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Sophisticated Boom Boom “Straight To Your Heart” on Snappy Little Numbers.

“Our Snappy Little Numbers Customer Appreciation release is here!  It’s the debut EP, “Straight To Your Heart”, from Denver’s Sophisticated Boom Boom.  Featuring members of SPELLS and Eyes & Ears, Sophisticated Boom Boom blends 60’s girl group stylings with a little pop in their dash of punk.  Best of all, this release is free!  That’s right, we heart you fans that much!  It comes on the lovely cassette format and of course has a download code.  You can order one from our shop HERE (you can either pay for shipping or have one thrown in with any other product) or watch for them around Denver at Wax Trax, Mutiny or at SPELLS shows or from the band themselves when they start playing out again in a few months.  You can also download the digital version HERE.  Thanks for all the support loyal followers! “


Mastering SPELLS “Jet Set b/w iA Huevo!” on Snappy Little Numbers.

“SLN-118 features two of SPELLS’ most vaction-y rock blasts to date on classic cassette tape with download code.”

Buy it here!


Mastering SPELLS “At Sea​/​Land Locked” on Snappy Little Numbers Records.

Taken from I Buy Way Too Many Records:

“I was pleased to open up a package from Snappy Little Numbers containing a couple of their new releases.  Readers may recognize that label from the stellar Hooper record that came out a couple of years ago or the equally great Friends Of Cesar Romero 7” they released last year.  It’s a label putting out some killer records and Spells fit in with the group nicely.
I’m not sure exactly how to describe Spells without raising your expectations too high.  They have a party rock style that in places sound like a more garage-y Rocket From The Crypt.  Now, don’t let the RFTC comparison set you up expecting Spells to be the best band in the world, that’s the domain of Rocket exclusively.  Spells do share the same penchant for crafting songs with something of an attitude to them.  I haven’t seen them play live, but I definitely get the impression that they probably know how to work a crowd.
Loud guitars, catchy hooks, driving drums; all of the ingredients I like in a band are there.  Spells are really tight and show a ton of promise for a group with just a handful of singles under their belt so far.  I’ll be keeping my eye on them and absolutely encourage Snappy Little Numbers to keep sending hits like this my way.”

Buy it here!


Mastering Mako1972 “Cannonball Lecture b/w Even Ghosts Perish” 7″ on Snappy Little Numbers.

“SLN-116 Eases It’s Way Into The Lineup!

Surprise!  The debut 7″ from Denver’sMako1972 is available right now!  “Cannonball Lecture b/w Even Ghosts Perish” is a 45 RPM single housed in our now famous gold company sleeve.  Fair warning, it’s a ripper!  By the way, the color mixes came out really rad.  Blues, pinks and things in between! “

Buy it here!



Mastering SPELLS “The Hive” Single.

glass hits

Mastering Glass Hits/Accordion Crimes Split 7″ for Snappy Little Numbers.

“SLN-115 Is Solid Gold!

We mean that literally.  Gold vinyl.  Wood covers.  The Glass Hits/Accordion Crimes”Split” 7″ has arrived and it’s a doozy!  Not only is it packed full of post-punk/hardcore hits,Cause Medic Ink outdid themselves on the packaging.  The covers are hand-screened wood panels and there are not one, but two complementary inserts.  One is even hand-numbered.  The Opaque Gold vinyl spins at 45rpm plus a download code is included.”



Mastering Friends of Cesar Romero – The Hold b/w Teisco Telstar Stomp 7″ on Snappy Little Numbers.

“With the shake of a tambourine and a quake of the pelvis, the pop-art garage-punks known as Friends Of Cesar Romero have crash-landed. FOCR have devolved the electric-guitar beat-combo into a thing of pants-shitting Neanderthal beauty. Pounding, menacing, snarling, and unaccustomed to flowery futuristic bullshit, the gang’s anthemic onslaught is ready to biff-bang-pow its way into your heart. ”


Shinning Wires

Mastering Shinning Wires S/T 7″ on Snappy Little Numbers.

“Shining Wires features former members of popular Denver acts Only Thunder and Sleeper Horse. This 3 piece set out to start the 90’s pop punk band that they never started in the 90’s. Taking their love for bands like Samiam, Seaweed and Hot Water Music, Shining Wires has put their own spin on a beloved and familiar sound that they refuse to let go.”



Mastering the new SPELLS release entitled Double Cassingle on Snappy Little Numbers.

The track Forget About Virginia was also release as a benefit for the Lydia Ann Fund (…


The Knew

Mastering The Knew‘s new 7″ coming out on Snappy Little Numbers.

From Denver, Colorado “the Knew are an optimistic bunch. Their ode to rock and roll is chuck full of howling vocals, guitar buffets and celebratory drum pounding. Their songs are armed with courage and truth amidst stories of nightlife, love and the Apocolypse. The resulting sound is primal, tight and devouring. And fun. This band is fun. Their guitar-based bombast will make your aching body boogie, your sad face happy, and your heavy heart sprint.”

Here is a sneak preview that Snappy Little Numbers let slip!


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