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Detergents General Public

Mastering Detergents “General Public EP” on Kids Of The Lughole.

Tim Pimlott at the Lughole.

“Sheffield band who feature members of Sievehead, Obstruct, Skiplickers, Rat Cage and Dry Heaves playing snotty punk like early Buzzcocks or Eater.”

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Nachthexen 7

Mastering Nachthexen “s/t” on Kids of the Lughole.

Recorded and mixed by Ben Hunter.

Taken from Just Some Punk Songs:

“Nachthexen are a female fronted synth punk band from Sheffield featuring Emma Thacker (vocals), Donna (synth), Fiona (bass) and Olga Rienda (drums). They take their name from the German nickname for the women military aviators of the 558th Night Bomber Regiment (later known as the 46th “Taman” Guards Night Bomber Aviation Regiment) of the Soviet Air Forces. The English translation is Night Witches.

Last year saw them release the name your price ep titled The Other. They followed it up last April with a s/t 7″ ep on Kids Of The Lughole Records. (Just a quick note, Kids Of The Lughole have put out some of 2016’s coolest music, this blog has already featured Sievehead, Clean Shirts and Detergents but there’s others that are definitely worth checking out : ).

Back when I was at school, the likes of Cabaret Voltaire and The Human League were pioneering synth punk and like Nachthexen, both were from Sheffield. Upholding that city’s fine tradition of this kind of music, from the s/t ep, this is Ring Ring…..”


clean shirts

Mastering Clean Shirts “Marginal” on Kids of the Lughole.

Recorded by Ben Hunter at the Audacious Art Experiment.

Taken from Sorry State Records:

“Killer new punk from North Yorkshire UK.

Our take: Man, I can’t recommend this one highly enough. The first several times that I listened to Clean Shirts all I could think about was how they sound SO MUCH like the Shitty Limits that it’s almost eerie. The singer has a really similar accent and timbre to his voice, the record is produced a lot like the Limits’ early 7″s, and they employ a lot of the Limits’ signature songwriting and arrangement tricks… the catchy riff played with just the root notes rather than chords, stepping up and down a riff and dragging it out longer than you think it can go, and of course all of the quirky yet precise little stops and starts. I mean, honestly I have no idea if Clean Shirts have even heard Shitty Limits or not, but I do know that if you love the Limits as much as we at Sorry State do then it’s pretty much a given that you’ll love Clean Shirts as well. They managed to shove seven whole tracks onto a single 7″, so this record is longer than a lot of bands’ quote unquote “full-lengths,” and all of the songs are explosive, minimalist punk-meets-hardcore in the grand tradition of the fast songs on Pink Flag. Seriously, if the above references pique your interest get on this post-haste… you won’t regret it!”

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Mastering Skiplickers “s/t” on Kids of the Lughole.

“Following their brilliant spilt 7” with Krigskontrast the Yorkshire Mangel Mongers bring us another Bass rumbling riff slamming throat-wrecked D-beat monster of a record. For Fans of (early) Anti-Cimex, Discharge and of course the Skitlickers”


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