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Occult Detective Club‘s new 7″, mastered here,  Maximum Rock n Roll review.



Nervous powerpop from Denton by people who have brought you bands like Maaster Gaiden, Stymie, and A.N.S. This new 7″ follows two LPs (one on Alive and one on Red Lounge) and a split 10″ with Something Fierce (Dirtnap). Fucking great stuff!”

Taken from the Dirt Cult Records Website


Mastering the new recordings by Occult Detective Club from Denton, Texas for their forthcoming Dirt Cult record.

The band features former members of Maaster Gaiden, Secret Bangs, A.N.S, Stymie, Collick, Druids on Parade, Koji Kondo, and Mass Sterilization.

They released the ten song LP Tortures in spring 2010 on Red Lounge Records. Their second album Crimes was released February 2011 on Alive Natural Sound Records.


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