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Needle Exchange

Mastering Needle Exchange “Is This My Program?” on P.Trash Records.

“Formed in winter 2013 out of frustration at the banality of the local Vienna music scene, these three young upstarts make snotty 70’s punk into the soundtrack of their own dysfunctional lives. Now based in Berlin they’ve just released a classic of heavy thud, rotz-riffing and above all catchy P fuckin R recorded by Toby from the MODERN PETS (the other PETS guitarist Alvar now helps the boys out live giving the sound even more whallop. NEEDLE EXCHANGE play the english way of 77’Punk mix with a good dose of REATARDS KBD! Fine you may ask yourself but IS THIS MY PROGRAM? Check it out for yourself you lazy fuck and find out!”

Life Fucker

Mastering Life Fucker “Demo” on Static Age Records.

“New Band Life Fucker have released their new demo this is music from Barcelona/Berlin with members of SECT and Blank Pages. This is raw primitive hardcore and really is a life fucker. Members of Diät, Tremors, Blank Pages, Fluffers, Modern Pets, Sect etc. etc.”

Blank Pages

Mastering Blank Pages “No Reception” on Dirtcult and Hardware Records.

Recorded and mixed by Evan Maus in Portland at Red Lantern Studios.

“Blank Pages are from Berlin, Germany and play dark melodic punk that sounds a bit like The Marked Men covering the Wipers. This single includes two killer songs recording in Portland, OR while embarking on their first (and, sadly, last) US tour, that are the perfect follow up to a their self-titled LP we released last year.  The band just completed a European tour and announced that they are breaking up. Members of Modern Pets and Life Fucker.”

Buy it here!

One Way Ticket 7

Check out my article from the February’s One Way Ticket Zine.

As you may have heard North London Bomb Factory has a column each issue featuring bands that I have been working on.

The new issue (#8) is at the press now and out soon. Make sure you grab a copy, especially if you’ve had your record mixed or mastered here.

OWT Column 7

Modern Pets

Mixing Modern Pets new 7″ B.I.Y.S.  on Secret Mission Records.

“MODERN PETS are back! With a couple of LP’s, a demo and a string of EP’s on such infamous labels as P.Trash, Modern Action and Dead Beat  Records, among others,  under their belt, this outfit from Berlin, Germany is showing no signs of slowing down. Their latest offering, a two-song scorcher, on Secret Mission Records recalls the best of late seventies-style power pop/punk rock bands like The Undertones, The Kids, Normals,  as well as some later combos such as The Hives(early on), Teengenerate, Carbonas and their fellow krauts The Kidnappers. The lead track, “B.I.Y.S.”, is an absolute fist-pumper. Punchy drums, killer guitars with a crazy fuzzed out lead in the middle. An all too familiar battle call in the chorus takes on a whole new life here. An instant classic, for sure! On the flipside is “Sweet Frustration”, a testament to trials and tribulations faced by a teenage leather jacket clad Romeo. A superbly executed sing-along that will be stuck in your head for quite some time. This EP will be out in time for the band’s North/South American Tour. A limited pressing of 500,  with  free download coupon included. And don’t forget to check them out live in the scummiest, sleaziest rock & roll pit near you!”



Mastering P.U.F.F.s forthcoming LP.




Modern Pets

Mastering the new Modern Pets LP.

“Modern Pets were born in the beginning of 2009 by four friends in south Germany. After a few first shows and a demo recorded in their practice room and released by F.Y.I.T.H. Records, it happened that everyone decided to put as much time as possible into the band, rather than get into the next boring job or another pointless band and so things started getting serious….
A first 7” was recorded in January 2010 by Smail Shock in Berlin, named “Killing Sounds For Rotten People” and hit directly into the picture that was drawn by 70s UK and 80s US Punkbands before. This release, which was followed by two European tours in summer and fall 2010, sold out within a few months and two more 7”s (re-release of the demo tape and “Vista-Alienation”) emphasized their standing as one of the hardest working bands in this genre!
Meanwhile located in Berlin, they put out their first longplayer on P.Trash and Concrete Jungle Records, as well as Modern Action Records in the US in June 2011. This release was followed by a 4 week European tour in summer and another 2 week tour in fall, which brought the guys to countries like Switzerland, France, Spain, Netherlands, Austria, Slovenia, Croatia, Italy, Czech Republic, Hungary […]
After almost 160 shows in 2 years, the band will record a few new songs for a single release on Rockstar Records in January 2012 to be on tour for the rest of the year! 2 European tours and a US Westcoast tour are already fixed as well as the recording of a new album in the end of the year…. So, watch out! 2012´s gonna be a Modern Pets year!”


Review in Maximum Rock and Roll May 2012 :


This band is from Berlin but if you told me they were from Milwaukee, I would believe you. They play crisp, clear, melodic, thoughtful punk along the lines of RED DONS and the OBSERVERS. There’s something about it that reminds me of a more punk SMOKING POPES as well, which is not a bad thing. Bands like these can be a dime in a dozen, but BLANK PAGES gives it something extra and stands out from the pack. Maybe it’s their knack for a pop hook, their superior songwriting skills or the badass drum fills (I’m a drummer – I live for these things). I don’t know. What I do know is that there are four songs on here and they all fuckin’ rule. Get it. (GH)
(Taken by Surprise)”


“After many delays it’s finally here! The debut 7” by Berlin based BLANK PAGES. Members were / are active in bands like IDLE HANDS, MODERN PETS, LIES FEED THE MACHINE and DRAMAMINE. They pick up the torch from IDLE HANDS playing meldoic punkrock with a certain WIPERS twist and offer 4 songs on this EP. Watch out for them playing your town soon!

For a copy please send 6.50 EUROS (Germany) or 8 EUROS (rest of the world) ppd via paypal to OR buy it from our webstore”

Buy it here from Taken By Surprise Records!


Blank Pages debut 7″ will finally be out Nov 15 on Taken By Surprise Records!


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