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Criminal Code

Mastering Criminal Code “Salvage” EP on Erste Theke Tonträger and Cut The Cord That…Records.

“In my opinion, Criminal Code need no introduction. If you are not familiar so far, let Daniel Vandenberg explain this band for you! Criminal Code from Tacoma, Washington, play an anthemic, sneakingly melodic mixture of post-punk and cacophony of raw wavy punk. Formed in 2011, they’ve just released several 7“s and their debut LP No Device on Deranged Records, a welcome shot in the vein (or kick in the teeth) to an increasingly ethereal genre. They took their Husker Du/Greg Sage influences and made it their own unique sound. The new 7“ harkens back to the raw, stripped down and primal intensity that characterised the early days of post punk, back when it was still considered just punk, only punk that was a little off and slightly more unsettling than usual. Criminal Code straight rip and rock with an urgency and rabid junkieunpredictability that was traded in long ago when post punk started investing wholeheartedly in synthesisers and chorus pedal collections and diverting down broodier pathways to goth and whatever-wave. Criminal Code are a perfect mess of contradictions, simultaneously full-bodied and forceful, and cold, distant and washed-out, like a hardcore heart in pale post punk skin, or vice versa. While specifically for Criminal Code’s European tour, the EP neatly coheres and expands on their Husker Du Over A Cliff guitars and post-post (post) Wipers despair/rage. Snag the EP on tour and dig hard!”

Criminal Code are embarking on a lengthy European tour. Here are the dates. Don’t miss them!

11.03.2014 Kortrijk – Pits
11.04.2014 Paris
11.05.2014 Leeds
11.06.2014 Glasgow
11.07.2014 London – Static Shock Fest
11.08.2014 Antwerp – Het Bos
11.09.2014 Osnabrück – Bastard Club (tbc)
11.10.2014 Hamburg – Hafenklang
11.11.2014 Berlin
11.12.2014 Münster – Gleis 22
11.13.2014 Amsterdam – Winston
11.14.2014 Tübingen – Epplehaus
11.15.2014 Bologna
11.16.2014 Trento
11.17.2014 Zagreb – Attack
11.18.2014 Budapest
11.19.2014 Vienna
11.20.2014 Brno – Vegalite
11.21.2014 Nuremberg – Projekt 31
11.22.2014 Frankfurt

Street Eaters

Mastering Street Eaters second full-length, BLOOD::MUSCLES::BONES, on Nervous Intent Records (U.S.) and Contraszt! Records (Europe).

Recorded at Portland’s Buzz or Howl by the esteemed Stan Wright, here is what The Bay Bridged have to say about it:

“Street Eaters may know a thing or two about crafting confrontational tunes, if their newest single “Reverse” is any indicator. The Berkeley-based duo, comprised of drummer Megan March and guitarist John No, recently shared the track off their sophomore full-length, Blood::Muscles::Bones out on Nervous Intent Records on June 17.

That said: “Reverse” may or may not be in the running for the best heavy, post-punk jam of the fast-approaching summer. The song is like a pile driver, with elements that come together to imfringe upon you for its roughly two minutes and thirty seconds of existence. If you like raw, sincere music with a sense of agency and urgency.”


SELF-TITLED EP (late 2012) –

More detailed US/Canada/Europe tour dates coming soon…here are some cities:

