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Mastering Suspect Parts “s/t” on Taken By Surprise and Oops Baby Records.

“Apocalypse Pop, waiting for the apocalypse to…drop… 

Suspect Parts is the brainchild of two exiled Americans, one Brit and a German who managed to tame their inner demons with buzzsaw punk/powerpop, a cotton candy-meets-razorblade concoction that goes down surprisingly smooth. 

Ex and current members of bands like The Briefs, Clorox Girls, Maniac, Ripchord, Radio Dead Ones and Red Dons – they are Suspect, they come from Suspect Parts. 

Combining 60’s pop and bubblegum with late 70’s California beach punk and powerpop, Suspect Parts have something brewing that can’t be ignored. The Seeds, the Kinks, the Knack and the Buzzcocks can be heard, as well as a little Nuggets, a little Star Spangles or Rezillos, a little Protex or Undertones, but with a modern touch. Backward-looking but forward-thinking 60s pop with a punk edge. 

Now, their self-titled full-length debut album is finally here. Recorded straight to analog tape in the negative 15 degree cold of a January in east Berlin. Ten songs, 24 minutes, a relentlessly catchy uppercut to the senses. 

Apocalypse Pop. When oil runs out a major line is going to be drawn. Which side are you on? Which tribe are you willing to die for? … Pop’s chosen warriors will rule the apocalypse …. Drop, waiting for the apocalypse to…pop…”

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Mixing Berlin Blackouts “Bonehouse Rendezvous” on Wanda Records.

Taken from American Oi:

“From the greatest German city in the world, Berlin, comes the brand new punk rock band the Berlin Blackouts. With (ex-)members of other ‘Hauptstadt’ outfits like the Radio Dead Ones, Erotic Devices, Twitchblades and The Uprising, these guys gained some experience over the years and that is something you definitely hear back on the band’s debut “Bonehouse Rendezvous”!

“Bonehouse Rendezvous” holds a total of eight songs exploring all directions of the punk genre. But the Berlin Blackouts don’t sound like they’re still looking for a specific style, they easily seem to mix elements of punk rock, ’77 punk, streetpunk and even glam-punk into a sound of their own , making them to be loved easily by a wider audience than a band that likes to stick to one specific genre.

 This leads to an explosive mix of energy and melody, in both the Berlin Blackouts’ sound and vocal department, where they make excellent use of both dual lead vocals and fantastic back-up vocals. You just need a few spins to remember the words and before you know it you will be singing along, simply because tracks like “Slay The Demons”, “I Won’t Back Down”, “Home”, “G.O.D.” and “Stay Away” are catchy as hell!

 Great debut album made for a wide audience of punk fans and available on a wide variety of formats! What more could you ask for?”

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Mastering the new Loyalties LP.

The Loyalties from London include members of The Yo-Yos, The Black Halos, Deadline, and the Role Models have 2 EP releases and split 7″ singles with The Supersuckers, Duff McKagan’s Loaded and Radio Dead Ones. The band released their debut album So Much For Soho on Devil’s Jukebox (UK/EU/USA), Vinyl Junkie (Japan) and Yeah Right (Canada).

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