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clean shirts

Mastering Clean Shirts “Marginal” on Kids of the Lughole.

Recorded by Ben Hunter at the Audacious Art Experiment.

Taken from Sorry State Records:

“Killer new punk from North Yorkshire UK.

Our take: Man, I can’t recommend this one highly enough. The first several times that I listened to Clean Shirts all I could think about was how they sound SO MUCH like the Shitty Limits that it’s almost eerie. The singer has a really similar accent and timbre to his voice, the record is produced a lot like the Limits’ early 7″s, and they employ a lot of the Limits’ signature songwriting and arrangement tricks… the catchy riff played with just the root notes rather than chords, stepping up and down a riff and dragging it out longer than you think it can go, and of course all of the quirky yet precise little stops and starts. I mean, honestly I have no idea if Clean Shirts have even heard Shitty Limits or not, but I do know that if you love the Limits as much as we at Sorry State do then it’s pretty much a given that you’ll love Clean Shirts as well. They managed to shove seven whole tracks onto a single 7″, so this record is longer than a lot of bands’ quote unquote “full-lengths,” and all of the songs are explosive, minimalist punk-meets-hardcore in the grand tradition of the fast songs on Pink Flag. Seriously, if the above references pique your interest get on this post-haste… you won’t regret it!”

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Mastering Personnel “Gimme Holiday” on Doubledotdash!? Records.

“Recorded in the same session as their debut EP, this 5 song cassette retains the bare, spacious production values of that record but shows a different side to Personnel’s song writing process. Lyrical subject matter mines the same kitchen sink territory (package holidays, house burglary, clothes shopping) but is executed with a cheekier humour and less depressing outlook. Musically, this is still scrappy DIY post punk, but hints more at 60’s and mod influences. Limited to 100 numbered copies.”

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Good Throb

Mastering Good Throb “Live on WFMU” on Muscle Horse Records.

“A rambunctious live session recorded in April 2014 by the band Good Throb in New Jersey, NJ, USA, at the radio station called WFMU. ‘Live throb’ consists of 8 songs spanning both singles, a comp track and their recent LP, plus a lovingly butchered Flux of Pink Indians cover. It was patiently engineered by Serge Z. Good Throb was extremely hungover during the recording of these tracks, so it sounds rawer and more demented than usual.”

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Mastering DiE “Vexed” on Sonic Terror Discs.

Distributed by La Vida Es Un Mus and mixed by Jonah of Career Suicide.

“Follow up to their amazing debut from last year. 8 new tracks of nihilist and anti social hardcore punk with a sound heavy rooted in both Bristol and Boston circa 1983.”

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Good Thorb

Mixing the forthcoming Good Throb LP “Fuck Off”

Coming out on Superfi Records.

Here is a review of their first effort:

“Good Throb’s initial public offering draws from all of their previous bands’ work (the Sceptres, the Shitty Limits, Tortura et al.) in the shadows of the Nixe’s Utreg punk, with a hint of “Swiss Punk Now”, a bit of the Australian X’s burliness, but any desire for comparison is overwhelmed by a certain wall of sound and ferocity – on every instrument – that breeds a perfectly nasty sense of empathy. Empathy for a visceral breeze, for the methodical assassination of tedium, for the distilled detestation of our rosy society, and for Tesco anthems. Raw depictions of a mundane universe. (NG – Terminal Boredom)”



Mastering Personnel‘s 7″ on Doubledotdash!?

“Recorded in 2 hours in reading on a sunday afternoon last summer, personnel’s debut ep chronicles the drab minutiae of modern britain both at home and in public – of shared habitats simultaneously filling and emptying with unwanted gadgets, of dreary shopping centres populated by peoploids jacked up on red-top hysteria. set to stark, distortion-less grooves, the music is brittle but not joyless, simple but not stupid.”




Mastering the DiE EP on Sonic Terror Discs.

The label says:

“6 tracks of early 80’s US/UK hardcore punk worship. Nothing new here but hard blistering punk for both the angry and the jaded. Think DISCHARGE meets SSD”

Paco says:

“Probably the best debut EP a local hardcore band has produced in a long time. Intense Hard Core with nods to both Boston and Bristol. A total 6 track ripper which will surely please any ripping jams lover”



A New Love Triangle Song!

Listen to a song off the debut Love Triangle LP that was recorded and mixed care of North London Bomb Factory and  just finished.

The LP should be out sometime this summer on Static Shock and Sorry State Records.


Dry Heaves

Mastering a new Dry Heaves 7″.

For those of you who haven’t heard them, check out a song from their last 7″, mastered here.

“Max rock and roll review:

DRY HEAVES – “Medicated Youth” EP
Holy shit this is good. DRY HEAVES remind me a lot fellow countrymen from the now defunct SHITTY LIMITS. Playing a fast old hardcore punk sound with odes to MINOR THREAT and the ADOLESCENTS, yet still keeping in a modern DIY feel, DRY HEAVES deliver one great 7″. All the classic subjects are tackled here: people who talk too much; kids being drugged by their parents so they are normal; and the song “Graft”is the classic ode to not wanting to a get a regular job like society tells ya. Oh yeah, this record rocks. (JF)”



Recording The Love Triangle LP!

The Love Triangle are a 3-piece garage punk band from the UK, which features two members of The Shitty Limits, as well as members of bands The Sceptres and Fashion  They have put out 4 tapes and one 7″ on Dire Records, all of which are worth buying, as they make fantastic scuzzy punk rock similar to bands like Wipers mixed with a more 60s style influence. It’s almost hard to recognise Shitty Limits vocalist EOT’s voice (I can only find his initials) on these tracks singing in an almost melodic style, instead of barking into the microphone.”

Quote taken from review here.

In the mean time, have a listen to a few of their recent singles, that is, if you haven’t already!


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