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Mastering Andy Place And The Coolheads “Summer Of The Beast” on Jonny Cat Records.

“Huge sounding kitchen-sink garage punk from the Pacific Northwest. There’s a heaviness to it all that keeps me from focusing on the sparking clean sound, which is a major savior. The mood is an even split between frustration and inspiration, with the latter actually emerging victorious. Kinda cool! The odd winner of the lot is “A Song For Mick Jones”, which is legit, heartfelt, and not at all what I expected to hear today (or any other, really). A decent EP, and probably lotsa fun live. (missed ’em recently…bummer)” MC, Maximum Rock N’ Roll.

Piss Test 3

Mastering Piss Test “EP 3” on Jonnycat Records.

Recorded by Evan “Maus” Mersky at Red Lantern Studios.

“Piss Test are an Andy Rooney-like figure in the Portland scene. Their music—a paean to the good ol’ days of proto-punk by way of Killed by Death compilations—refuses to adhere to what’s in vogue. Their subject matter, however, almost always reacts to their environment. Piss Test’sST EP2 dresses down punk superficiality with “Leather Jackets in the Heat,” while the recent PT ST EP 3 gripes against the economics and commodification of music with “Better Pay Your Publicist.” “Vegan Coffee” sneers at the tedium of monogamy and “Methamphetamine for Cocaine Prices” pokes fun at the trendiness of crank (I think). MAC POGUE”


Piss Test

Mastering Piss Test “EP2” on Taken By Surprise Records.

PISS TEST from Portland, Oregon are finally Europe bound, to bring their debut album BIGGEST BAND IN EUROPE where it belongs. The band just finished another EP in time for this trip, with hits like LEATHER JACKETS IN THE HEAT or USED TO SKATE, ready to conquer what is rightfully theirs.”

Do. 13.11.2014 – Aachen – Autonomes Zentrum
Fr. 14.11.2014 – Hamburg – TBA
Sa. 15.11.2014 – Bremen – G18
So. 16.11.2014 – Berlin – K19 w/ Levitations
Mo. 17.11.2014 – Leipzig – Klubraum Plagwitz
Di. 18.11.2014 – Budapest – Művelődési Szint (Müszi) w/ CRIMINAL CODE
Mi. 19.11.2014 – Zagreb – Klub Močvara w/ Divided Minds
Do. 20.11.2014 – Brno – Vegalite – w/ CRIMINAL CODE
Fr. 21.11.2014 – Vienna – Venster 99
Sa. 22.11.2014 – Munich – Kafe Kult w/ GIVE
So. 23.11.2014 – Tübingen – Pausenhof
Mo. 24.11.2014 – Schwäbisch Hall – TBC
Di. 25.11.2014 – Frankfurt – ExZess
Mi. 26.11.2014 – Kortrijk – The Pit’s
Do. 27.11.2014 – Paris – La Mécanique Ondulatoire
Fr. 28.11.2014 – Amsterdam – OCCII w/ the KIDS
Sa. 29.11.2014 – Hannover – TBA


Mastering Chemicals “D.A.G.R.I.P.” on Taken By Surprise and Jonny Cat Records.

“CHEMICALS return to Europe for a secons round after their succesful first trip in April 2013! They’ve been busy shredding Portland to pieces in the meantime recording a new album entitled D.A.G.R.I.P. with recently reacquired RED DONS drummer Richard Joachim back on board the USS KMKLZ! The record was produced by Tim Kerr (BIG BOYS, POISON 13) at Buzz Or Howl Studios and mastered by Daniel Husayn at North London Bomb Factory. Fun fact: Steve Turner from MUDHONEY is playing guitar on one of the songs.”

