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Mixed and Mastered here, Red Dons new Auslander 7″ reviewed by I Buy Way too Many Records.

“Dirtnap (2012)
The fine folks over at Dirtnap sure do have some good taste in music. It seems like whenever I find a band that I really like, they’re now putting out a record on Dirtnap too. Good work. Red Dons are a band I’ve been listening to since their last album, Fake Meets Failure and I’ve been mightily impressed.

This 7″ is another example of the bands downstroke heavy Wipers/Hot Snakes style of punk rock and roll. I would say that this 7″ might be a bit poppier than some of the bands prior work, but in this case, that’s great news. This 7″ may be the best thing the band has released to date and considering the strength of their back catalog, that’s no small feat. Hopefully the band will be getting a new full length together soon as this 7″ has really made me excited to see where the band goes next.”

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Red Dons Auslander 7″ mixed and mastered here, Razorcake Review.


Ausländer: 7”
I’m of the opinion that Red Dons are the best band walking the planet today. I fuggin’ love this band! They have this way of making music that causes everything else around you to melt away and all that is left is the music. You are completely in that moment. It’s a great feeling. The songs soar, race, and have undeniable soul. Catchy without being corny. Insightful without being overwrought. Just fucking great music. The title track is godhead! I’ve listened to it over and over so many times, and have yet to tire of it. Is that even possible? It’s such a great song. A nice, quick tempo and the vocals float over, pulling you into the song, and the chorus burns into your mind. I like how the guitar comes in at the end and builds and closes out with a noisy swirl. The kind of song that makes you want to start a band and take over the world. On the B side is “Mauvaise Foi,” which slows down a little bit with a jerky and bouncy rhythm here and there. When the melody comes in, nothing else matters. I really like the line, “Anointed one, where did I go wrong,” as it leads into the verse. This single is a classic. –Matt Average (Dirtnap,”

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Red Dons new 7″, mixed and mastered here, reviewed in Maximum Rock n Roll!


New Red Dons and Estranged split Interview in Maximum Rock n Roll!

It’s the end of the world and we feel fine!

The new (and potentially last???) issue of your favorite punk rock magazine has hit the streets! The December issue,MRR #355, comes busting at the seams with the best punk from around the world — 100% by the punks for the punks!

This month we talk to our Doomsday cover artist Avi Spivakand we have a split interview with Portland-based punks, the RED DONS and the ESTRANGED. We catch up with Sweden’s crust megaliths AGRIMONIA, and Russia’s hardcore punxANTIMELODIX tell us their story and and explain love of Finland.NAPOLNARIZ talk about what it’s like growing up punk in Puerto Rico and LA ARMADA examine their experience of coming to the US from the Dominican Republic. Peru’s anarchia punks DHK tell us about their scene in Lima, while BREATHING LIGHT from Chicago discuss race, culture and what it’s like to be a punk of color within the punk scene and beyond. The VICTIMS take us on a trip in the second part of their European tour diary, and our scene report from Hamilton, Ontario, Canada sheds some light onto this active part of the Great White North. This, plus all the columnists you love to hate (and hate to love!) and the most extensive record reviews in punk!”

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Red Dons new 7″, mixed and mastered here, reviewed at Get Bent!

“By Zac Camagna

Red Dons recently dropped some fresh material for their first from Dirtnap Records. Auslanderfeatures two brand new songs, both of which were written in 2010-11 between cities like Chicago, Brazil, London, Portland and Hamburg. To continue the nomadic behavior, the tracks were then recorded in a Cold War era bomb shelter in Sweden during 2011 by Lars Ekman, leaving Dirtnap to take care of the rest.

“Auslander” starts with a bang, quickly setting the tone of this 7” with a rollicking introduction. The weight of the track is clear as soon as it busts open, revealing a piercing guitar hook that quickly swallows the song with a sense of dire urgency. The track continues with its perpetual fury, led by shredded rhythm guitars that are as heavy as they are direct. It’s a monumental sound and that crushing lead guitar hook is responsible for most of the damage, coming off with sharp melodic tendencies through the daunting post-punk meltdown.

B-side “Mauvaise Foi” doesn’t fall far from the vein of the first, sustaining the destructive pace with another scorching beatdown. With that being said, these two songs combine for almost nine minutes of blood-boiling post-punk outrage, almost like the world itself is crumbling right before your ears. Give the fiery “Auslander” a spin right below, and snag the 7” directly from Green Noise Records—you won’t be sorry.”

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“[POST-PUNK POP] Red Dons’ moddish post-punk has never lacked for melody, but the Dons’ new Dirtnap Records 7-inch might be the Portland quartet’s most comely pop product yet. A-side “Auslander” comes within spitting distance of the five-minute mark without ever threatening to overstay its welcome, which is a rare feat. The anthem flies by in classic Adverts fashion, with punk fury mellowed by a helping of melancholic world-weariness; it’s one of those expansive love songs in which romance escapes the trite ties of pair-bonding and attaches itself to existential equations. Which is to say you don’t need to be in love to love “Auslander.” You need only be alive. – Willamette Week



Red Dons at their most straightforward, melodic, and powerful. The A side in particular might be their best song yet. 2 new tracks, written in 2010-2011 between Chicago, Brazil, London, Portland, and Hamburg, recorded in Sweden in a cold war era bomb shelter during a 2011 European tour by Lars Ekman (Hanna Hirsch, Förmögenhet). All copies come with download coupon. FIRST 200 ARE ON BLUE VINYL AND ARE AVAILABLE ONLY FROM GREEN NOISE RECORDS!

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Look for a west coast tour with The Estranged in September 2012.

(Tour Facebook Event Page )

29th seattle w/ criminal code, kohosh @ black lodge
31st Vancouver @ Iron Road Studios w/ spectres

1st – Portland w/ Spectres. Autistic Youth @ Black Water
2nd oakland, ca – 1234 go! records
3rd Goleta @ The Hard To Find w/ Become, NO//SE
4th Long Beach @ prospector
5th Pamona @ Vince Lombardi High School
6th Los Angeles @ blue star
7th San Diego @ shakedown
8th S.F., Ca @ Thrillhouse records
9th PDX @ the know w/ bellicose minds

Mastering two songs for a new Red Dons 7″.

Hopefully it will be coming out soon. Both songs recorded in Stockholm Sweden by our friend Lars in a Cold War era bomb shelter during our European tour 2011. Special thanks to Lars, Johan, Hanna Hirsch, and Förmögenhet.

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