I am an independent and D.I.Y. artist myself. I understand cost constraints and try to keep my rates as reasonable as possible I am always willing to work something out for all situations and means.

Mastering includes multiple formats:

High resolution 24bit wave / 16bit wave / MP3 / AAC digital release masters | Vinyl / Cassette premasters prepared for delivery to the lacquer cutter / replicators | CD DDP pre-masters | (please specify what is required) all delivered delivered digitally. Physical formats cost of material + shipping.

– Formats accepted: Wav, Aif, DDP, CD, Cassette, 1/4” Stereo Reel to Reel Tape 7.5, 15, or 30ips, Vinyl 45 / 33 / 78 rpm.

– Tape Transfers (including baking), Cassette Transfers, Vinyl Transfers also provided.

(Transfer and Restoration work 20% surcharge)

Below are my rates:

– 7″/EP/One Sided Cassette – £22 a song up to £88 maximum charge

approximately 3-9 minutes of audio.

– 10″/12″ EP/One or Two Sided Cassette EP – £22 a song up to £132 maximum charge

approximately 10-23 minutes of audio.

– CD/LP/Cassette – £22 per song £110 minimum,  £220 maximum charge

approximately 24-45 minutes of audio.- Everything else – £22 per song.

– 1/4” Reel to Reel Master Tape Layback (vintage or modern tape stock)  £20 for project per request.

(Additional charge due to the costs of upkeep and setup)

Cassette Layback also provided.

– Other – Audio Check, Levelling, and Production Master Setup £6 per song.

– Mixing – £26 a song.

– My lead time is usually two to three weeks unless arranged otherwise. This is a bespoke service and I am working alone. Each project varies in its needs and so too does the time it takes master each recording. I would rather spend more time to get it right than rush a project.

(Lead times for mixing are longer as my primary focus is mastering)


If you have any questions or queries please do not hesitate to contact me at NLBFMastering@hotmail.com

Special deals for ongoing work with Independent Labels.