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One Way Ticket 7

Check out my article from the February’s One Way Ticket Zine.

As you may have heard North London Bomb Factory has a column each issue featuring bands that I have been working on.

The new issue (#8) is at the press now and out soon. Make sure you grab a copy, especially if you’ve had your record mixed or mastered here.

OWT Column 7



Celebrating Tandang Store’s, Malaysia, first ever tape release!

Red Dons “Fake Meets Failure” Tape || Tandang 001 || Rm 8 || USD 3 + postage.

“Take the epic heaviness of FROM ASHES RISE, dilute it to a more punk rock formula, throw in the density of the WIPERS and add some early- ‘80s LA hardcore melody, and that’s the winning concoction of the RED DONS..,” – Maximum Rocknroll #329



First World Problems recordings has just proudly put out its first record – The Quango Fatality 7″ e.p., mastered here.

3-song single from this short-lived London band and it sounds like a long-lost relic from 1978. The a-side is an absolute stunner, a jittery post-punk song with an insanely catchy lead guitar line and menacing, spoken vocals recounting a tube accident. The two songs on the b-side are a little more rocked-out with a distinct Sex Pistols inluence, sounding like the legions of provincial bands that started after the Pistols’ rise to fame. The off-the-cuff genius on display here immediately brings to mind the classic singles on labels like Rough Trade, Fast Product, and Step Forward.”

Buy it and listen to the whole 7″ here.


Role Models

Role Models Autism charity single on sale NOW!

I’m really happy to announce the release of my band, Role Models new single – This Eventually Leads Nowhere. We’re realeasing this on behalf of the Haringey Autism and the National Autistic Society with every penny going to help them continue to run their safe play day for families with autistic children in the local area. It’s a truly important initiative, and one which allows the kids and parents alike to feel safe, relaxed and supported. Some of you will be aware it’s a cause which is really close to our hearts. Thank you so much to everyone who gave their time to make this happen (Andy Brook Chris Almeida Dave Kerr Michl Krenner and of course James Sullivan Daniel Husayn and Phil Smith) PLEASE download this song for just £2, or the EP for £5 and share this video. Thank you in advance and hope you enjoy!


“Good Mornin’ everybody! Ya know how I usually give the ol’ “Rich Rags Story Time”? Well here’s an important one.

When my son Zoli was diagnosed with autism I felt helpless. It was something I knew very little about, so I thought the worst. I tried to keep a brave face. And that exhausted me. So worried about him. As I worried and tried to learn about it, Zoli was growing to be an emotional, quite happy child. Who barely spoke. That inability to communicate his thoughts would send the lil’ guy into some serious spins of REAL frustration.

As Zoli began to communicate more and more, we would see that, though he may sometimes have a difficult time with how to describe his emotions, he definitely feels them. When he tells me he loves me and holds my gaze, my heart explodes. It’s a big emotion. Harder to say than the opposite. For most of us I think. I’m so proud that he’s come to grasps with it. That worry melts away a bit…

I wrote this song for and with my son. And this charity is very close to our hearts, as it is something that we are involved with and frequent. As does many, many other families. That little meatball LOVES it! Hahahahahahaha!

Hope ya like the song! Lot’s of very talented people such as Andy Brook,Daniel HusaynDave KerrRich Jones Chris AlmeidaPhil Smith and James Sullivan helped make it happen. Click the link below and pick one up! You can also get our ep there. All the money goes to the charity! And ya know what? We’re pretty good hahahahahahaha! YeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOW!”

Role Models

Recorded @ Strummer Studios

Engineered by Andy Brook

Produced by Rich Jones

Mastered by Daniel Husayn

Artwork by Aron Glasser



We are very happy to announce that Thee Spivs third album ‘The Crowds and The Sounds’ will be released this June 24th on Damaged Goods Records.

For a little taster of the new album check out ‘Straight Out Of Art School’ HERE

A launch show in London will be announced very soon!
Thee Spivs will also be playing these shows in Europe this June…
1/6 – DE, Münster, GLEIS 22
3/6 – DE, Berlin, WILD AT HEART (with The Love Triangle)

4/6 – DE, Hamburg TBC
5/6 – DE, Osnabrück, SUBSTANZ
6/6 – NL, Ütrecht, DBs
7/6 – NL, Aarschot, DE KLINKER
8/6 – NL, Amsterdam, PACIFIC PARC
9/6 – BE, Kortrijk, THE PITS

Original Post Here

The Orions

The Orions have released a cassette on Burger Records which was mastered here. Check out the review at below.

“Always Clean And Fresh
Reviewed by: Justin Hayes

I’m really digging The Orions’ debut EP Always Clean And Fresh. It’s a high-octane gasser, filled with four tracks of supercharged instrumental surf music, on cassette tape.

Whoa, did I just say, “tape?” Yup, tape. I can dig that, too. First was vinyl, now cassette. I’m also digging the retro wave of recording mediums. It’s a blast from the past and I love it.

And The Orions? They’re four cool guys from Israel, playing some very cool music.

The Orions are:
David Miretski – Guitar
Itai Alzaradel – Guitar
‘Mediterranean Buddha’ Ezra – Bass
Guy Offenbach – Drums

The Orions have done a stellar job with their debut EP. Always Clean And Fresh boasts four outstanding original tracks of music. After listening to Always Clean And Fresh at least a dozen times, I’ve come to the only possible conclusion there is: I can’t wait to hear more from these guys in the future. Front row, center … sock it to me, baby.

