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Mastering Raatoämpäri “Tuomiojärvi”.

What is there to say other than everything that comes out of Finland is amazing and worth checking out.

Rodney Shades Band

Mastering Rodney Shades Band “In the Kingdom”

“Hip-swinging debut solo single from Thisclose front-man Rodney Shades. A double dose of hardrock from Rodney and his band, the Rodney Shades Band – ow!”


“He’s back. The man with the voice which could wake up the dead. Rodney Shades, siren from hell in human form and under normal conditions the singer of Scottish D-beaters THISCLOSE (check em out, they smoke – pure DISCHARGE-worshipping D-beat of the highest order!), gives us a huge dosis of good old rock ‘n’ roll. 

His new side project runs under the simple name: RODNEY SHADES BAND. Don’t think too long if you’re looking for a new band name – put your own name in front and that’s it. At least if you have such a talented crazy voice like Mr. Shades. But to get in touch with this here, you have to forget what THISCLOSE normally do. Even if the first song starts with a brutal guitar intro, things go into a different direction. This is midtempo hard rock/heavy metal music, rooted deeply in the first steps of the New Wave Of British Heavy Metal. You know – early Judas Priest, early Iron Maiden, noise from the end of the 70s or early 80s. 

Bottom line: Wanna read a dumb blasphemous thought? If JUDAS PRIEST would need a new singer, RODNEY SHADES could be the one. I jope you enjoy this as much as I did.”

Anger Burning  ECD

Mastering the Anger Burning / Earth Crust Displacement Split.

Coming out on Spela Snabbare and Rawmantic  Disasters Records.


ANGER BURNING/Earth Crust Displacement.

It looks like RENS-002 will beat RENS-001 on the finish line.
Swedish D-beat Vs German D-beat.
I guess that followers of Spela Snabbare Records don’t need an introduction for Anger Burning.

Eart Crust Displacement on the other hand, plays dirty, raw and noisy D-beat straight from hell.”



Paper Jets

Mastering London’s own Paper Jets.

It is their debut 7″ and will be released on All In Vinyl Records and Hectic Society Records it was recorded locally at  Strummers Recording Studio.

“Somewhere between James Blunt and The Exploited.”

While you wait for it to be released listen to their previous efforts.


Shifka Chiefs

Mixing Shifka Chiefs out on Twin Toe Records.

“Toumburine shaking / hot spicy garage-punk / lo-fi pop hits in punk rock version – all served by the duo jalapenos.”


Snob Value


Mastering Snob Value‘s forthcoming EP on Spastic Fantastic,  Matula, and  Access X Denied Records.

If you don’t know Snob Value, MRR’s review of their mini-LP  does a good job describing them, or you can listen to a track from the new 7″ below.

Record of the week:  Snob Value – Whiteout mini-LP

Let me start by saying that these boys have been busy busy busy, with their kicking-and-punching first tape, aptly named Keep It Short and Simple – K.I.S.S., in 2009, then another killer tape in 2010, which I also friggin’ loved, so I have anticipated this for quite a while! I can tell that they’ve definitely worked on this LP, and these tracks are doused in indignation, antisocial aggression and contempt for humanity. I can relate: “I don’t give a shit about what you did, when you were my age in 1986 … Sometimes I wish I were deaf, I would have peace at last.” Yes, antisocial hardcore for angry people, reminiscent of USHC classics like the CIRCLE JERKS, DEAD KENNEDYS, MINOR THREAT and more contemporary outfits such as the REGULATIONS and BRUTAL KNIGHTS. The compositions are still tight and catchy but the band has developed them more, with slower, groovier hooks, slower intros, meaner guitar interludes and solos, layers, and the ever-present spiteful vocals; the kind of spite discovered in late adulthood, when you realize adulthood sucks and your peers are a joke!

While SNOB VALUE‘s work has never lacked lyrical aggression or sonic force, these tracks have a more polished production, which makes conventional sense for a debut LP I suppose, though they don’t entirely lack that seedy, subversive sound. Also, the artwork is quite minimal (“contrast reduction, disappeared horizon”) and while it’s handmade and still looks good, it doesn’t compare to their previous punk-ass designs. “1986,” “Hammer & Öl,” and “Whiteout” are the standout tracks. “1986″ is dark, honest, ballsy and foaming at the mouth — theirpièce de résistance for this album, if you ask me; “Hammer & Öl” is sung in the band’s native German and, of course, sounds all the more menacing for it; and the title track is a SNOB VALUE essential: short and simple, fast, effective, mind-pounding. I’m already flipping this faster than I can keep track of. While I do appreciate the more serious take they seem to have taken on this release, I honestly hope they keep some distortion and dirt intact. It’s that blunt frustration that makes ‘em so great! Minor detail: I love it when bands have little messages scratched onto the wax; on ether side of this white 12″ was: “World peace can be fun—Anarchy’s a blast.” Fuck yes!

(Crapoulet Records / Prügelprinz / Spastic Fantastic)

September 18th, 2012 by Lydiya”



Mixing the new Überdosis LP.