And here’s the tourdates:
Fr. 10.10.2014 – Amsterdam – Pacific Parc – 11pm
Fr. 10.10.2014 – Amsterdam – ADM amsterdam – 3am
Sa. 11.10.2014 – Groningen – ORKZ BAR w/ BAD VISION
So. 12.10.2014 – Berlin – Bei Ruth w/ BAD VISION, Spray Paint, Modern Pets
Mo. 13.10.2014 – Hamburg – Hafenklang
Di. 14.10.2014 – Copenhagen – Ungdomshuset
Mi. 15.10.2014 – Bremen – Sielwallhaus
Do. 16.10.2014 – HELP Germany
Fr. 17.10.2014 – Frankfurt – Dreikönigskeller w/ Nervous Twitch
Sa. 18.10.2014 – Leipzig – LIWI w/ GULAG BEACH, NASTY PACK
So. 19.10.2014 – Munich – Kafe Kult w/ Opiliones
Mo. 20.10.2014 – Opava – U Vočka
Di. 21.10.2014 – HELP Czech Republic / Slovakia / Hungary
Mi. 22.10.2014 – Vienna – Arena Beisl Erdberg w/ Demenzia Kolektiva
Do. 23.10.2014 – Trento – CSO Bruno
Fr. 24.10.2014 – Graz – SUB w/ Divided Minds, Black Gust
Sa. 25.10.2014 – Nürnberg – nürnberg.pop
So. 26.10.2014 – HELP Germany / Holland / Belgium
Mo. 27.10.2014 – Liege – péniche Légia w/ POUTRE
Di. 28.10.2014 – Paris – La Mécanique Ondulatoire w/ HIS ELECTRO BLUE VOICE
Mi. 29.10.2014 – Tours – Le Bar À Mines
Do. 30.10.2014 – Tarbes – CeltiCPuB IsNoTaPuB
Fr. 31.10.2014 – Benidorm – FUNTASTIC DRACULA CARNIVAL
Sa. 01.11.2014 – Benidorm – FUNTASTIC DRACULA CARNIVAL
So. 02.11.2014 – Perpignan – BBC Perpinya w/ Cyclops
Mo. 03.11.2014 – Marseille – la Machine à Coudre
Di. 04.11.2014 – St. Etienne – L’Assommoir café-concert
Mi. 05.11.2014 – Geneva – URGENCE DISK RECORDS
Do. 06.11.2014 – Tübingen – Pausenhof
Fr. 07.11.2014 – Hannover – Stumpf
Sa. 08.11.2014 – Antwerp – Het Bos w/ Acid Baby Jesus
So. 09.11.2014 – Kortrijk – The Pit’s – Bang Zoom Noise Produktions VZW

Piss Test

Mastering Piss Test‘s debut LP.

Coming out on Jonny Cat and Taken By Surprise Records.

If you don’t know already you had better listen.



Mastering Piss Test Live on KBOO Radio Show.

Coming out soon on cassette on Jonny Cat Records.

For the uninitiated:

Self-titled: 7”
I’ve been hearing a lot about this band lately, so I’m glad I finally got the chance to check this out. I just gotta say, “believe the hype!” This instantly perked my ears up. It’s got that jangly, snotty combination that seems to crawl out from the moss-covered rock up in the Pacific Northwest. I want more… I need more! –Ty Stranglehold (Jonny Cat,”


Chemicals Flyer

Mastering a Thee Chemicals 7″ on Taken By Surprise Records.

Hopefully this will be out in time for their European tour.

They will be playing in London April 7th with the Gaggers and the Love Triangle. Don’t miss it.

03.04.2013 D-Berlin – Cortina Bob
04.04.2013 D-Hamburg – Komet
05.04.2013 NL-Amsterdam – Pacific Parc
06.04.2013 B-Kortrijk – The Pits
07.04.2013 UK-London – Ryan’s Bar
08.04.2013 UK-Brighton – TBA
09.04.2013 F-Paris – La Mecanique Ondulatoire
10.04.2013 D-Freiburg – Slow Club
11.04.2013 D-Tübingen – Laden am Sternplatz
12.04.2013 D-München – Kafe Kult
13.04.2013 D-Dresden – Chemiefabrik
14.04.2013 U-Budapest – Trafik Klub
15.04.2013 A-Wien – Arena Beisl
16.04.2013 HR-Zagreb – Grey Room
17.04.2013 I-Bologna – Freakout
18.04.2013 I-Fidenza – Taun
19.04.2013 CH-Basel – Hirscheneck
20.04.2013 D-Nürnberg – Desi – KEEP IT EVIL FEST
21.04.2013 D-Leipzig – Zoro

Have a listen to a song off the first LP.


