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Steel Chains s:t

Mastering Steel Chains “s/t” on Dirt Cult Records.

“The debut 7″ from one of my current favorite PDX punk bands, Steel Chains. The band plays ridiculously great emotive and melodic minor chord punk for fans of The Wipers, Daylight Robbery, The Stops, etc. Members have also spent time in bands such as The Observers, Clorox Girls, Drunken Boat, Defect Defect, PRF and more. Holy super group!”

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Mastering Dulac “Four Summers EP” on Sic Life Records.

Recorded and mixed by Assaf Bomgard.

“Limited edition EP from this german band, with a previous album released in TAKEN BY SURPRISE. Features 3 hits, perfect in time for summer. A mix of Post-Punk and Powerpop, and some more influences maybe… all tuneful, upbeat and catchy. References that struck me the most while listening: REPLACEMENTS, ELVIS COSTELLO and a bit of THE JAM.”

“Elvis Costello, Gun Club, Angst und andere SST-Bands, Dinosaur Jr.’s „ear-bleedin’ country“ oder aktuell Bands wie The Men – manche Punks stehen auf Creedence. Dulac schielen mit einem Auge auf Sound und Songwriting ur-amerikanischer Musik von Bob Dylan, Neil Young und wie sie alle heißen; mit dem anderen haben sie die letzten 10 Jahre DIY-Punk verfolgt. Wo andere ihre Version von Americana, von Pubrock, Hardcore oder Noiserock aus spielen, haben Dulac eben No Hope for the Kids, Observers und Masshysteri gehört.
Nie gehen solche Beschreibungen in Gänze auf, auch nicht, wenn man noch The Jam und Rites of Spring mit in den Topf wirft. Wie Dulac klingt es, wenn sich drei Freunde nicht nur ihren eigenen Musikgeschmack anerzogen haben, sondern auch zusammen gelernt haben, wie man zu dritt eine Punkband hat, die knallt. Und zwar Punk als modus operandi, nicht als musikalisches Korsett. Mach mit deiner Band, was du für richtig hältst, mach es selbst oder mach es mit Freunden, nimm deine Musik, aber dich selbst nicht zu ernst, sei kein Arschloch – the Punk gospel according to Dulac.
Nach einem später auf 7“ gepressten Demotape und einer LP auf Taken By Surprise Records (München, RED DONS, AUTISTIC YOUTH,…), Twintoe Records (Berlin/Tel Aviv, VVHILE, UZBEKS,…) und Crapoulet Records (Marseille, 1000000 Bands), zwei Touren durch Europa und einer Israeltour kommen Dulac vor ihrem zweiten Album mit der „Four Summers“ EP auf Tour. Aufgenommen in Berlin mit ihrem Freund Assaf Bomgard, gemastert in London von Daniel Husayn/North London Bomb Factory, 3 Songs geschrieben während die Band nach und nach aus dem Rhein-Main-Gebiet nach Berlin umzog. Dulac in ihrem vierten Sommer.”

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Celebrating Tandang Store’s, Malaysia, first ever tape release!

Red Dons “Fake Meets Failure” Tape || Tandang 001 || Rm 8 || USD 3 + postage.

“Take the epic heaviness of FROM ASHES RISE, dilute it to a more punk rock formula, throw in the density of the WIPERS and add some early- ‘80s LA hardcore melody, and that’s the winning concoction of the RED DONS..,” – Maximum Rocknroll #329


Monday, 4 March 2013


Facebook event click here


From Portland, USA and with releases on Deranged, Dirtnap and Taken By Surprise records. Red Dons will be playing three UK shows when in town to record their next record and this is the only one south of Leeds. Featuring members of The Observers, Clorox Girls and Thee Spivs among others.

Queer Oi/Street punk from London with two drummers, this is going to be one of their last ever shows. Don’t miss out.

