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Part 1

Remastering Part 1 “Funeral Parade EP” on Sacred Bones Records.

Part 1 formed in 1980 and were part of the original London anarcho-punk scene. During the early 1980s they played a number of gigs, often withRudimentary Peni, who the band became associated with, as well as other acts operating around the London Anarchy Centres funded byCrass’ Bloody Revolutions 7”. Part 1’s final gig (before reforming in 2013) was at the 100 Club in 1983 with Subhumans.

The band’s only vinyl release during this time was the Funeral Parade EP , released in October 1982. As well as an anarcho-punk classic, the record is now regarded as a seminal deathrock release – largely due to the dark, heavily flanged guitar work, morbid imagery, and anti-religious lyrical themes. Indeed, Part 1 have been described as “England’s Ultimate Cult Deathrock band.” (CVLT Nation)

This very special reissue finally sees this lost classic receiving a long-deserved quality release: A remastered 12″ vinyl in a deluxe gatefold sleeve with accompanying horror zine I…Paraworm, packed with never-seen text and unpublished artworks from the pen of guitarist Mark Ferelli, all contemporaneous to the 1982 release. 

In 2013, founding members Ferelli and Jake Baker (vocals), reformed the band with long-time admirer Chris Low (ex-Apostles, Oi Polloi, Political Asylum) on drums; later joined by David Barnett (ex-Adam & the Ants,Guernica, Lola Colt) on bass. Their first reformation show was at the Rebellion Festival that summer, 30 years after their last live performance. Since then, Part 1 have played a number of gigs to great acclaim and enthusiastic response with further releases and concerts scheduled for 2015.”

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Part 1

Remastering Part1 “Pictures Of Pain” on All the Madmen Records.

“Remastered, Revamped and Reanimated!

To commemorate it’s thirtieth year in purgatory, we are pleased to announce Part1’s hard-to-find album painstakingly revived and reissue via All The Madmen Records.

Originally released by US label Pusmort – in it’s own right, a “posthumous” vinyl release of Part1’s early studio demos collection “In The Shadow of the Cross”, these recordings feature Part1 in their nascent form.

The leaden rhythms of drummer Bob Leith and bassist Chris Pascoe, punctuated by the swirling post-punk shrill of Mark Ferelli’s guitar and singer Jake “Chris(t)” Baker’s raging sermons.

With it’s sleeve featuring the fantastic visionary art of Deborah Valentine on the front and the twisted outsider view of Nick Blinko on the rear, Pictures Of Pain has become legend to those who follow in the mischief macabre.

Now carefully restored to it’s sonic best by Daniel Husayn of North London Bomb Factory Mastering and including a deluxe insert booklet of lyrics and artwork rescued from the Ferelli vault.  

Beautifully pressed on grey marbled vinyl* and including a download card, this first pressing is very limited and is initially available from All The Madmen and Part1 only.

Witness the power of the fully exhumed and operational Part1, since 2013 and at gatherings of souls near and far.  Now featuring Chris Low (The Apostles / Political Asylum / Oi Polloi / The Parkinsons…) on drums and David Barnett (Minor Indie Celebrity) on bass.  New recordings soon…”

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First World Problems recordings has just proudly put out its first record – The Quango Fatality 7″ e.p., mastered here.

3-song single from this short-lived London band and it sounds like a long-lost relic from 1978. The a-side is an absolute stunner, a jittery post-punk song with an insanely catchy lead guitar line and menacing, spoken vocals recounting a tube accident. The two songs on the b-side are a little more rocked-out with a distinct Sex Pistols inluence, sounding like the legions of provincial bands that started after the Pistols’ rise to fame. The off-the-cuff genius on display here immediately brings to mind the classic singles on labels like Rough Trade, Fast Product, and Step Forward.”

Buy it and listen to the whole 7″ here.


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