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Payday Beyond Demo

Mastering Payday “Beyond Your Bond Demo” on Quality Control HQ

“Confront Clevo Hardcore vibes. London Straight Edge. No Compromise.”


Arms Race NWOBHC

Mastering Arms Race “New Wave of British Hardcore” on La Vida Es Un Mus and Painkiller Records.

Recorded by James Atkinson at Mutiny Studios

“ARMS RACE unleash their debut album after a well-received 6-track demo in 2013 and a 6-track 7″ EP in 2014 on Quality Control HQ and Painkiller. Arms Race arrived on the scene fully formed with their powerful and gnarly UK-meets-USA hardcore: their signature sound of a vocalist chewing on glass is backed by one of the most solid rhythm sections in HC these days, and the guitar work adds a metallic element making the whole sound gigantic while keeping the ugliness and aggression to the max. NWOBHC is a statement of no-frills hardcore that is not scared to reach out to different corners of the punk and metal world.”

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Mastering Bad Manifest “S/T” on Reagent Records and Quality Control Records.

“Slashing and snarling out of North Yorkshire town Harrogate, comes Bad Manifest. Three young skate punks raised on DIE KREUZEN, VOID and BONES BRIGADE videos, who have created a unique sound of deranged, raw, outsider hardcore punk.
While influences from the weirder side of early 80’s US hardcore shine through, there’s also a dark anarcho underbelly to this beast. Bad Manifest have clearly witnessed the intensity of UK bands of recent years like PERSPEX FLESH, MOB RULES and NO and filtered it into their adolescent skate core brains.
However, the way this thing is composed makes it no re-hash. Reverb riddled vocals and chorus soaked guitars meet rolling bass lines and catchy, eclectic drum beats. And to boot there’s timing changes that will confuse the pit and excite you into a pogo frenzy!
Listen to this on repeat while you’re skating curbs then go home and cry yourself to sleep because you wish you could have written a record like this when you were 17!” (Bryan Suddaby)

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True Vision

Mastering True Vision “Demo 2015” on Quality Control HQ.

“New UKHC Champions League outfit from Leeds, influenced by Side by Side and Youth of Today with a British twist. Razar ‘Gourmet Drum Machine’, take to the mic and has written some thoughtful lyrics ala Cappo in his heyday creating a breath of fresh air amongst a sea of cry babies and lack of insight. Members of Flex/VR/AR/Shrapnel/Obstruct/Unjust/Insist. This is the New Breed of Leeds Straight Edge. Art by Belgian Nic. Screenprinted by Max Harper.”

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Arms Race

Mastering Arms Race “New Nonsense 2015” on Quality Control HQ Records.

“Exclusive to the USA tour in April, Arms Race bust out some new tracks from their upcoming LP out later in the year! Expect more UK82/NYHC crossover bangers. Side B has the Demo 2013 remastered.”


Slur 2

Mastering Slur “Demo 2015” on Quality Control HQ Records.

“New UK band channels Early Swedish Kängpunk, Finnish and Polish hardcore punk ala Destruktions, Siekiera with a touch of Mob 47. Members of Detergents, No, Good Throb, Arms Race, Obstruct, and The Flex wanted to create politically infused anti-war songs to pogo to complete with phaser pedal and stomping drums to smash the state to.

The cassette comes with a screen printed sleeve by Max Harper with art by Guillem ‘El Muro’ of Una Bèstia Incontrolable.”

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Mastering Shrapnel “Frenzied State” on Quality Control HQ.

“UKHC. Leeds’ finest sons burst out with a demo that showcased UKHC via Breakdown ’87 with English accents and proceeded to turn many heads. The new record goes down the route of Rest in Pieces, Leeway, Killing Time with the addition of Connor Hehir on second guitar. No doubt pits will be raged and conquered.”

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Arms Race

Mastering Arms Race “Gotta Get Out” on Quality Control HQ.

“First 7″ by this London based UK82/NYHC band of booted boys and lady. The demo tape was well received and flew out of QCHQ, and this 7″ sees the band add more power and speed to their sound and even more gnarled up British vocals. NEW WAVE OF BRITISH HARDCORE.”

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Mastering Detergents “No Salvation” on Semtex Death and Quality Control HQ.

“Strongly influenced by Crisis and Buzzcocks, this trio from Sheffield create memorable punk hooks with immediately relatable lyrics. Following on from the demo released earlier in the year, Detergents are back with a new 7″ single. 3 new songs. Same rules apply, UK82 inspired punk.”


Mastering Crown Court “Trouble From London” on Quality Control HQ.

Get yourself a copy here!

“New London Oi! band going for the traditional UK sound we know and love.”


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