Überdosis formend in 2006 are from Ludwigsburg, Germany. D.I.Y. punk following the grand tradition of Slime, Toxoplasma, Chaos Z and Canalterror. If your not up on Deutschpunk and you like Defiance then give these guys a try!



Mastering a new Warsong 7″.

Due out this summer to coincide with an US tour.

For those of you who don’t know…

“new band from spain… people from insomnio and no escape… they started while insomnio were still around and during their time in no escape.. expect some really well played melodic hardcore/punk with a rock edge… or something like that.. just download the goddamn record and think for yourself… i hate writing stuff like that.. download it here. Buy it from here”  Original post.

Meanwhile have a listen to a song from their last release, mastered here, on SabotageErste Theke Tonträger, and Doomtown Records.


Chemicals Flyer

Mastering a Thee Chemicals 7″ on Taken By Surprise Records.

Hopefully this will be out in time for their European tour.

They will be playing in London April 7th with the Gaggers and the Love Triangle. Don’t miss it.

03.04.2013 D-Berlin – Cortina Bob
04.04.2013 D-Hamburg – Komet
05.04.2013 NL-Amsterdam – Pacific Parc
06.04.2013 B-Kortrijk – The Pits
07.04.2013 UK-London – Ryan’s Bar
08.04.2013 UK-Brighton – TBA
09.04.2013 F-Paris – La Mecanique Ondulatoire
10.04.2013 D-Freiburg – Slow Club
11.04.2013 D-Tübingen – Laden am Sternplatz
12.04.2013 D-München – Kafe Kult
13.04.2013 D-Dresden – Chemiefabrik
14.04.2013 U-Budapest – Trafik Klub
15.04.2013 A-Wien – Arena Beisl
16.04.2013 HR-Zagreb – Grey Room
17.04.2013 I-Bologna – Freakout
18.04.2013 I-Fidenza – Taun
19.04.2013 CH-Basel – Hirscheneck
20.04.2013 D-Nürnberg – Desi – KEEP IT EVIL FEST
21.04.2013 D-Leipzig – Zoro

Have a listen to a song off the first LP.


Chemcial livin

Mastered here, Chemicals – Chemical Livin’ LP Review from OX #105:

CHEMICALS are punks on drugs, whose hot-wired Trashpunkjunk can be associated with O.C. beachsounds of the “Führers…”-SMOGTOWN or GEARS and the MEAN JEANS on Pepp not canned beer, with their in your face “Screw you!”-nihilism as life’s central philosophy and was released in 2009 on vinyl. I myself haven’t noticed CHEMICALS for way too long; so it’s about time to praise them without restraint, to see their 1.5 minute punksmasher between middle finger salute and chronic liver infection as a glimpse of hope. And yes, they are the kind of band whose name you should get tattooed under your BLACK FLAG bars, whose slogan “Wanna die drinkin’ peppermint schnapps!” will be endorsed enthusiastically in lots of places. Jonny Cat – headhoncho of the label with the same name – has gathered RED DONS personnel here to fire off 12 opinionated and unadorned snotgrenades into the Plastic Punk ranks and to construct an album whose shortness and versatility doesn’t give you a second to breathe; killer record! Don’t frown upon the current meager distribution situation: the band will release their second album before the end of the year, tour Europe in April 2013 and will bring a repress of this record. (8)


CHEMICALS sind Punks on drugs, deren kurzgeschlossener Trashpunkjunk eine Assoziationskette zwischen O.C. Beachsounds der „Führers…“-SMOGTOWN oder GEARS und den MEAN JEANS auf Pep statt Dosenbier spannt, dabei vorlauten „Screw you!“-Nihilismus als Lebensmaxime vertritt und auf Platte eigentlich schon 2009 veröffentlicht wurde. An mir selber sind CHEMICALS nun lange genug vorbei gegangen; es wird Zeit, sie hemmungslos in den Himmel zu loben, in ihnen die Hoffnung des eineinhalb Minuten-Punkkloppers zwischen middle finger salute und chronischer Leberentzündung zu sehen. Und ja, sie sind eine Band, deren Namen man sich unter die BLACK FLAG-Balken tätowieren lassen sollte, deren Losung „Wanna die drinkin’ peppermint schnapps!“ man vielerorts begeistert bejahen wird. Jonny Cat – Headhoncho gleichnamigen Labels – hat hier die RED DONS-Belegschaft um sich gescharrt, um zwölf starsinnige, ungeschminkte Rotzgranaten in die Plastic Punk-Reihen abzufeuern und ein Album zurechtzuzimmern, das in seiner Kürze und Vielseitigkeit keine Verschnaufpause lässt; Knaller-Scheibe! Und bevor ihr aufgrund der dürftigen Vertriebssituation lange Gesichter macht: die Band wird noch vor Ende des Jahres ihr zweites Album nachlegen, geht im April 2013 dann auf Euro-Tour und hat dazu vermutlich auch eine Repress des Erstlings dabei. (8) Matti Bildt

Chemicals Facebook

Chemical Livin’ LP | Jonny Cat |


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