“Good Throb’s initial public offering draws from all of their previous bands’ work (the Sceptres, the Shitty Limits, Tortura et al.) in the shadows of the Nixe’s Utreg punk, with a hint of “Swiss Punk Now”, a bit of the Australian X’s burliness, but any desire for comparison is overwhelmed by a certain wall of sound and ferocity – on every instrument – that breeds a perfectly nasty sense of empathy. Empathy for a visceral breeze, for the methodical assassination of tedium, for the distilled detestation of our rosy society, and for Tesco anthems. Raw depictions of a mundane universe. (NG – Terminal Boredom)

First show from this new local band, featuring members of Tremors, Wake Up Dead and Vexed playing gloomy post punk along the lines of The Wipers.

Wednesday 27th March

8:00PM – £6 entry.

The Shacklewell Arms
71 Shacklewell Lane, Dalston, London, E8 2EB

Chemicals Flyer

Mastering a Thee Chemicals 7″ on Taken By Surprise Records.

Hopefully this will be out in time for their European tour.

They will be playing in London April 7th with the Gaggers and the Love Triangle. Don’t miss it.

03.04.2013 D-Berlin – Cortina Bob
04.04.2013 D-Hamburg – Komet
05.04.2013 NL-Amsterdam – Pacific Parc
06.04.2013 B-Kortrijk – The Pits
07.04.2013 UK-London – Ryan’s Bar
08.04.2013 UK-Brighton – TBA
09.04.2013 F-Paris – La Mecanique Ondulatoire
10.04.2013 D-Freiburg – Slow Club
11.04.2013 D-Tübingen – Laden am Sternplatz
12.04.2013 D-München – Kafe Kult
13.04.2013 D-Dresden – Chemiefabrik
14.04.2013 U-Budapest – Trafik Klub
15.04.2013 A-Wien – Arena Beisl
16.04.2013 HR-Zagreb – Grey Room
17.04.2013 I-Bologna – Freakout
18.04.2013 I-Fidenza – Taun
19.04.2013 CH-Basel – Hirscheneck
20.04.2013 D-Nürnberg – Desi – KEEP IT EVIL FEST
21.04.2013 D-Leipzig – Zoro

Have a listen to a song off the first LP.


Chemcial livin

Mastered here, Chemicals – Chemical Livin’ LP Review from OX #105:

CHEMICALS are punks on drugs, whose hot-wired Trashpunkjunk can be associated with O.C. beachsounds of the “Führers…”-SMOGTOWN or GEARS and the MEAN JEANS on Pepp not canned beer, with their in your face “Screw you!”-nihilism as life’s central philosophy and was released in 2009 on vinyl. I myself haven’t noticed CHEMICALS for way too long; so it’s about time to praise them without restraint, to see their 1.5 minute punksmasher between middle finger salute and chronic liver infection as a glimpse of hope. And yes, they are the kind of band whose name you should get tattooed under your BLACK FLAG bars, whose slogan “Wanna die drinkin’ peppermint schnapps!” will be endorsed enthusiastically in lots of places. Jonny Cat – headhoncho of the label with the same name – has gathered RED DONS personnel here to fire off 12 opinionated and unadorned snotgrenades into the Plastic Punk ranks and to construct an album whose shortness and versatility doesn’t give you a second to breathe; killer record! Don’t frown upon the current meager distribution situation: the band will release their second album before the end of the year, tour Europe in April 2013 and will bring a repress of this record. (8)


