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Mastering DiE “Vexed” on Sonic Terror Discs.

Distributed by La Vida Es Un Mus and mixed by Jonah of Career Suicide.

“Follow up to their amazing debut from last year. 8 new tracks of nihilist and anti social hardcore punk with a sound heavy rooted in both Bristol and Boston circa 1983.”

Buy it here!


Mastering the DiE EP on Sonic Terror Discs.

The label says:

“6 tracks of early 80’s US/UK hardcore punk worship. Nothing new here but hard blistering punk for both the angry and the jaded. Think DISCHARGE meets SSD”

Paco says:

“Probably the best debut EP a local hardcore band has produced in a long time. Intense Hard Core with nods to both Boston and Bristol. A total 6 track ripper which will surely please any ripping jams lover”


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