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Mixing the Rhubarb Triangle “67 Guilford Street (I Feel Alright) / She’s A Demon” on Rhubarb Records.

“The second single from UK three-piece The Rhubarb Triangle. Limited to 300 copies, this double flexi disc (on red and green plastic) comes housed in a hand cut, screen-printed gatefold sleeve. “One of this years most effective, and affecting spins”. ~Shindig! Magazine, Issue #53. “A psych-rock shimmer frothing with sexual tension, otherworldly echo and good old rock’n’roll. It’s a perfectly packaged 7-inch that really does scream ‘Look At Me’! Recommended” ~Jumbo Records, Leeds.”

Buy it here!


Snob 2

Mixing Snob “S/T (2nd)”.

“Finally the long awaited follow up to SNOB’s debut 7″ from last year. This time around 4 tracks of aggressive distorted hardcore somewhere in between RUDIMENTARY PENI and USA CONFLICT. The songwritting has improved drastically, moving the band away from their infuences and finding them in their own realm. A vital part of the current London scene and a must hear.”

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Mixing the Majorettes debut “Denim jacket girl in a leather jacket world”.

“Exciting mixture of high energy and sweet pop catchy tunes, driven by quirky melodies and vocals. Think Le Tigre meets The Stooges…

Majorettes started as a pop-punk-garage female duo in February 2014, then in April became a 4 piece band that delivers a mixture of high energy and sweet pop catchy tunes, driven by quirky melodies and vocals.
Now is landing in to a new territory of contrasting loud powerful with sexy pop.
Live performances are fun and turn in to the unexpected.

This page is about Majorettes, a 4 piece band from London, completely DIY grrl riot, neo-punk, neo-pop and neo-noise and completely fun.
An American-French-Cockney-Mexican-Italian mix.”


Recording The Love Triangle LP!

The Love Triangle are a 3-piece garage punk band from the UK, which features two members of The Shitty Limits, as well as members of bands The Sceptres and Fashion  They have put out 4 tapes and one 7″ on Dire Records, all of which are worth buying, as they make fantastic scuzzy punk rock similar to bands like Wipers mixed with a more 60s style influence. It’s almost hard to recognise Shitty Limits vocalist EOT’s voice (I can only find his initials) on these tracks singing in an almost melodic style, instead of barking into the microphone.”

Quote taken from review here.

In the mean time, have a listen to a few of their recent singles, that is, if you haven’t already!


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