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Daily Ritual

Mastering Daily Ritual “S/T” on 4409 and Sabotage Records.

“Hailing from Singapore, Daily Ritual give us an 8 track album of infectious, melodic, political punk. Musically this is in the same vein as Red Dons and Masshysteri, while the lyrics to songs with titles like “Surveillance” (We got no place to hide from their eyes), “Desperation In A Police State” (This is a police state / We hold your passports / Your access to freedom…) and “The Siren” (When the sound of siren starts to wail / You know they’re coming here for you) are inspired by life living in a totalitarian state. This is just a great LP, music to make your heart race and lyrics to engage your mind; this is punk rock!

Europe, buy it here!


The Stops

Mastering The Stops “Nameless Faces” on Sabotage and Dirt Cult Records.

“Self-described as “5 ladies playing punk rock.” The Stops quickly became one of my favorite Portland, OR bands since Dirt Cult made the move a year and a half ago. This, their debut LP, definitely adds to Portland’s reputation for dark but melodic punk rock (see: Red Dons, The Observers, The Wipers). The band plays driving distorted punk that is at times informed by power pop. Think of a band that somehow combines the seemingly disparate  influence of The Adolescents, The Wipers, and The Go-Gos and you’re in the right place. Members of Red Dons, The Pedestrians, and Pataha Hiss.”

Buy it here!

Nervous Assistant

Mastering Nervous Assistant “Demo Tape” on Sabotage Records.

“Let’ s think of four disillusioned, old but nice fellas caught in the middle of nowhere in northern Germany.
They have a serious love for old Hardcore/Punk and since they all played in several bands before, let’s believe they know how it´s done.
Still putting out demotapes. still trying to play as many shows as possible, still trying to change anything for the better, their tape contains 8 songs of hardcore/punk with a slightly touch of So Much Hate, Dead Kennedys, Descendents, raw energy and thought-out lyrics…”.




Mastering Hysterese S/T LP on Taken By Surprise, Sabotage, and Dirt Cult Records.

“At last, it was about time, Hysterese strike back with their second s/t 12“. Three years after the stunning demo tape + the debut 12“, countless shows all over Europe and some line up changes they did it again, 10 songs in about 25 minutes. Melodic Punk with teeth, some say garage some say hardcorepunk? Who cares? dual male / female vocals past all description, noisy simple guitar tunes and a rumbling rhythm section, packed in a nice heavy cardboard sleeve. Driving, melodic punk/hardcore (but NOT “melodic hardcore” if ya get the distinction) with dark, swirling undercurrents. Catchy but not at all vapid. Sounding like a cross between Portland, Southern California, and Copenhagen, you could compare this to bands like THE OBSERVERS, NO HOPE FOR THE KIDS, GORILLA ANGREB, or ADOLESCENTS…”


Autistic Youth

Mastering Autistic Youth‘s “Graves” 7″ on Taken By Surprise and Sabotage Records.

The record is to coincide with an European Tour to support their new LP “Nonage”.

“Hot on the heels of their NONAGE LP, here’s a track off the upcoming GRAVES 7″ for the AUTISTIC YOUTH European Tour 2014! The band will have a tour version with them, the regular edition won’t be available until after the tour, official release date is February 24, so check the dates below and go out and see them!”


Mi. 29.01.2014 Zaragoza (tbc)

Do. 30.01.2014 Madrid – Rock Palace

Fr. 31.01.2014 Lasarte – tba

Sa. 01.02.2014 Bordeaux – L’Antidote

So. 02.02.2014 Paris – La Mecanique Ondulatoire

Mo. 03.02.2014 Lille – Le Monks

Di. 04.02.2014 Amsterdam – Occii

Mi. 05.02.2014 Münster – Baracke

Do. 06.02.2014 Bremen – Sielwallhaus

Fr. 07.02.2014 Aalborg – 1000 Fryd

Sa. 08.02.2014 Copenhagen – Dödsmaskinen

So. 09.02.2014 Kiel – Hansa 48

Mo. 10.02.2014 Hamburg – Hafenklang

Di. 11.02.2014 Berlin – Cortina Bob

Mi. 12.02.2014 Leipzig – Zoro

Do. 13.02.2014 Wroclaw – Pod Palacykiem (+ Catholic Guilt)

Fr. 14.02.2014 Brno – Vegalite (+ Catholic Guilt)

Sa. 15.02.2014 Budapest – Trafik Klub (+ Catholic Guilt)

So. 16.02.2014 Zagreb – Attack (+ Catholic Guilt)

Mo. 17.02.2014 Munich – Kafe Kult

Di. 18.02.2014 Bologna – Freakout Club

Mi. 19.02.2014 Lyon – Le Kajibe

Do. 20.02.2014 Toulouse – La Dernière Chance

Fr. 21.02.2014 Sant Feliu de Guíxols – Atzavara

Sa. 22.02.2014 Barcelona – tba




Mastering the Estranged‘s 3rd LP.