CHEMICALS sind Punks on drugs, deren kurzgeschlossener Trashpunkjunk eine Assoziationskette zwischen O.C. Beachsounds der „Führers…“-SMOGTOWN oder GEARS und den MEAN JEANS auf Pep statt Dosenbier spannt, dabei vorlauten „Screw you!“-Nihilismus als Lebensmaxime vertritt und auf Platte eigentlich schon 2009 veröffentlicht wurde. An mir selber sind CHEMICALS nun lange genug vorbei gegangen; es wird Zeit, sie hemmungslos in den Himmel zu loben, in ihnen die Hoffnung des eineinhalb Minuten-Punkkloppers zwischen middle finger salute und chronischer Leberentzündung zu sehen. Und ja, sie sind eine Band, deren Namen man sich unter die BLACK FLAG-Balken tätowieren lassen sollte, deren Losung „Wanna die drinkin’ peppermint schnapps!“ man vielerorts begeistert bejahen wird. Jonny Cat – Headhoncho gleichnamigen Labels – hat hier die RED DONS-Belegschaft um sich gescharrt, um zwölf starsinnige, ungeschminkte Rotzgranaten in die Plastic Punk-Reihen abzufeuern und ein Album zurechtzuzimmern, das in seiner Kürze und Vielseitigkeit keine Verschnaufpause lässt; Knaller-Scheibe! Und bevor ihr aufgrund der dürftigen Vertriebssituation lange Gesichter macht: die Band wird noch vor Ende des Jahres ihr zweites Album nachlegen, geht im April 2013 dann auf Euro-Tour und hat dazu vermutlich auch eine Repress des Erstlings dabei. (8) Matti Bildt

Chemicals Facebook

Chemical Livin’ LP | Jonny Cat |


Mixed and Mastered here, Red Dons new Auslander 7″ reviewed by I Buy Way too Many Records.

“Dirtnap (2012)
The fine folks over at Dirtnap sure do have some good taste in music. It seems like whenever I find a band that I really like, they’re now putting out a record on Dirtnap too. Good work. Red Dons are a band I’ve been listening to since their last album, Fake Meets Failure and I’ve been mightily impressed.

This 7″ is another example of the bands downstroke heavy Wipers/Hot Snakes style of punk rock and roll. I would say that this 7″ might be a bit poppier than some of the bands prior work, but in this case, that’s great news. This 7″ may be the best thing the band has released to date and considering the strength of their back catalog, that’s no small feat. Hopefully the band will be getting a new full length together soon as this 7″ has really made me excited to see where the band goes next.”

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The Revisions now have a Bandcamp page where you can download the Revised Observations Album.

“In 2006, Justin Maurer of the Clorox Girls asked Douglas Burns of the Observers and Red Dons to perform an acoustic set at one of Maurer’s book readings for, “Don’t You Take Your Life.” Burns, along with fellow Red Dons member Hajji Husayn and Derek Skokan, adapted songs he wrote while in the Observers and Speds into an acoustic format for the show. These adaptations proved to be popular amongst friends and they were urged to continue performing despite not having a name for the group. After playing two more shows, they figured the project was done so they entered the studio to document the handfull of songs they had preformed. However, under the encouragement of engineer Pat Kearns the recording session evolved into an album featuring new songs along with the Observers and Speds songs. The band called the record “Revised Observations” and named themselves the Revisions after a dream Doug’s mom had about the band. Soon thereafter, Derek Skokan left the group but Richard Joachim of the Red Dons took his place and they continued on with the project.”



Red Dons Auslander 7″ mixed and mastered here, Razorcake Review.


Ausländer: 7”
I’m of the opinion that Red Dons are the best band walking the planet today. I fuggin’ love this band! They have this way of making music that causes everything else around you to melt away and all that is left is the music. You are completely in that moment. It’s a great feeling. The songs soar, race, and have undeniable soul. Catchy without being corny. Insightful without being overwrought. Just fucking great music. The title track is godhead! I’ve listened to it over and over so many times, and have yet to tire of it. Is that even possible? It’s such a great song. A nice, quick tempo and the vocals float over, pulling you into the song, and the chorus burns into your mind. I like how the guitar comes in at the end and builds and closes out with a noisy swirl. The kind of song that makes you want to start a band and take over the world. On the B side is “Mauvaise Foi,” which slows down a little bit with a jerky and bouncy rhythm here and there. When the melody comes in, nothing else matters. I really like the line, “Anointed one, where did I go wrong,” as it leads into the verse. This single is a classic. –Matt Average (Dirtnap,”

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Red Dons new 7″, mixed and mastered here, reviewed in Maximum Rock n Roll!


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