6/14 Reno
6/15 SLC
6/16 Fort Collins
6/17 Omaha
6/18 Minneapolis
6/19 Milwaukee
6/20 Chicago
6/22 Spencer, Indiana
6/23 Cincinnati
6/24 Columbus
6/25 Nashville
6/26 Athens (GA)
6/27 Atlanta
6/28 Chattanooga
6/30 Knoxville
7/1 Athens (OH)
7/2 Pittsburg
7/3 Cleveland
7/4 Detroit
7/5 Toronto
7/6 Ottawa
7/7 Montreal
7/8 Boston
7/9 Worcester
7/10 Providence
7/11 Brooklyn
7/13 Long Island
7/14 New Brunswick (NJ)
7/15 Philadelphia
7/16 Baltimore
7/17 Washington DC
7/18 Raleigh
7/19 Asheville
7/20 Greenville (SC)
7/21 St. Augustine
7/22 Gainesville
7/24 Tallahassee
7/25 Pensacola
7/26 New Orleans
7/27 Jackson (MS)
7/28 Fort Worth
7/29 Houston
7/30 Austin
7/31 San Antonio
8/1 El Paso
8/2 Las Cruces
8/3 Albuquerque
8/4 Flagstaff
8/5 SoCal
8/6 SoCal
8/7 LA
8/8 Highland Park


Valley Boys

Mastering Valley Boys Drone Attack EP.

Coming out on Ugly Pop Records.

“VALLEY BOYS – Drone Attack EP (UP048)
Toronto’s VALLEY BOYS speed through four tracks of hyperactive punk here, frenetic tempos, desperate vocals and some tasty guitar work placing this solidly in the tradition of early ’80s hardcore. “Drone Attack” is no one-dimensional thrashfest, however; these veterans deliver memorable songs and relentless energy that sets this apart from any number of generic contemporary rehash outfits, and there’s real character here. While sounding like no one exactly, this is exemplary trad hardcore that would fit in nicely with the likes of The Fix, early Poison Idea and The Germs LP.”



Remastering Honkas “Lied Für Fritz” on Static Age Records.

Originally on Pogar Records (who also released Ohlo Seco in Europe for you Brazilian Hardcore aficionados), this is a classic although very rare Deutschpunk record. The aim of the band and label is the make this record available at a non collector price.

“Honkas are a very raw punk band from Germany, and the production on this record only accentuates their primitivity. Some of the songs here almost degenerate into an undefined mass of guitar distortion, but others (like the title track) have more focus and drive. Pretty sharp.

-Jeff Bale (from Maximum Rock’n’Roll #5, March/April 1983)”


Mixing Isolation‘s Forthcoming Cassette on Cut the Cord That… Records.

Punk, Hardcore, Münster.



Mastering Levitations Forthcoming 7″ on Cut the Cord That… Records.

Great female Punk/Post-Punk band out of Berlin Germany and recorded at Aetherweight.

You like the Slits? Yeah. You like the Raincoats? Yeah. You like Mika Miko? Yeah. You like Levitations?


Autonomy No Sir I Wont

Mastering the Autonomy / No Sir I Won’t Split for Cut the Cord That… Records.

Both Autonomy ( from Carbondale, IL.) and No Sir I Won’t (from Boston, MA.) can be described inadequately and in few words as Anarcho-Punk.

Listen for yourself to some of their previous releases.



Mastering the European version of Replica‘s 7″ coming out on Cut the Cord That… Records.

This record is also being released on Prank Records in the USA, & Barmy Army Discos in Brazil.

“The debut 7″ EP From the San Francisco Bay Area’s REPLICA is fueled by searing guitar, fast blasting drum beats, sturdy tough bass lines and brash, raw vocals. Five tracks that thread many different hardcore influences and sounds – from the metallic thrash and high energy of current Brazillian Hardcore to a raw straight forward punk attack like early LA proto-hardcore or east bay punk to the wild unpredictability of 90’s thrash, to make a unique whole. Members from DUCK AND COVER, INFECT, NO STATIK , these tracks were recorded in 2012 at THe Dutch Oven by craigums.”

Listen to a preview below.


Street Eaters 12″on Cut The Cord That…Records, mastered here, Maximum Rock n Roll Review.



Valley Boys

Prepping the Vinyl Master for the Valley Boys LP.

“A punk rock band from Toronto Ontario Canada.
Not the electronic band from somewhere else.
or the wedding band from california.
this is the real fucking Valley Boys.”

You can listen to the full album below.


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