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Mixing Aerosol Burns “Afraid Of The Phone” on Pogo Time Records.

“Featuring members of Young People With Faces and the Chain Letters, the Aerosol Burns emerge from the garage playing fierce DIY power pop packed with hooks and killer riffs. Fans of the Buzzcocks, Zeros, Distractions and Pointed Sticks will flip out over this.”

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Mastering Radiohearts “Tell You” on No Front Teeth Records.

“I would be remiss and unequivocally in error if I did not immediately admit my love for any power-pop punk that invokes all that is great about the ’77–’79 sound. Radio Hearts are that and more. Hailing from Long Beach, California, this power-pop quartet are a sight to behold, and more importantly, be heard. They have all the ingredients to make your heart ache and body shake. That should be no surprise though, seeing as they are signed to No Front Teeth. The Tell You EP is perfect to get your blood pumping to some sweet, power-filled grooves. “Tell You” immediately captivates with a sick riff that almost reminds me of Belfast punk legends Rudi’s I-Spy. Like the aforementioned, “Tell You” is an up-tempo, power chord–laced tune that one should jump about to.

“So Low” also carries on with the electrifying ferocity that “Tell You” has, although it has a much more noticeable kick that boasts a high-voltage sound. On the B-side, listeners will discover a slight variation in style. It is still awesome power-pop—it’s just that these tracks don’t quite have the same amount of punch as those on the A-side. “My Heart Has An Obituary” is up-tempo, though a little flat. By this I mean it doesn’t have the same about power as other numbers. The other B-side number, “Who Are You,” reminds me of what I could have gotten from the Nice Boys or even off of an Exploding Hearts record. It’s power pop to the core, but has a more ’70s glam rock n’ roll attitude about it.

The reasons you should check this out really boil down to this: It’s solid, tested and good. Sure, one could be comfortable just spinning a Boys or Buzzcocks record—and you know, after I get through the A and B sides here, I may very well do that—but to hell with that kind of complacency. This EP is the product of something good and nostalgic. Radio Hearts take an established sound, made popular by ’70s power pop and punk, and stretch it to fit on this nice little EP. To be fair, a lot of groups have come out of the woodwork and done similar things, and they’ve all been pretty damn good, particularly the ones mentioned above.

Honestly, if three paragraphs highlighting how cool the Tell You EP is doesn’t inspire you to purchase this record, then please consider the following. First, your volume may be turned down too low. Second, your fingers may be lodged in your ears. Those two are the most probable (and PG) reasons for not being infected by the quality of Radio Hearts. Once rectified, you’ll be a happy little individual with a sweet new record spinning on your turntable. Don’t stop there, though: Make sure that you have your volume up radically high so that you can make some friends with your soon-to-be enthusiastic neighbors. After that, you’ll have great music, new mates and/or will most likely be in jail or evicted, but hey, this is rock n’ roll, and the risks are worth it. Good night and good luck. –Nick Kuzmack”

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Mastering Miscalculations “Kill the Whole Cast” on FDH RecordsP.Trash Records, and Rockstar Records.

“CAPITAN MARCO of the London-based punk rock fleet No Front Teeth Records is an unweary demonio for the good punk work and he was the singer of the recently deceased GAGGERS and played in a helluva other bands. He quickly calculated his remaining super-powers: writer of excellent punk poetry + wizard of super catchy melodies = MISCALCULATIONS. That’s simple math. Bam! New band going. Together with drummer SHAUN he already wrote and pounded out two LPs on Dead Beat and Rockstar Rec. and now kills everything with this third LP. Though the Miscalculations know how to add 7+7, and Marco’s gritty and snotty voice screams ’punk singer’ with every syllable he spits out, Miscalculations definitely advanced the punk sound (some may call it Post-Punk). The 12 songs on ’Kill the whole cast’ are a tasteful blend of the sound of Buzzcocks, Wire, The Statues and even some Mind Spiders with the catchy and sharp, yet laconic guitar work and the melancholic and demanding undertone of Wipers, Masshystery or The Vicious, plus some Electro-Synth-NoWave-Punk of The Units or even The Spits. Always intense, always poetic with outstanding cryptic yrics and wrapped up in cool imagery. When this album has passed they killed the whole cast / You will be obsessed when they killed the whole cast!”

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Mastering Detergents “No Salvation” on Semtex Death and Quality Control HQ.

“Strongly influenced by Crisis and Buzzcocks, this trio from Sheffield create memorable punk hooks with immediately relatable lyrics. Following on from the demo released earlier in the year, Detergents are back with a new 7″ single. 3 new songs. Same rules apply, UK82 inspired punk.”


Mastering Scraps on No Front Teeth Records.

Check out Uber Rock‘s review:

“When you get a member of The Gaggers, Miscalculations and East End Riot kicking up a shit storm of good time old school punk rock under the moniker of The Scraps then it is impossible to fail right? Well what we have here is four tracks of just that, each one as enjoyable as the last. It’s a must buy that’s for sure.  Saving the best till last ‘Watching You’ sounds like it could fall apart at any given moment but it’s the ragged charm that’s the bait and part of its allure and I’m loving it.  As I said four tracks of ragged punk rock old school style is the order of the day and all written and played with much gusto and passion. ‘Waste My Time’ has a smudge of Buzzcocks and Ramones thrown into the mix whilst ‘Time Has Come’ is sharp with a cool as riff. Great stuff indeed. Available HERE on digital but it is apparently being pressed on vinyl as I type.”


 Mastering Miscalculations second LP “A View For Glass Eyes”.

“Featuring Members of Gaggers, Ladykillers and Disco Lepers, this band from London is the perfect combination of ’77 UK Punk and the dark guitar/synthesizer Post Punk of nowadays. It’s like singer Marco says: “it’s a blend of post punk a la Wire, Joy Division mixed with some electro in the vein of the Units, Screamers, Vicious Visions and a dose of Scandinavian / Euro punk like Masshysteri, Tristess, Invasionen etc.””

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