Chemcial livin

Mastered here, Chemicals – Chemical Livin’ LP Review from OX #105:

CHEMICALS are punks on drugs, whose hot-wired Trashpunkjunk can be associated with O.C. beachsounds of the “Führers…”-SMOGTOWN or GEARS and the MEAN JEANS on Pepp not canned beer, with their in your face “Screw you!”-nihilism as life’s central philosophy and was released in 2009 on vinyl. I myself haven’t noticed CHEMICALS for way too long; so it’s about time to praise them without restraint, to see their 1.5 minute punksmasher between middle finger salute and chronic liver infection as a glimpse of hope. And yes, they are the kind of band whose name you should get tattooed under your BLACK FLAG bars, whose slogan “Wanna die drinkin’ peppermint schnapps!” will be endorsed enthusiastically in lots of places. Jonny Cat – headhoncho of the label with the same name – has gathered RED DONS personnel here to fire off 12 opinionated and unadorned snotgrenades into the Plastic Punk ranks and to construct an album whose shortness and versatility doesn’t give you a second to breathe; killer record! Don’t frown upon the current meager distribution situation: the band will release their second album before the end of the year, tour Europe in April 2013 and will bring a repress of this record. (8)


CHEMICALS sind Punks on drugs, deren kurzgeschlossener Trashpunkjunk eine Assoziationskette zwischen O.C. Beachsounds der „Führers…“-SMOGTOWN oder GEARS und den MEAN JEANS auf Pep statt Dosenbier spannt, dabei vorlauten „Screw you!“-Nihilismus als Lebensmaxime vertritt und auf Platte eigentlich schon 2009 veröffentlicht wurde. An mir selber sind CHEMICALS nun lange genug vorbei gegangen; es wird Zeit, sie hemmungslos in den Himmel zu loben, in ihnen die Hoffnung des eineinhalb Minuten-Punkkloppers zwischen middle finger salute und chronischer Leberentzündung zu sehen. Und ja, sie sind eine Band, deren Namen man sich unter die BLACK FLAG-Balken tätowieren lassen sollte, deren Losung „Wanna die drinkin’ peppermint schnapps!“ man vielerorts begeistert bejahen wird. Jonny Cat – Headhoncho gleichnamigen Labels – hat hier die RED DONS-Belegschaft um sich gescharrt, um zwölf starsinnige, ungeschminkte Rotzgranaten in die Plastic Punk-Reihen abzufeuern und ein Album zurechtzuzimmern, das in seiner Kürze und Vielseitigkeit keine Verschnaufpause lässt; Knaller-Scheibe! Und bevor ihr aufgrund der dürftigen Vertriebssituation lange Gesichter macht: die Band wird noch vor Ende des Jahres ihr zweites Album nachlegen, geht im April 2013 dann auf Euro-Tour und hat dazu vermutlich auch eine Repress des Erstlings dabei. (8) Matti Bildt

Chemicals Facebook

Chemical Livin’ LP | Jonny Cat |


Thee Chemicals – Chemical Livin’

Recorded in 2009 at Buzz Or Howl Studios Portland, Oregon with Jonny Cat on vocals and the Red Dons as back up during the same sessions as the Fake Meets Failure LP. Actually it was even recorded on the same master tape. Released on Jonny Cat Records, the very same legendary underground label that is everywhere and nowhere at once, who put out records by the Triggers, Clorox Girls, Observers, Flip-Tops, Diskords, Autistic Youth and many many others.

The band has gone through several mutations.

The first 7″ “Bubble City” saw Jonny working with members of the Triggers.

Later the members of the Red Dons joined up and recorded the Chemical Livin’ LP.

Next they recorded the “Don’t Cry for Me” 7″ with a new members except Richie on drums.

Currently they are still playing and recording. Another LP is in the works and they are working with Taken By Surprise Records on the next release and represses.

Experience the Genius of Jonny Cat and download the Chemical Livin’ LP HERE.

Chemicals – Chemical Burn Mastered


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