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Mixing the demos for the Hungarian band Kemény Henrik from Szöged.

Maximum Rock and Roll (#336) recently featured an article about the scene there. You can see scan’s of it here or read it in blog form here. Red Dons also recently played in Budapest and had an amazing night care of the Defekt Punks.

Kemény Henrik – live @ Budapest, 2011. 05. 30. (first show)


Maximum Rocknroll #345 • Feb 2012
The 2011 year-end top ten issue!

Red Dons – A Forced Turning Point :
“Okay, look. The Observers aren’t a band anymore. Get over it. I know the first couple Red Dons records were sub-par, but between the Fake Meets Failure LP and this new EP, people should be talking more about how great the Red Dons are and less about how great The Observers were. Both songs on this record are dark, melodic marvels.”

Se Foi – Mastered

Another HajjiHusayn master reviewed in Maximum Rock and Roll.

Mother’s Children

“Wow. This is some catchy tuneage. “Sue Doesn’t Live Here Anymore” is a classic pop-punk number that gets things started off just right. It’s up-tempo, it’s catchy, and it has lots of guitar. And things continue along exactly the same way. My only complaint, and this isn’t a real complaint, is that there are only six songs. Don’t tease me like that I want more. This is clearly a power pop band and not a pop punk band. (KK)”

“By this point, most of you probably already know and / or love RED DONS. For those of you who don’t, this band is comprised of members of the OBSERVERS, CLOROX GIRLS, and BORN/DEAD. As for influences, I can hear X and WIPERS the most, and maybe even some MISSION OF BURMA here and there, but not as artsy. Their overall northwest sound brings it all together nicely. Highly recommended! (BD)”

Taken from the Red Dons website where you can listen to the whole 7″.

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