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One Way Ticket

One Way Ticket Magazine (a DIY free zine about the underground music scene based in London) has been featuring a column every month of records mixed and mastered here at the North London Bomb Factory.

If you live in London, or can find it by mailorder, check it out for new music and hopefully a write up of your record.

Every month there is a release party with DJ’s and bands. Come down and say Hi.


Street Eaters 12″on Cut The Cord That…Records, mastered here, Maximum Rock n Roll Review.



Occult Detective Club‘s new 7″, mastered here,  Maximum Rock n Roll review.



The Orions

The Orions have released a cassette on Burger Records which was mastered here. Check out the review at below.

“Always Clean And Fresh
Reviewed by: Justin Hayes

I’m really digging The Orions’ debut EP Always Clean And Fresh. It’s a high-octane gasser, filled with four tracks of supercharged instrumental surf music, on cassette tape.

Whoa, did I just say, “tape?” Yup, tape. I can dig that, too. First was vinyl, now cassette. I’m also digging the retro wave of recording mediums. It’s a blast from the past and I love it.

And The Orions? They’re four cool guys from Israel, playing some very cool music.

The Orions are:
David Miretski – Guitar
Itai Alzaradel – Guitar
‘Mediterranean Buddha’ Ezra – Bass
Guy Offenbach – Drums

The Orions have done a stellar job with their debut EP. Always Clean And Fresh boasts four outstanding original tracks of music. After listening to Always Clean And Fresh at least a dozen times, I’ve come to the only possible conclusion there is: I can’t wait to hear more from these guys in the future. Front row, center … sock it to me, baby.

::     ::     ::     ::     ::
Always Clean And Fresh – Wham, bam, thank you ma’am. Balls-to-the-wall action all the way. The Orions waste no time getting down to business with their title track. It’s an urgent, predatory and massive tune. Always Clean And Fresh has a whodunit mystique about it and would be a perfect soundtrack in an espionage flick. Surf, spy, totally kick-ass and totally cool.

El Don Compressor – Opens with the sounds of combat. Then, with more power than a tsunami, all hell bursts forth. The Orions really get with the program in El Don Compressor. Man, can they ever play. Absolutely terrific, bodacious, high-energy surf tune, punctuated by fabulous musicianship and highlighted by some awesome double picking.

Dado Beach – Damn, damn, damn. The Orions are great, great, great. Dado Beach is another stellar work of art. It’s a massively powerful surf number, driven by potent performances by everyone. Get a load of the exchange between the guitar and bass at 1:02. Hot damn, hot damn, hot damn. Love it, love it, love it.

Wax On, Fuck Off – This is a very cool surf tune with a very cool, unique and imaginative bass guitar ending. Once again, super high-quality musicianship is the name of the game. I don’t want to sound like a broken record, but The Orions are remarkable. I think they could play just about any kind of music and make my jaw drop. I’d even listen to Martian rockin’-polka-hillbilly-funk, if these guys were playing it.

::     ::     ::     ::     ::
The Orions are extremely talented and destined to make their mark on the music world. Be sure to check out Always Clean And Fresh on The Orions’ Bandcamp site. It’s an excellent chance to hear their music. You’re gonna dig it.”


youthavoiders (1)

Youth Avoiders Time Flies 7″, mastered here, reviewed at

“This four-track EP by French band Youth Avoiders is a lesson in how to get in, do your stuff (and do it well) and get out. Youth Avoiders manage to do this in eight minutes and hammer away with an abandon that doesn’t do anything to detract from the songs, with everything including the kitchen sink being thrown in.

All four songs are extremely upbeat in pace, with a guitar sound that jangles more than it does sound like a buzzsaw-if anything the sound of the guitar is reminiscent of that employed in White Lung. The drumming is frenetic and to be honest, I know there is some bass in there but it plays more of a holding role than being prominent in any way. That being said, the rhythm section does a grand job of keeping this runaway train on track.

First track “Run” is notable for including “regress no way” in the lyrics but this is no 7 Seconds sound-alike band as the song crashes along with more of a thrashy garage sound than a thick melodic punk one. “Boredom Airline” is basically about a plane crashing into the sea and again is performed at 100 mph, whilst “Red Eyes” is the track that sticks the most in my head with a yelled vocal that sounds desperate to the extreme. It is also the longest track on the single and just has a great sense of urgency to it which helps to mark it out over the three other songs. Next comes “Outro,” which seems as if it is almost a Youth Avoiders theme song with the only decipherable words being “youth” and “avoiders,” with the third and final word possibly being “yeah” or something along those lines. It’s fast, frantic and final.

This kind of release would be equally at home on labels like Dirt Cult Records and Deranged Records so if you like the stuff they put out then this might tickle your fancy too. Youth Avoiders are also a band that needs to release an album of this stuff.”

Original Post Here


Daylight Robbery – Ecstatic Vision LP, mastered here, Maximum Rock n Roll Review:

Daylight Robbery


Ricky C Quartet

Ricky C Quartet 7″ on No Front Teeth, mastered here, Moloko Plus Review.

