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The sessions mastered here from Endless Column are going to be released as two 7″s on Taken By Surprise / Twintoe Records and Erste Theke Tonträger.

Taken from the Erste Theke Tonträger website:

“Douglas Burns was in the Observers. Douglas Burns wrote the Observers records, so What’s Left Now? Besides, Red Dons – Douglas Burns is now in Endless Column. And Endless Column are just like his other Bands – Beautiful!

But how this Band started? Doug told me: “David Wolf (Daylight Robbery/Pedestrians) & I wanted to do a project together. We decided that over the course of last summer we would write and record some songs together before I moved away from Chicago. He had an old 4-track that he was itching to use, so we recorded everything on that. Eric Watts joined the project on drums. At the end of the summer we wanted to play a show. So, Jim McCann (Tyrades) joined us and we recorded this demo and played our one & only show.”
So thats it! enjoy this perfect mixture of Red Dons + Daylight Robbery Songwriting, i love it!!!”


Endless Column Demos out on Bandcamp! Listen to/download the entire record HERE.

A new project  out of Chicago with David Wolf (Daylight Robbery), Eric Watt (Ex-Sleeveless Vest), and Jim McCann (Ex-Renegade, Ex-Tyrades), and Doug Burns (Ex-Speds, Ex-Observers, Red Dons) recorded the summer of 2011.


Tic for Tac Unmastered


Tic for Tac Mastered



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