Buzz or Howl

Gizzard Recording

Majestic Underground

PermaPress Recording

Red Lantern Studios

Sound Savers

Mastering Studios:

Audiosiege Mastering

Black Matter Mastering

Eight Floors Above Audio Mastering Co

Mammoth Sound Mastering

Lacquer Cutting:


Flight 13 Records

Infrasonic Sound

Lucky Laquers




Amei (DE)

Archer (USA)

Bill Smith (USA)

Brooklyn Phono (USA)

Clear Sound and Vision (UK)

Curved (UK)

Duophonic (DE)

Erika (USA)

Flight 13 (DE)

GZ Vinyl (CZ)

Key Production (UK)

Master Media (DE)

Mobineko (UK)

Morphius (USA)

Musicol (USA)

My 45 (DE)

Optimal (DE)

Pallas (DE)

Pirates Press (USA)

Rainbo (USA)

Record Industry (NL)

Record Pressing (USA)


Samo Media (CA)

Tailrec (SE)

United (USA)

XVinylX (CZ)


Escape From Music

Douglas Burns Art

Justin Maurer

Two Hearts are Better Than One

Cold War

One Way Ticket

TV Smith

North Records

Ben Edge Art

Labels/Distros Worked With:

Access X Denied Records

Adagio 830

All In Vinyl Records

Bachelor Records

Bomber Music

Build Me A Bomb

Burger Records

BYO Records


Common Thread Records

Conrete Jungle Records

Contraszt! rec.

Cut the Cord That… Records

Damaged Goods

Dead Beat Records

Debt Offensive Records

Deranged Records


Devils Jukebox Records

Dirt Cult Records

Dirtnap Records

Discos MMM

Doomtown Records

Drunken Sailor Records

Emancypunx Records

Erste Theke Tonträger

EZPZ Records

Grave Mistake Records

Green Noise Records

Hectic Society Records

Hosehead Records

Hovercraft Records

Iron Lung Records

Jonny Cat Records

Kink Records

Knot Records

La Vida Es Un Mus

Luna Records


Nada Nada Discos

New Dark Age Records

No Front Teeth

No Label

No Nostalgia Records

Offside Records

P.Trash Records

Paranoid Futures Records

Poison City Records

Rapid Pulse

Rawmantic Disasters

Residue Records

Rock Star Records

Rough Records

Sabotage Records

Satellite Visions

Six Feet Under Records


Snappy Little Numbers

SP Records

Spastic Fantastic


Static Age

Static Shock


Taken By Surprise Records


Twintoe Records & Stuff

Video Disease Records

Vinyl Warning

Voodoo Rhythm

Wanda Records

Wasted Sounds

We Are Busy Bodies Records

Windian Records

Yellow Dog

Zandor Records

4490 Records