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Mail Order Children

Remastering Mail Order Children “Anthology” on Snappy Little NumbersJerkoff, and Ratgirl Records.

“The complete collection of released and unreleased Mail Order Children tracks from their Eps, 7 inches and demos arranged in reverse chronological order from 1998 to 1996.”

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spells Staying In > Going Out

Mastering SPELLS “Staying In > Going Out” on Snappy Little Numbers.

Recorded at Module Overload in Aurora, CO
Engineered by Jammer Hell Yeah
Mixed by Jammer Hell Yeah and SPELLS

Taken from Razorcake:

“Everything that made me dig Spells on their split with Hooper is here. It’s a witch’s brew of catchy hooks, great vocal harmonies, and equal mixes of grit and pop. The ripping opener, “Freak Out,” kicks things off and captures the magic of what makes the band great right from the first track. More mellow tracks like “Better Days,” take things down a notch at times, turning up the melodic end of the band’s sound without losing any of the other elements that make me dig them. Lyrically, Staying In > Going Out is jammed so full of singalong parts, that regardless of whether you stay in or go out you’re sure to be singing along with Spells the whole time you’re listening to this record. –Paul J. Comeau”

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Pink Hawks.jpg

Mastering Pink Hawks “Taste Your Medicine b/w Ku Ku” on Snappy Little Numbers.

Pink Hawks have just unleashed the “Taste Your Medicine b/w KuKu” 12″ onto the world!  Much like with pxlman, we’re stretching our musical boundaries with Pink Hawks.  These two tracks are jazzy afrobeat at it’s most contagious.  These songs really stretch out musically which is why we just had to press it on 45rpm 12″ vinyl.  Housed in a classic DJ single jacket on an assortment of colors, a download is of course included. Dust off your dancing shoes and play-flip-repeat!”

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Mastering Mako1972 “Cannonball Lecture b/w Even Ghosts Perish” 7″ on Snappy Little Numbers.

“SLN-116 Eases It’s Way Into The Lineup!

Surprise!  The debut 7″ from Denver’sMako1972 is available right now!  “Cannonball Lecture b/w Even Ghosts Perish” is a 45 RPM single housed in our now famous gold company sleeve.  Fair warning, it’s a ripper!  By the way, the color mixes came out really rad.  Blues, pinks and things in between! “

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glass hits

Mastering Glass Hits/Accordion Crimes Split 7″ for Snappy Little Numbers.

“SLN-115 Is Solid Gold!

We mean that literally.  Gold vinyl.  Wood covers.  The Glass Hits/Accordion Crimes”Split” 7″ has arrived and it’s a doozy!  Not only is it packed full of post-punk/hardcore hits,Cause Medic Ink outdid themselves on the packaging.  The covers are hand-screened wood panels and there are not one, but two complementary inserts.  One is even hand-numbered.  The Opaque Gold vinyl spins at 45rpm plus a download code is included.”


25 Rifles

Mastering a new 25 Rifles 7″ coming out on Snappy Little Numbers.

“Want to know more about the Rifles?  Well, they don’t preach the apocalypse. The world ended long before they were born. Instead, the three-piece group scavenges the ruins of culture, repurposing the buzz and howl of early Husker Du and Mission of Burma to suit the empty gestures of their futile rage.  25 Rifles subtracts the “power” from the power-trio. What’s left is dust.”



Mastering SPELLS 7″ coming out on Snappy Little Numbers.

“SPELLS is a four-piece juggernaught from Denver, CO. They are vacation rock to be exact. They produce short blasts of intense melody and driving rhythms that are custom made to entertain the band members themselves and serve as an excuse to go play shows in cities that have beaches nearby. If your city’s best offers include said beach and a good breakfast joint, count them in. If the best your city can do is a punk house that smells like cat shit and a Subway restaurant inside a gas station, they will pass.

Interviewer: Hasen’t there already been a band called Spells?
SPELLS: Yeah probably, but not written in all capitals. What’s your name? Billy? Mary? Hasn’t there already been a person with your name?
Interviewer: You guys sound like Hot Snakes, Scared of Chaka, The Beatles, Seaweed etc.
SPELLS: So? You should sound like an asshole and there are plenty of those.”

Here is a new song from the same session.


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