beautiful melodic punk-rock, which moves skillfully between hardcore, garage-punk and ’77 punk. All harsh and at high speed, but always remaining nice and catchy like on the 7″. Vinyl is housed in a nice diy-silk-screened cover and includes a digitial download card.”



Mixing Muerte “s/t” on SPHC, Cintas Pepe Records, Cabeza de Vaca.

“The awaited and hotly anticipated vinyl debut of Muerte, yet another flawless execution of “hardcore punk” from the Mexico City crew that brought you Tercer Mundo, Inservibles, Era del Vacio, Cintas Pepe Records, etc.

While the 2013 demo tape hinted at a more expanded vision and wider array of influences than their other bands, having a more goth-y anarcho-y undertone, its execution wasn’t quite perfected. Their 2014 gigs with Sete Star Sept, Tercer Mundo, Lotus Fucker, and Globsters (now THAT was a tour!!!) left a big impression on us, with a tighter and more cohesive sound and style, and a powerful live show. And their appearance at Not Dead Yet fest in Toronto, with new songs and an undeniable urgency, cemented them as, well, I dunno, basically the best newer hardcore band in the world, in my opinion.

This summer we’re proud to drop their LP, which is (in my opinion) the best single record to come out of the much-hyped Mexico City scene. Flawless hardcore punk with the finely crafted songs and informed, immediate style that these bands are known for, but with some goth/anarcho-punk/New Model Army undertone that makes this record more dynamic, moody, and dark than the average hardcore record. Slower tempos with bursts of speed that builds and releases all the tension this shitty world builds inside of you. The soundtrack to your despair and rage. Real punk music.”

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Mixing Zotz “s/t” on Mass Media Records and DISCOS ENFERMOS.

“Hailing from Mexico City are Zotz, rawdark punk in the vain of Lost Tribe with batcave elements. Artwork by Ashley Hohman. This is a split release with Discos Enfermos from Spain.”

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Mixing Berlin Blackouts “Bonehouse Rendezvous” on Wanda Records.

Taken from American Oi:

“From the greatest German city in the world, Berlin, comes the brand new punk rock band the Berlin Blackouts. With (ex-)members of other ‘Hauptstadt’ outfits like the Radio Dead Ones, Erotic Devices, Twitchblades and The Uprising, these guys gained some experience over the years and that is something you definitely hear back on the band’s debut “Bonehouse Rendezvous”!

“Bonehouse Rendezvous” holds a total of eight songs exploring all directions of the punk genre. But the Berlin Blackouts don’t sound like they’re still looking for a specific style, they easily seem to mix elements of punk rock, ’77 punk, streetpunk and even glam-punk into a sound of their own , making them to be loved easily by a wider audience than a band that likes to stick to one specific genre.

 This leads to an explosive mix of energy and melody, in both the Berlin Blackouts’ sound and vocal department, where they make excellent use of both dual lead vocals and fantastic back-up vocals. You just need a few spins to remember the words and before you know it you will be singing along, simply because tracks like “Slay The Demons”, “I Won’t Back Down”, “Home”, “G.O.D.” and “Stay Away” are catchy as hell!

 Great debut album made for a wide audience of punk fans and available on a wide variety of formats! What more could you ask for?”

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Snob 2

Mixing Snob “S/T (2nd)”.

“Finally the long awaited follow up to SNOB’s debut 7″ from last year. This time around 4 tracks of aggressive distorted hardcore somewhere in between RUDIMENTARY PENI and USA CONFLICT. The songwritting has improved drastically, moving the band away from their infuences and finding them in their own realm. A vital part of the current London scene and a must hear.”

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Red Dons Europe 2015

I will be away and touring with the Red Dons until October 8th and will be unable to work on any projects during this time.
I am taking bookings for October and I will return your email as soon as I can.

If I come through your town come out to the show and say hi. Lets talk about mastering!


27.08. Bremen, DE – Sportamt confirmed w/ Jungbluth
28.08. Hamburg, DE – Hafenklang – GET LOST FEST
29.08. Copenhagen, DK – Ungdomshuset
30.08. available Sweden, Denmark
31.08. Gothenburg, SE – Bengans
01.09. Oslo, NO – The Crossroad Club
02.09. Stockholm, SE – Lilla Hotellbaren
03.09. Umeå, SE – Verket
04.09. Oulu, FI – Tukikohta
05.09. Helsinki, FI – Ääniwalli – WALLIHAUTA
06.09. travel
07.09. Uppsala, SE – Red Room
08.09. Malmö, SE – Norra G 26
09.09. Berlin, DE – SO36 w/ No More Art
10.09. Warsaw, PL – ADA w/ Gulag Beach
11.09. Brno, CZ – Bajkazyl w/ Cult Values
12.09. Vienna, AT – EKH w/ Warcry, Cult Values
13.09. Bratislava, SK – Fuga
14.09. Ilirska Bistrica, SL – MKNZ w/ Warcry
15.09. Budapest, HU – Müszi w/ Nervosas
16.09. Zagreb, HR – Attack w/ Warcry
17.09. Milan, IT – Lo-FI Club
18.09. Geneva, CH – La Verseuse
19.09. St. Etienne, FR    – La Guelle Noir
20.09. Barcelona, ES – tba
21.09. Valencia, ES – La Residencia
22.09. Alicante, ES – tba
23.09. Madrid, ES – Wurlitzer Ballroom
24.09. San Sebastian, ES – tba
25.09. Bordeaux, FR – Heretic Club
26.09. Paris, FR – La Mecannique Ondulatoire w/ Youth Avoiders, Stalled Minds, Pale Angels
27.09. Antwerp, BE – Music City – RODEOFEST
28.09. Cologne, DE – AZ
29.09. Frankfurt, DE – Dreikönigskeller
30.09. off
01.10. off
02.10. Tübingen, DE – Epplehaus, HEIMAT TO HELL FEST w/ The Stops
03.10. Munich, DE – Kafe Kult w/ The Stops, Stalled Minds
04.10. Leipzig,DE – Zoro w/ The Stops, Destruction Unit

If you cannot wait for my services below are some Mastering Studios I recommend.

Red Dons DHoT

Mixing the Red Dons “Dead Hand of Tradition” LP on Taken By Surprise and Deranged Records.

“Five years after their seminal “Fake Meets Failure” LP, Red Dons return with their junior album “The Dead Hand of Tradition,” set to be released August 10th on  Taken By Surprise Records in Europe and later this summer by Deranged Records in North America.

A lot has happened in those five years.

Two of the band’s core members Douglas Burns and Hajji Husayn left their hometown Portland, Oregon behind, for Chicago and London. They recorded and released a slew of singles on labels like Grave Mistake and Dirtnap (including a collaboration with TV Smith of UK punk legends The Adverts). Despite the distance between them, they’ve managed to tour regularly in North America and Europe.

In January this year they reconvened in Portland to record “The Dead Hand of Tradition” at Buzz Or Howl Studios, the same establishment where they recorded the album’s predecessor. “The Dead Hand of Tradition” features ten new tracks of their signature dark, driving, melodic punk rock sound. The formula of their distinctive songwriting hasn’t changed, but has matured as a result of having five more nomadic years under their belts. These new experiences have only added to the themes of alienation, emigration, and loss present in their music.

With Red Dons stalwart Richard Joachim on drums and recent recruit Ruby Sparks of The Stops (Dirt Cult Records / Sabotage Records) on guitar, the band just finished a Midwest / Canadian tour including an appearance at the Ottawa Explosion Fest last month and is returning to Europe for five weeks in the fall.

Pre-order limited white vinyl HERE!”

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