::     ::     ::     ::     ::
Always Clean And Fresh – Wham, bam, thank you ma’am. Balls-to-the-wall action all the way. The Orions waste no time getting down to business with their title track. It’s an urgent, predatory and massive tune. Always Clean And Fresh has a whodunit mystique about it and would be a perfect soundtrack in an espionage flick. Surf, spy, totally kick-ass and totally cool.

El Don Compressor – Opens with the sounds of combat. Then, with more power than a tsunami, all hell bursts forth. The Orions really get with the program in El Don Compressor. Man, can they ever play. Absolutely terrific, bodacious, high-energy surf tune, punctuated by fabulous musicianship and highlighted by some awesome double picking.

Dado Beach – Damn, damn, damn. The Orions are great, great, great. Dado Beach is another stellar work of art. It’s a massively powerful surf number, driven by potent performances by everyone. Get a load of the exchange between the guitar and bass at 1:02. Hot damn, hot damn, hot damn. Love it, love it, love it.

Wax On, Fuck Off – This is a very cool surf tune with a very cool, unique and imaginative bass guitar ending. Once again, super high-quality musicianship is the name of the game. I don’t want to sound like a broken record, but The Orions are remarkable. I think they could play just about any kind of music and make my jaw drop. I’d even listen to Martian rockin’-polka-hillbilly-funk, if these guys were playing it.

::     ::     ::     ::     ::
The Orions are extremely talented and destined to make their mark on the music world. Be sure to check out Always Clean And Fresh on The Orions’ Bandcamp site. It’s an excellent chance to hear their music. You’re gonna dig it.”


Thee Spivs

New Thee Spivs 7″ mastered here, on Voodoo Rhythm Records!

“The time has come to unleash bullet train onto the ears of the public, and it’s on one of our favourite labels VOODOO RHYTHM!

This very special 7″ includes ‘Bullet Train’ on the A-Side and ‘Voodoo Island’ on the B-Side and has an amazing cover designed by Beat Man himself.
We are selling the single in our SHOP from today, but be quick because we only have a few limited copies! If you are not aware of VOODOO RHYTHM RECORDS check them out now!!! “


Thee Spivs were formed in Hackney, East London in 2007 by founding members Ben Edge and Steve Coley. Originally playing as a duo, they took influences from the Cramps, The scientists, 70’s punk and classic rock & roll trash from the 50’s and 60’s. Since then the band has taken on a bass player and crafted themselves into a tight rhythm and punk trio, playing their raucous crazy shows all over the world! The first releases where in 2009, thats the time i meet them fort he first time and we become friends, the release all their stuff trou damaged goods up in England, That Single is a One Time only for Voodoo Rhythm they went to Gizzard Studios ( mudhoney, mungo jerry, billy childish, delaney davidson) to record 2 brand new titles for voodoo rhythm records,.. A-side bullet train is completly fist in the face 77 punk rock and Flip side crawls back at you with a psychotic trance punk rhythm !!!”

You can also order from Voodoo Rhythm Here

Thee Spivs Voodoo Rhythm Page


Role Models

The Role Models have been Recording a new Single to benefit the British National Autistic Society.

To quote the lovely front man Rags:

“A NEW SINGLE! All proceeds will go towards funding a safe play day for autistic children in North London that my wife and I help run. A day the local council couldn’t give a shit about but is really important to so many families. My son Zoli included! (he even helped write the lyrics!!!) All through the local branch of the NATIONAL AUTISTIC SOCIETY! Alot of people donated time. To record it (Andy Brook, Rich Jones, Daniel Husayn), build a site for it (Dave Kerr), even include cool stuff to sell (Richard Crobar owner of the best rock bar in the world The Crobar!). Like I said verrrrrrrryyyyy sooooooon!”

Andy Brook of Strummers Recording Studio has donated time for the recording of the track and  North London Bomb Factory has donated time for Mastering.

Listen to a track from the 12″ on Taken By Surprise Records:


Mastered here and out now on Zandor records Zan 12 : Dry Heaves “Medicated Youth” 7″

“Follow up to their self released demo tape and “Loose Tongues” 7″ this band from Sheffield, Yorkshire is getting better all the time and i think this release captures the feeling of their brilliant live performances a little more. I can always hear elements of Germs, Angry Samoans and Black Flag in their sound. Other people have compared them to Adolescents and Descendents, anyway you get the idea – killer, catchy, hardcore punk! My personal favourite track is “Graft” it’s about working to live not living to work.

Keeping the same aesthetic as the first record with the Pogger artwork this one is 5 tracks recorded by Atko (Voorhees, The Horror, Gentlemens Pistols) and mastered by Daniel Husayn (Red Dons, Thee Spivs) limited to 300 copies on green vinyl.

£3.50 + postage (get in touch for rates)
3 copies or more gets you wholesale rates
Distros / Labels get in touch!”


Nervous powerpop from Denton by people who have brought you bands like Maaster Gaiden, Stymie, and A.N.S. This new 7″ follows two LPs (one on Alive and one on Red Lounge) and a split 10″ with Something Fierce (Dirtnap). Fucking great stuff!”

Taken from the Dirt Cult Records Website


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