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Mastering a No More Art / Doom Town Split 7″.

In the meantime here are two songs from previous records of both bands, mastered here.


No More Art’s 7″ mastered here, reviewed at Razorcake!

“Peripeteia” b/w “Evil Eye”: 7”
No More Art might be from Hamburg, Germany, but they sound like they’re from L.A. circa 1980. Very pretty female vocals are the driving force here, with a super punchy, almost tinny background behind it. This single is a total charmer. The vocals are going to lead to a lot of X comparisons, but it’s more like a female-fronted, European version of Adolescents. No More Art has this record and other recordings available free of charge on their site, but don’t be a dick. Buy the vinyl! –Art Ettinger (New Dark Age,

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No More Art‘s 7″ Perepetia, mastered here, reviewed at

“No More Art is a quartet from Hamburg, Germany that has created a two track seven-inch that is close to being one of the best singles I’ve heard in years. Okay, admittedly when there are only two tracks it’s more difficult to have a stinker amongst the output, but regardless of that, here I have that gem that we all crave for in that it’s just a great record from a band that has managed to create a wonderfully straightforward but effective sound.

This record covers a number of bases in terms of that sound, with a bit of a Scandinavian influence mixed in with that of some of the Dangerhouse era bands along with a blend of garage punk and new wave to bring it all together in a marvelous amalgam that is totally irresistible.

Vocalist Jessica Milone’s (Milo) voice is perfect for this kind of music, providing an impeccable delivery over both tracks. Will Kinser (also of Red Dons) lays down some simple but hugely effective lead guitar to provide a solid melodic feel to the music whilst, on bass, Jonas Ball provides a pleasingly bouncy quality to it that is aided and abetted by a snappy drum sound courtesy of Juan Miguel Pardo, which keeps things racing along at a decent pace. All in all, this is the kind of single that you keep flipping over and over as it never loses its initial appeal.

This single is also available on Bandcamp, as is the four-track demo the band recorded which also includes these two songs but it must be noted that the additional two tracks on that demo are well worth getting hold of too.


I had to look up the word “perepeteia” and a brief explanation is that it’s an element of tragedy as espoused by Aristotle:

The Perepetia is the fatal working of the plot to result the opposite of that intended. For example events do not turn up according to the intentions of expectations of the hero/heroine. They move in an opposite direction to his/her intention.”

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Here is a sneak preview of the title track off the forthcoming No More Art 7″.

Listen to it before and after mastering.





NMA are releasing another 7″ on Deranged Records in the near future also mastered here.

Check them out on tour!

Thursday August 23rd – Frankfurt, Germany @ klapperfeld

Friday August 24th – Tubingen, Germany @ Laden

Saturday August 25th – St. Etienne @ La France Pue Soli Fest

Sunday August 26th – Zarautz @ Puzutzulo

Monday August 27th – Eibar @ Gaztetxe

Tuesday August 28th -Gijon @ The Class

Wednesday August 29th – Galicia CONFIRMED

Thursday August 30th – Madrid @ Rock Palace

Friday August 31st – Beasain – CONFIRMED

Saturday September 1st – Zaragoza – TBC

Sunday September 2nd – Barcelona, Spain @ Blokes Fantasma

Monday September 3rd – off

Tuesday September 4th- Grenoble HELP NEEDED

Wednesday September 5th – Ofenburg, Germany @ Kessel

Thursday September 6th – Munich, Germany

Friday September 7th- Leipzig/Kassel, Germany

Saturday September 8th – Berlin, Germany @ Kastanienkeller

Sunday September 9th – Berlin, Germany

Mastering new songs for No More Art‘s forthcoming record on Deranged.

Listen to a song from their last release on .

RED DONS – FTP 7″ Review OX #101

Se Foi – Mastered


Download it HERE or HERE

“Der übliche WIPERS-Gitarrenpunk wird mit Powerpop kombiniert. Eine gewisse Melancholie spielt neben aller Schönheit immer eine Rolle. Der Song “A forced turning point” ist ganz cool, schrammt aber auch haarscharf an der Belanglosigkeit entlang. Auf der 2.Seite hören wie “Se foi”, einen komplexen, ausgefeilten Song, der nicht allzu weit von MASSHYSTERI und den TERRIBLE FEELINGS entfernt ist.  Das Cover besteht aus Karton und wurde ziemlich fein mit Silber und Schwarz bedruckt. Bei den RED DONS bestechen Artwork und Musik immer durch diese Schlichtheit. Hier wird nichts aufgepumpt. Die RED DONS kommen ganz ohne fette Ausrufezeichen aus. Man läuft nie Gefahr den Wald vor lauter Bäumen nicht zu sehen. Alles konzentriert sich auf das Wesentliche, das wirklich Wichtige. Und das ist auch eine Kunst. Micha.- (Taken By Surprise Records)”

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Red Dons – Se Foi Mastered


Mastering two songs for a new Red Dons 7″.

Hopefully it will be coming out soon. Both songs recorded in Stockholm Sweden by our friend Lars in a Cold War era bomb shelter during our European tour 2011. Special thanks to Lars, Johan, Hanna Hirsch, and Förmögenhet.

Maximum Rocknroll #345 • Feb 2012
The 2011 year-end top ten issue!

Red Dons – A Forced Turning Point :
“Okay, look. The Observers aren’t a band anymore. Get over it. I know the first couple Red Dons records were sub-par, but between the Fake Meets Failure LP and this new EP, people should be talking more about how great the Red Dons are and less about how great The Observers were. Both songs on this record are dark, melodic marvels.”

Se Foi – Mastered

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