Coming out on Sabotage and Dirtnap, the new record will be supported by an European tour in February.

“An epic, sprawling masterpiece, this is by far their best record yet, which is really saying something at this point.”

As you may know, Red Dons have done many tours together with the Estranged and I personally am a huge fan. Check out the new album and seize the opportunity to see them live.


Do.30.01.2014 Köln – AZ
Fr. 31.01.2014 Amsterdam – Grauzone fest
Sa.01.02.2014 Frankfurt – ExZess
So.0202.2014 Paris – La Mecanique Ondulatoire
Mo. 03.02.2014 Bordeaux – Heretic Club
Di.04.02.2014 Geataria, Basque – Gaztetxe
Mi. 05.02.2014 Madrid – Rock Palace
Do. 06.02.2014 Barcelona – Lupita del Raval
Fr.07.02.2014 Lyon – Le Trokson
Sa.08.02.2014 Bologna – Vecchio Son
So.09.02.2014 Ilirska Bistrica – Mknž
Mo.10.02.2014 Munich – Kafe Kult
Di.11.02.2014 Brno – Kabinet Múz
Mi.12.02.2014 Leipzig – Zoro
Do.13.02.2014 Berlin – SO36
Fr.14.02.2014 Bremen – Friese
Sa.15.02.2014 Aalborg – 1000 Fryd
So.16.02.2014 Kopenhagen – Dödsmaskinen
Mo.17.02.2014 Malmö – TBC
Di.18.02.2014 Hamburg – Rote Flora
Mi.19.02.2014 Münster – Gleiss 22



Mastering a new Bi-Marks 12″ coming out Sabotage Records to support their European tour this summer.

Facebook Event Click Here



‘‘ Members of NERVESKADE and BOG PEOPLE come together from the demise of both groups to play ripping hardcore rock-n-roll along the lines of ADOLESCENTS, ZERO BOYS, SICK PLEASURE, WILLFUL NEGLECT, MOTORHEAD, ANNIHILATION TIME, and even a touch of BLACK SABBATH. ‘‘

”BI-MARKS were second up and effin’ brought it last night. Their singer Evan is one of my favorite PDX front men. I’ve already mentioned that singers in the crowd do it for me, but Evan has that added crazy-eye thing going, too. He’s alternately pushing himself into the crowd and dropping into a fetal position at the foot of the stage, and I have the idea that this isn’t a schtick–it’s something that happens to him when BI-MARKS plays. I unfortunately had to pretend to be an adult and start watching the crowd because things were starting to get rowdy, and while I was standing there, some guy in a flannel named Jeremy ran head-long into my liver and then rode me piggyback around the pit. I’m not much more effective as security as I am at bartending. If you haven’t seen BI-MARKS yet, go do it.”

check out this video….

listen here..

dates dates dates dates dates dates…

tue30.0 barcelona tbc
wed01.05 tolouse tbc
thr02.05 lyon confirmed
fri03.05. bremgarten kuzeb confirmed
sat04.05 tübingen germany confirmed
sun05.05 aachen az confirmed
mo06.05 hannover korn confirmed
tue07.05 münster barracke confirmed
wed08.05 bremen sielwallhaus
thr09.05 kopenhagen ungdomshuset
fr10.05 aalborg 1000 fryd confirmed
sa.11.05. Norway oslo barikaden confirmed
sun12.05 norway kristiansand confirmed
mo13.05 sweden. gothenburg harden confirmed
tue14.05 malmö tbc
wed15.05. hamburg hafenklang confirmed
thr16.05 leipzig confirmed
fr17.05 berlin kastanienkeller
sat18.05 prague confirmed
sun19.05 bratislava obluda
mo20.05 budapest tbc
tue21.05 zagreb grey room confirmed
wed 22.05. vienna venster
thr23.05 graz sub
fr24.05 munich cafe marat confirmed
sat25.05. Basel hirscheneck confirmed confirmed
mo27.05. bordeaux herectic club
tue28.05. basque tbc
we29.05. madrid rock palace
thur30.05. valencia la residencia
fr31.05 barcelona tbc



Mastering a new Warsong 7″.

Due out this summer to coincide with an US tour.

For those of you who don’t know…

“new band from spain… people from insomnio and no escape… they started while insomnio were still around and during their time in no escape.. expect some really well played melodic hardcore/punk with a rock edge… or something like that.. just download the goddamn record and think for yourself… i hate writing stuff like that.. download it here. Buy it from here”  Original post.

Meanwhile have a listen to a song from their last release, mastered here, on SabotageErste Theke Tonträger, and Doomtown Records.


