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Remastering Jack & The Rippers “No Desire” on Incognito Records and Static Age.

“Limited reissue of this classic Swiss-punk classic from 1979. JACK & THE RIPPERS were one of the 1st punk bands in Switzerland, based in Geneva, which has at that time an equally vibrant punk scene such as Zurich. Musically the band can be describe as brilliant power punk with strong English strike on the right track. So enjoy this wonderful piece of punk-rock! Comes with insert and a cover, treated with an especially UV-continual varnish!”

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Mastering Cult Values “s/t” on Sabotage Records and Static Age Records (Europe) and Deranged Records (North America).

Recorded and mixed by Tobias Lil.

“Cult Values was formed in October 2014 in Berlin as an international collaboration between people from the USA, New Zealand, Austria and Germany. After recording a much acclaimed demo in 2015 (out on Berlin’s own Static Age Rec.) and a line up change on drums right after, CV started playing tons of shows in Germany and the periphery as well as writing songs for an LP. Said record was finally recorded in December 2015 by Tobias Lill. Musically, there is something very early American hardcore meets moody punk about their sound, defined by fast, melodic, and confident guitar play reminiscent of Articles of Faith and more recently Criminal Code. Cult Values deliver 10 tracks of potent dark hardcore that will surely leave those hungry for a solid contemporary take on a classic sound quite satisfied.”

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Heavy Metal lp1

Mastering Heavy Metal “LP” on Static Age.

“After only six rehearsals and no previous recordings to date, Static Age is proud to introduce Berlin’s emerging powerhouse, HEAVY METAL. With this astonishing first full-length, HEAVY METAL crash through 13 tracks of noisy, antisocial, high-tension punk, eagerly mixing electric punk aggression with woozy electronic euphoria. The songwriting, which hits that sweet spot between rudimentary racket and surreal elaboration, brings the band’s restlessness to the forefront—they could break out into dance or a fight at any minute, everything sounds possible. No sense is left on the cutting room floor; instead, the clamoring drums, buzzing bass and snappy riffs are cut with catchy synths, bountiful pedal action and an exploding cocktail of bleeps, loops, samples and solos.

This ticked off diversity shines on multiple, rewarding occasions. Single-ready “Don’t Call Me Brother,” with its kaleidoscopic synths and old-school beat, is a bona fide dance floor pleaser despite its antagonizing lyrical content, and “Staring at the Rich Kids” is an instant classic, a stomping class critique that could have easily been found on a Bullshit Detector comp circa 1979. Yet it is bonus track, “Total Bullshit,” that flawlessly showcases the creative menace found in the wake of their nihilism. A joyride of shambolic punk, with a frustrated Welshman spitting wit and sarcasm into the microphone, “LP” could be the circumstantial soundtrack to a weeklong drug binge, going through all the motions to match, including ecstasy, hysteria, hostility and an uncontrollable, primitive urge to fight and fuck. And by recording everything themselves, HEAVY METAL’s already bizarre sound is pushed further into the delightfully deranged corners of their collective potential. An intoxicating stream of consciousness, “LP” was recorded in their Lichtenberg practice space and mastered by the wizard of sonic chiaroscuro Daniel Husayn at North London Bomb Factory, making it sound as unhinged and sardonic as it is distinctively captivating. They’re already working on what is promised to be a much anticipated follow up, so get into it or don’t. Just don’t call ’em brother. ( Lydia )”



Remastering Sperma “Züri Punx” on Static Age Records.

“Originally released in 1979 on Urs Steiger’s label Another Swiss Label the punk anthem “Züri Punx” (“Zyt from flower power ish verbii / Woodstock ish shit GSII …”) by the group Sperma. This song expressed with his musical directness and their slogans like lyrics (“They träumed vo Punk and Anarchy”) very nicely the fierce determination of the first round. The following year, the song reappeared again with a new B- side (Sinnlos insteed of Bombs). Today, 35 years later Static Age Musik from Berlin did release for the first time all 3 songs on a single in an edition of 500 copies with the two original covers and some liner notes.”


Cult Values

Mastering Cult Values “Demo 2015” on Static Age Records.

“New band from Berlin doing the melodic driving Hardcorepunk thing with some dark undertones.”

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Life Fucker

Mastering Life Fucker “Demo” on Static Age Records.

“New Band Life Fucker have released their new demo this is music from Barcelona/Berlin with members of SECT and Blank Pages. This is raw primitive hardcore and really is a life fucker. Members of Diät, Tremors, Blank Pages, Fluffers, Modern Pets, Sect etc. etc.”

heavy nukes

Mastering Heavy Nukes “2nd EP” on Rawmantic Disasters and Static Age Records.

“After the brilliant debut “7ep, here we go with the next strike!!! Again, 8 incredible raw brutal Swedish Oldschool Hardcore tunes in the vein of Shitlickers and Anti Cimex!!! No compromises on this one, just pure Swedish “Ultra Mega Raw” Hardcore!!!”


Heavy Nukes new 7″ mastered here, reviewed in Maximum Rock n Roll!

Heavy Nukes MRR Review


One of my latest Mastering projects has just been released on vinyl


“This time it is the Bellevue Discography Lp 1980 – 1983 Lp!!!

Bellevue-Discography LP. Absolutly beautifully packaged collection of the two 7″s of this essential Swisspunk band, some never before released studio songs from the period plus three remastered but still raw live songs. Includes innersleave with Rare pictures, History and Biography !!!
Edition of 500 copies only !

During the late 70’s Andrea Hofer and Jürg Grob began to meet for evening sessions of noise at former “venues” such as defunct bomb shelters and parking lots. These nights brought together a wide range of very unique and diverse characters. Names like Marcel Hollenstein (Halle K, Nero’s Dinner), Christoph Hozog (Plaza), Turi Meyer (Sperma), Astrid Spririg (Liliput, Neon) and many many others were also very actively involved. When vocalist Peter Hefti joined in 1980, the name ‘Bellvue’ was adopted. After a handful of shows Jean Bhend left and was replaced by Major Many of the Rebells on drums. Bellevue consisted of former art-school students, looking for a new direction and for those involved who weren’t, Bellvue was a reaction to the stereotypical, chart-orientated music that was dominating the mainstream of that time. Bellevue sang in German and English, lyrically dealing with issues such as government surveillance, the army, drugs and genetic engineering. Besides a handfull of shows across Germany, Bellvue predominately played in their home city of Zürich with the odd out-of-town performance every so often. It all unfortunately came to an end in 1983 after the release of their second 7”, Soldatenlied…”


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