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Ruleta Rusa

Mastering Ruleta Rusa “Lathe cut 7″” on Human Double Face Records and Discos MMM.

“50 pressed for MANIC RELAPSE FEST, hand made lathe cut 7″s”

Rayos X

Mastering Rayos X “Ansiedad” on Discos MMM.

“Four new blazers from LA’s Rayos X. For five years now, Rayos X have been one of THE best in Los Angeles punk, helping to define a sound: a perfect mixture of hardcore, melodic punk, lyrics about anxiety and alienation. Put that together with a raw recording that translates the live energy of the band and hand screened art and packaging and you get the idea. Rayos X are on the top of their game with this one. Not a dud in the bunch.”

Buy it here!


Secta Suicida

Mastering Secta Suicida on Discos MMM.

“Bogota, Colombia is an unlikely place to find a punk band with a record, let alone a punk record–there are no record pressing plants and very few record stores throughout the whole country. SECTA SUICIDA is a group as much inspired by the old sounds of classic Spanish punk, such as Commando 9mm, La Uvi and Larsen, as by the new sounds of punk today, such as Peligro Social,and inspired by making things happen on their own, by their own. I met them on tour last year in Colombia and picked up their 2013 demo tape that was assembled at their own screen-printing shop, Rat Trap Records. At the time, the thought of having their music pressed to vinyl was a distant one, but here it is: co-released with Bogota’s Rat Trap Records, SECTA SUICIDA 4-song 7” captures the wild energy of their live shows and top-notch song writing, explosive riffs and driving force, self-recorded and mixed by themselves. The color covers, designed by Rat Trap’s Carlos Velasquez and screen-printed in Bogota put the heart and energy of their collective into this first vinyl release, a record that deserves to be heard worldwide, but is only a small sample of what Colombia punks have to offer. Complete with lyrics. First press of 300 with 135 available outside of Colombia.”

Buy it here!



Mixing Crimen’s new LP “El Problema eres Tú” on  Discos Enfermos, Discos MMM and Dogma Destroyer.

“HC punk band from mexico city.”

Don’t let the lack of description cause you to skip listening to this. One of my favourite records to have worked on this year!


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