“London re-calling! Nasty Double Knockout from London, zwei wütende Haken auf die Fettleber der 35+ KBD-Experten und ein solider Tritt in die mageren Teenager/Nachwuchs-Ärsche. Ein UK Allstar-Ensemble erklärt uns den Punk Rock. Schöne Sache, in letzter Zeit kamen die besten Treffer stets von Übersee. Ausnahmen (GAGGERS, CYANIDE PILLS etc.) bestätigten die Regel. So what, RICKY C. und sein Quartett steuert wild dagegen und lässt Britannia zumindest vorübergehend wieder die Waives rulen.

Gegründet als Sideproject von JOHNNY THROTTLE (haben u.a. drei sehr feine 7″‘s am Start), sind RICKY ganz klar auf der feuerspuckenden Vintage-Seite unterwegs, als Referenzen werden RADIO BIRDMAN und SLAUGHTER AND THE DOGS angegeben, die Richtung stimmt (obwohl ich RADIO BIRDMAN vielleicht durch die FUN THINGS ersetzten würde, live wird deren Über-Smasher “Savage” extrem lebendig dargeboten), Klassenziel der School of 77 wurde mit Prädikat erreicht.
Dazu noch etwas “Dead end america”-PAGANS sowie very Best moments der HEARTBREAKERS und wir sind locker im Bilde. Punk mit ganz viel RAAWWWK!
Haben im Mai die Berliner KVU schweißtreibend in stilsicherer Garderobe gerockt, der komplette 77er-Fundus aus Leatherjackets, Sunglasses und Stripe-Shirts wurde aufgetragen. Raise your pint und schwing die Hüfte, Baby!

Auch die 7″ glänzt in Style und Glory, für Nerds und Collectors gibt es zudem eine Spezial-Behandlung in rot, der Music-Maniac rockt zum Kassen-Tarif unbekümmert ganz in schwarz. It’s up to you…
Bleibt abschließend zu hoffen, dass die Killer-Tracks vom Demo (“Psycho girlfriend” ist so verdammt großartig, STITCHES meets RAW/CHISWICK-Rockets!) auch noch den Weg auf wohlverdientes Vinyl finden, der “Summer of hate 2012″ wäre dann in Sack und Tüten.”

Original Post Here.



Friends of Cesar Romero 7″, mastered here, Styrofoam Drone Review.

“We’ve been hearing from these Denver-area bands via Snappy Little Numbers for a good while now. This new 7″ from FRIENDS OF CESAR ROMERO just might be our favorite one yet, except this time they’re not from Denver.

Friends of Cesar Romero are actually from Phoenix, Arizona, meaning that this is probably the first single from SLN we’ve covered that isn’t a Denver band. Their single comes with two new tracks of their gut-busting garage pop, serving up crunchy guitars with a fun-loving energy that is easy to endorse. With that being said, this single fits in perfectly around here. A-side track “Red Headed Strangler” displays their sound in a short, invigorating two minute punk blast with a fiery rhythm section and squealing guitar solos, giving the song an electrifying punch that will quickly widen your eyes. On the B-side, “Tammy’s of Tomorrow” is another ecstatic punk stomper that falls in a similar vein with the A-side, where female-fronted vocals and more twangy, high-voltage guitar licks blow the song open at the seams. Now please spare five easy minutes of your day and listen to both sides of the single below.”

Original Post Here.



Sorry & the Sinatras EP, mastered here, Mudkiss review.

“Sorry & The Sinatras – King Of Shambles Street
Sorry & the Sinatras are something of a Nineties punk rock super group consisting of former members of bands such as The Wildhearts, Amen, Black Halos, Ginger and the Yo Yo’s. They released an excellent album called “Highball Roller” in 2009 but then seemed to just disappear before suddenly turning up again with this EP.

The EP opens with the title track which is a proper punk rock n roll song where the title “King of Shambles” pretty much says it all. The guitars are menacing and the vocals are screamed in the vein of Tom Gabel/Laura Jane Grace of Against Me. This is swiftly followed by “Valencia” which has a great rumbling bass intro before moving in to a Wildhearts type melodic punk sound. This relentless approach shows no signs of giving up with “Pretty Letters” which contains a great melody fighting its way out of a barrage of guitars and shouty vocals. The fourth track on the EP is actually a cover of a Replacements song ” Bastards of Young”. This is a song which is actually known to me as being a constant in the live set of the great Jesse Malin. This cover is equally brilliant and actually inspired me to finally get around to ordering some Replacement albums. It demonstrates what Sorry & the Sinatra can achieve by allowing the tunes to come to the forefront rather than the raw punk sound. Interestingly the final song “Bleach & Gasoline” then goes on to prove this point as its the best song on the EP and the band really allow the tune and melody within the song to shine. It is a demonstration of the confidence the band should really have in the quality of their writing.

The EP it really builds with each song.  I am not sure about the reasons why they stopped at an EP rather than delivering a full album but if they continue improving on each song as they have here then a new album will be brilliant. Lets hope its not too far away or that we at least get a tour to accompany this release.”

Original Post Here.

Friends of Cesar Romero 7″ mastered here, out on Snappy Little Numbers and reviewed in Maximum Rock n Roll!



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