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CBH - Get Me Fired

Mastering CBH “Get Me Fired” on 4490 Records.

“From the same crew that brought you LifeLock and Snaggletooth (aka most of your favorite Singapore bands) comes their newest badass rock’n’roll output: Charged CBH.
You can probably guess, based on the name and cover art, that this is classic UK82 style. And like their other bands, this shit rocks HARD, complete with catchy powerhouse riffing, high charge drumming, and a total badass swagger that can’t be learned, you either got it or you don’t. GREAT RECORD!!!!!”



Mastering SNÄGGLETOOTH “S/T” on 4490 Records.

“After their well-received 1st EP (Road to Nothingness), Singapore’s motorcharged punk outfit, SNÄGGLETOOTH, bring on a more straight forward punk influence than anything else on this 2nd EP. Punk yes, but they were still able to edge through each track with blistering riffs and intense guitar solos all over. A good combination which was well-executed in this release. Overall, this 2nd EP is on par or even better than the 1st one. Good songs, good sound. For fans of Motorhead, Annihilation Time, Inepsy, Burning leather, Skitkids and more etc.”

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Daily Ritual

Mastering Daily Ritual – Depressed State on 4490 Records & Contergan Punk.

“Hafiz, the man of the golden touch. While Pazahora will probably always be my favorite Singaporean band, everything Hafiz touches is gold, and this is no exception. Daily Ritual is the newest Hafiz band and seems to be taking southeast Asia by storm, seeing as this debut EP sold out instantly just in their region of the world, and relatively few copies made it out west.

Daily Ritual play a standard style of catchy, melodic punk rock, in line with such bands as The Observers, Red Dons, Autistic Youth, the Estranged, etc. The melodies are memorable, the songs are catchy, the record is fucking good all around.

If you are someone that actually cares about punk on a worldwide scale, this is a good record to scope to hear something that’s currently exciting and relevant in southeast Asia. This is one of the better (and more popular) releases to come out of southeast Asia, pick it up and discover what the punks are dancing to on the other side of the world.”

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