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Mastering White Night “Weird Night” on Burger Records.


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Mastering Bad Manifest “S/T” on Reagent Records and Quality Control Records.

“Slashing and snarling out of North Yorkshire town Harrogate, comes Bad Manifest. Three young skate punks raised on DIE KREUZEN, VOID and BONES BRIGADE videos, who have created a unique sound of deranged, raw, outsider hardcore punk.
While influences from the weirder side of early 80’s US hardcore shine through, there’s also a dark anarcho underbelly to this beast. Bad Manifest have clearly witnessed the intensity of UK bands of recent years like PERSPEX FLESH, MOB RULES and NO and filtered it into their adolescent skate core brains.
However, the way this thing is composed makes it no re-hash. Reverb riddled vocals and chorus soaked guitars meet rolling bass lines and catchy, eclectic drum beats. And to boot there’s timing changes that will confuse the pit and excite you into a pogo frenzy!
Listen to this on repeat while you’re skating curbs then go home and cry yourself to sleep because you wish you could have written a record like this when you were 17!” (Bryan Suddaby)

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Mastering Woolf “Posing / Improvising” on La Vida Es Un Mus Records.

“It’s been four years since Woolf unleashed their debut album, The Right Way to Play also on La Vida Es Un Mus and described as a “pungent spit on the face of musical normality”. Now they’re back with a dystopian revision of feminist queer punk. Born out of South London’s squats and social centres, all but erased in recent years by the Tory government, the four-piece have produced an album conveying alienation and activist fury, the opening track “Civilisation” setting the tone with the (rhetorical) question “is this what they call civilisation?”. Wall of sound guitar distortion provides a backdrop for a commanding, minimalist bass and insistent drums, with vocals that straddle the line between anxiety and paganity. It’s 11 unsettling songs in 11 uncompromising minutes, recalling the experimentation of no wave bands such as UT distorted by a raw punk aesthetic. (Melissa Steiner)”

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TerminalFiveMastering The Terminal Five “3×5” on Feel It Records

“Three fresh cuts of loud punk rock from Richmond’s best new export, THE TERMINAL FIVE. Four SLUGZ members kept together after the group disbanded, resulting in a new rock’n’roll unit designed to flat out destroy. On 3×5, THE TERMINAL FIVE zero in on a sound that draws from the best 70’s punk, applying a solid appreciation for the powerful songwriting and playing present on degenerate rock records like Killer and Raw Power. With the recent addition of Jarrett from SATAN’S SATYRS on guitar, THE TERMINAL FIVE are already hard at work on a proper album.”

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Mastering Ajax “S/T” on Static Shock Records.

“NYC’s finest follow up their demo and 7” on Katorga Works, along with their appearance on the HARDCORE: GIMME SOME MORE compilation, with what could very well be their best material to date! The four tracks on this new recording continue to exhibit the band’s perfected blend of USHC combined with the best of Sweden with harsh vocals barked over TOTALITAR influenced riffing. Saying that this release is essential would be an understatement. Each record comes in a full color glue pocket sleeve adorned with artwork by Shiva Addanki.”

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Mastering Totenwald “Wrong Place Wrong Time” on Mass Media Records.

“Totenwald from Berlin are a 3 piece dark punk band featuring the wonderful Trish on vocals.”

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Mastering Reproach ” DESPAIR / SHITTOWN EP” on Lost Youth records (Belgium)
7″ will be out on Deep Six (US),  Awesome Vision (Belgium), Crapoulet (France)
CD version will be released by Crew For Life (Japan).

Recorded and mixed February 2015 by Nico “KrevetNoiseTerror” Vedts at Majestic Underground.

“Reproach is one of Belgium longest running hardcore punk bands around, known for their short, fast forward and angry songs about the shitty things of our society and the human race in general. That is also what you get on this EP but their trashy pissed off hardcore punk is angrier, heavier and rougher … it seems to be enriched with some death metal/core elements.”

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Mastering Denim and Leather “s/t” on Lupus Records and All Dead Tapes.

“First release for Manchester oddballs Denim and Leather. Unhinged guitars and thumping drums stagger through five solid songs. Their slightly psychotic style of punk is often compared with the likes of Flipper, Pissed Jeans and ‘Potion For Bad Dreams’ era Void. Their gigs are rough, raucous and entertaining.”

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Girl Power

Mastering Girl Power “s/t” on Richter Scale Records.

“Great new UK based duo making some clattering, bashing Black Flag meets AmRep meets NoMeansNo hardcore punk shoutiness. Dead good!”

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Mastering Lich “Moloch​/​Lich Split” on Dry Cough, Vendetta, and Vetala.

“After almost two years in the pipeline, early 2016 will finally see the release of the much anticipated split LP from Nottingham sludgers Moloch, and (the sadly now defunct) Margate hardcore quintet, Lich.

Despite regular forays onto the live circuit to destroy eardrums alongside such great bands as Cloud Rat, Full of Hell, and Thou, the two tracks from Moloch represent the band’s first recorded material since their Dry Cough co-released split 7″ with Haggatha way back in May 2014. You’ll be very happy to hear that they continue to spit forth their own unique strain of abrasive, bile-drenched sludge; but while that abrasiveness is more noticable than ever (even more so live!), their sound has continued to evolve; the clever use of controlled feedback, the hints of noise rock, the TONE! These guys just keep getting better and better.

The flip side, while offering a decided change in pace, offers no respite in terms of sheer face-pummelling brutality. The Margate 5-piece sadly called it a day back in 2013, but before they did, they recorded these 8 tracks with the intention of releasing a couple of split 7″s. For whatever reason, these never materialised so they decided to compile them all for this release. All but one of the songs clock in at under two minutes, but the band cram in a hell of a lot into each track; a vicious concoction of fast and sludgey slow riffs, ear-piercing feedback, and throat-destroying vocals. The perfect foil for the jarring, lumbering offering from their friends on the other side.

The sleeve features the stunning artwork of Patrick Milsom.”

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