Warsong‘s new 12″ mastered here reviewed at

“Warsong hail from Zaragoza, Spain and in 2011 the band released the excellent nine-track album Ancient Times. With this followup five-track EP, the band manages to maintain the momentum that the long player gave birth to and deliver some more quality garage/rock ‘n’ roll-influenced punk rock that takes its cues from a wide variety of bands including the Adolescents and the Wipers (which might seem obvious with a Greg Sage-penned cover featured on the release). Vocalist Carlos manages to channel a sense of Cliff Hanger (The Freeze) in his delivery despite having the obvious inflection from not singing in one’s native language.

“Feel The Darkness” (not the Poison Idea track) manages to mix the Adolescents, the Crowd and Agent Orange into a sound that really takes some beating and which really does have a great early ’80s SoCal punk feel to it. Despite those specific band comparisons there is still that hint of garage punk within the music and it’s an exemplary mix of different genres of punk.

“Winter Sun” opens with a great intro and the guitar leads throughout add to the melody rather than taking over with any invasive high pitched tone. The title track, again, features a strong intro with guitars and bass creating a minute of anticipation before the vocals come in to help bring this high point to the fore. It’s hard to keep saying the same thing but Warsong certainly excel at introductions and “Surrounded” is no exception with a Freeze-like quality. There are times in this song when the guitars momentarily drop out and it helps generate a looseness that makes me think of a guitar cutting out during a live performance only to almost immediately kick back in. That kind of thing is what sticks in my musical memory-I’m sure we all have moments like that when something happens in a song and you look forward to it whenever playing that record-and I’ll no doubt listen to this with a longing for those drop outs in the future.

With an atmospheric cover of the Wipers’ “Window Shop For Love” that is more polished, albeit only slightly, than the original bringing the EP to a close, Warsong have clearly displayed an ability to write songs that hit home with an edgy, anthemic and melodic purpose as well as showing them as having the facility to choose wisely in seeking a song to cover. There is a warm tone to the five tracks that presumably comes from the production here and this is what I like to hear from punk with a garage feel to it as it seems to strengthen the sound. Basically, this is 18-and-a-half minutes of high quality punk rock that is based around some solid musicianship.

You can listen to the EP on Warsong’s own Bandcamp page, as well as finding a link there to download Ancient Times for free.”

Original Post Here


New White Lung 7″ out now on Sabotage Records!

They are also in the midst of a European tour, dates below.

White Lung will play London with Covergirl, Sauna Youth, Good Throb and Ye Lampreys on October 6th at Power Lunches, 446 Kingsland Road Hackney. Not to be missed!!!!

Facebook event link.

“Hailing from Vancouver, B.C., high-energy punks White Lung pull references from every era of punk remaining unforgiving yet melodic. Their debut LP It’s the Evil (Deranged) was named Punk Album Of The Year by Exclaim! and their sophomore LP Sorry (Deranged) has managed to top the last.Spawned from East Vancouver’s dirty DIY Emergency Room scene, White Lung formed in 2006 with guitarist Kenneth joining in 2009. From the beginning they were road warriors, touring regularly, even contemplating selling their underwear just to get on the road (they eventually opted for the more practical route of saving up funds.) White Lung broke out of their incestuous local scene and brought their music across Canada and the US. They continue to tour fanatically, their live shows have been called, “effortlessly engaging and enigmatic, harnessing a controlled violence that managed to be passionate without going the least bit over-the-top” by Exclaim! Magazine.The band’s disparate influences have resulted in a wealth of comparisons. Stylistically White Lung’s music has been called everything from noise rock to skate punk to post-riot grrl. According to Way, “When you like playing music you just want to learn, and that comes with playing as much as you can. White Lung is a really odd combination of four people who have pretty different influences.”

Original post here.

Order your copy from the Sabotage shop

or send 9 euros (world) or 7 euros (germany) to and paypal fees are included


September 20 Amsterdam, Netherlands – Occii

September 21 Leipzig, Germany – Zoro Fest

September 22 Brno, Czech Republic – Kabinet Muz

September 23 Berlin, Germany – Bei Roy

September 24 Prague, Czech Republic – Klubovna Povaleč

September 25 Budapest, Hungary – Trafik Klub

September 26 Vienna, Austria – Arena Wien

September 27 Szeged, Hungary – Club Noir

September 28 Trencin, Slovakia – Klub Luc

September 29 Zagreb, Croatia – Spunk

September 30 Munich, Germany – Kafe Kult

October 1 Erlangen, Germany – Jugendhaus

October 2 Tübingen, Germany – Epplehaus

October 3 Giessen, Germany – Ak 44

October 4 Paris, France – TBA

October 5 Kortrijk, Belgium – The Pits

October 6 London – The Big Takeover (Location TBA)

October 7 Nottingham – Chameleon Arts Cafe

October 8 Glasgow – 13th Note

October 9 Norwich – The Red Lion

October 11 Bremen, Germany – Friesenstr.

October 12 Copenhagen, Demnark – Dödsmaskinen

October 13 Aalborg, Denmark – 1000 Fryd

October 14 Hamburg, Germany – Hafenklang

Check out their lastest LP


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