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The Beat featuring Ranking Roger

Mastered at NLBF in 2016 The Beat featuring Ranking Roger “Walking On The Wrong Side” on Heavy Soul Records.

“The unmistakable voice of Rankin’ Roger has returned to the 7″ format, and come back with another classic BEAT single to follow on all those Two-Tone and Go Feet classics: Mirror in The Bathroom, Too Nice To Talk Too, Tears Of A Clown and Stand Down Margaret cemented The Beat at the top of the UK reggae tree along with UB40.
A soundtrack to a generation of skanking youth, The Beat are back with a new album due in September called “Bounce” and this is the first single to be taken from it. Backed with a non-album exclusive b-side “On The Road” get ready to get those knees in the air again!”

Rest In Power Ranking Roger ❤

Johnny Notebook - s:t

Mastering Johnny Notebook and the Blue Screens s/t on Stencil Trash Records.

Released October 30, 2016

Johnny Notebook is the synth punk solo project from Daniel of Dean Dirg, Toyotas and Metric Eyes.

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Crude Heat

Mastering Crude Heat “Demo”.

Released June 19, 2016


Girlie : Pigeon - Split

Mastering Girlie / Pigeon “Split” on Späti Palace and Flennen.

Released September 23, 2016

Taken from Lola:

“We’ve talked about Girlie’s throwback charms in previous gig guides; the likes of Interrugnum bounding along with unreserved indie flavour. Honest lyrics, dirty guitars and garagey production define Girlie’s presence on this record. Pigeon by contrast have an altogether darker sound, influenced somewhat by squalling vocals and swelling guitars with enough grit to de-ice your footpath. This split EP strikes a perfect balance between both bands: the fresh, open Girlie running into the brooding, blown-out Pigeon.” 

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Hassle Bastards.jpg

Remastering Hassle Bastards “s/t” on Demo Tapes.

“Happy 50th Birthday Sik-O-War. Kings of UK Thrash Hassle Bastards were basically Chumbawamba in wind up mode and they sent this four track demo to Ben Sik-O-War from Raising Hell fanzine as he loved thrash. There was only ever one copy made. It’s under two minutes on a one sided 7″ of short, sharp and raging early 80’s thrash that harks back to the glory days of early 80’s European hardcore. Do you remember the thrash band The Ex and Chumbawamba did together called Antidote. They released one demo One Does Not Sell The Earth Upon Which The People Walk and one 7” Destroy Fascism! – well this is like that but harder, faster and funnier. “

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Negative Space

Mastering Negative Space “s/t” on Grave Imprint and Beau Travail.

“First vinyl-release for this exciting Post-Punk band from London! Contains 2 new smashing tunes, plus 2 more taken from the excellent demo-tape. Their music is energetic, driving and catchy, with obvious touch-points to classics like the GANG OF FOUR, WIRE or CRISIS, but also with references to the nervously angular sound of bands like the CONTORTIONS.”

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Catholic Guilt.jpg

Mastering Catholic Guilt “Cabin Fever” on Kim Pop Records.

“New release from this Austrian hardcore band. They’ve always borne more than a passing similarity to Sickoids, and they continue that pattern here, perhaps upping the Rudimentary Peni vibes even more.”



Mastering White Night “Weird Night” on Burger Records.


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Mastering Bad Manifest “S/T” on Reagent Records and Quality Control Records.

“Slashing and snarling out of North Yorkshire town Harrogate, comes Bad Manifest. Three young skate punks raised on DIE KREUZEN, VOID and BONES BRIGADE videos, who have created a unique sound of deranged, raw, outsider hardcore punk.
While influences from the weirder side of early 80’s US hardcore shine through, there’s also a dark anarcho underbelly to this beast. Bad Manifest have clearly witnessed the intensity of UK bands of recent years like PERSPEX FLESH, MOB RULES and NO and filtered it into their adolescent skate core brains.
However, the way this thing is composed makes it no re-hash. Reverb riddled vocals and chorus soaked guitars meet rolling bass lines and catchy, eclectic drum beats. And to boot there’s timing changes that will confuse the pit and excite you into a pogo frenzy!
Listen to this on repeat while you’re skating curbs then go home and cry yourself to sleep because you wish you could have written a record like this when you were 17!” (Bryan Suddaby)

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Mastering Woolf “Posing / Improvising” on La Vida Es Un Mus Records.

“It’s been four years since Woolf unleashed their debut album, The Right Way to Play also on La Vida Es Un Mus and described as a “pungent spit on the face of musical normality”. Now they’re back with a dystopian revision of feminist queer punk. Born out of South London’s squats and social centres, all but erased in recent years by the Tory government, the four-piece have produced an album conveying alienation and activist fury, the opening track “Civilisation” setting the tone with the (rhetorical) question “is this what they call civilisation?”. Wall of sound guitar distortion provides a backdrop for a commanding, minimalist bass and insistent drums, with vocals that straddle the line between anxiety and paganity. It’s 11 unsettling songs in 11 uncompromising minutes, recalling the experimentation of no wave bands such as UT distorted by a raw punk aesthetic. (Melissa Steiner)”

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