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Mixing Cold Meat “Jimmy’s Lipstick” on Helta Skelta Records and Static Shock Records.

“The debut 7″ from this new band from Perth, Australia. Cold Meat bring you four tracks of snotty, snarky feminist punk which takes cues from somewhere in between the electric eels and the Nixe, as well as contemporary London punk. Although, really, this is just raw terse punk played with a certain amount of aggression and despair. You can feel years of anger and frustration condensed down into a four track / nine minute fuck you to toxic relationships, subjection and self doubt.”


TV Crime Hooligans

Mastering TV Crime “Hooligans” on Static Shock Records.

Recorded by the powerful Boulty at Stuck On A Name Studios of Nottingham.

“Debut Single from TV Crime who are a new garage punk / power pop band from Nottingham who come fully formed. ‘Hooligans’ is a total stomper of a power pop song that starts like a classic Good Vibrations Records 7” with The Moondogs esque guitar work and the energy of 90’s legends New Bomb Turks or Gaunt. Flip ‘Wild One’ is another pounder but with a more rock ‘n’ roll twist. As the band say “Killer Tunes – Shitty Attitude”.

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Seivehead buried

Mastering Sievehead “Buried Beneath” on Static Shock Records.

“It takes a scene to raise a band and Sievehead are a product of the vibrant hub that is Sheffield’s DIY punk community, one of the key cities in a resurgent UK punk scene that shows no sign of slowing down. Here they offer two tracks on the A-side of burly punk rhythms careening and rumbling through swirling post-punk vibes, catchy and insistent, a howl tamed and torn, packed with pain and power, showcasing the same dark propulsive energy that caught the attention of DIY music fans the world over on last year’s ‘Into The Blue’ LP. Fans like Pure Gold, alter-ego of Dave Forcier (of the Steve Adamyk Band and Pregnancy Scares) and Tommy T (of the Classical Mishaps), who contribute a remix on the b-side here taking the song Try the Mirror from the LP and skinning Sievehead’s vehement deathrock-tinged tumult and bathing the skeleton of the song in unsettling synth minimalism, creating an eerie weave of hisses, pops and echoes that could sit comfortably on an early John Carpenter soundtrack.”

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Mastering Ajax “S/T” on Static Shock Records.

“NYC’s finest follow up their demo and 7” on Katorga Works, along with their appearance on the HARDCORE: GIMME SOME MORE compilation, with what could very well be their best material to date! The four tracks on this new recording continue to exhibit the band’s perfected blend of USHC combined with the best of Sweden with harsh vocals barked over TOTALITAR influenced riffing. Saying that this release is essential would be an understatement. Each record comes in a full color glue pocket sleeve adorned with artwork by Shiva Addanki.”

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Mastering Disguise “Signs Of The Future” on Static Shock Records.

“Dublin, like New York or London, is a city whose punk in 2015 matches its vibrancy with its refusal to be defined by one sound. Multiple bands, all with wildly divergent takes on 2015 punk, all unified in their DIY ethic and refusal to compromise. The first 12″ from searing rawpunx Disguise (who also feature 2/3 of Zom and members of Strong Boys) continues where their System Shock 7” left off, slamming together the lithe turmoil of Gloom, the monstrous purpose of Bastard, the ugly burn of Crude SS into a violent driving gunk, like Florida’s Mauser or Australia’s Kromosom, taking that Scandi-Japanese rawpunk axis and stretching it out to their own corner of the globe.

Built on a relentless sinister thrum, a taut propulsive clatter, Disguise explode with scalding fury in the screaming guitars and tortured barks and roars echoing out of the radioactive slurry. From Constant Victim pure vitriol rolling into Signs of the Future’s noisestomp groove, to Depleted Uranium heady crash and BBFM’s broken fade, this is ferocious hardcore punk, worked til its end.”

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Crime For Revenge

Remastering Ultra-Violent “Crime For Revenge” on Static Shock and Video Disease Records.

“Production has started on the new batch of releases, the first of which is going to be the first reissue on the label. ULTRA-VIOLENT‘s classic ‘Crime For Revenge’ EP!

Originally released on Riot City in 1983, it was the only vinyl outing for this band and in my opinion was probably the hardest sounding UK single of the era. This authorized and remastered reissue will also come with a collection of unreleased photographs and also the lyrics, which were not published at the time, alongside a few other cool bits and pieces. The first pressing will be 1000 copies, and is a split release with Video Disease Records. You can expect this one around late November / early December time.

Sadly, I’m unable to upload any tracks online due to licensing restrictions, but a few people have posted the tracks onto Youtube, so feel free to I urge to you check them out on there if you haven’t heard this rager before, you won’t regret it.”


Mastering S.H.I.T. “Feeding Time” on Static Shock Records.

“Over the last couple of years, Toronto’s S.H.I.T. have come out of nowhere with their acclaimed demo tape, to releasing two killer 7″s, to even opening their own DIY venue, S.H.I.B.G.B’s.
They are now back with their third 7″ and it’s just as essential as the two preceding. You may remember ‘Feeding Time’ as the opening track off their demo, it has now been re-recorded and is now even more of a rager than before. On the flip, you get a brand new track, the slow burning ‘Private Lies’. The package is wrapped up with perfect artwork by Sam Ryser (Crazy Spirit, Dripper World and Dawn Of Humans).”

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Mastering Frau “Punk is My Boyfriend” EP on Static Shock Records.

“Static Shock Records gets the honour of releasing the debut three track 7″ from London feminist punks Frau who feature members of Woolf and Good Throb. They released the much loved 8 track 10 minute demo on Tuff Enuff Records in late 2013 (which has now been reissued on LP by Dead Beat Records) and now return with three more short blasts of discordant and furious noise. ‘Punk Is My Boyfriend’ is a dirty and scratchy cut with pounding drums and an insistent guitar hook. It comes over like a mix of Pre ‘Cut’ Slits, Huggy Bear and Kleenex. ‘Snakeskin’ is possibly the only song in the world that could have appeared on both Crass’ ‘Bullshit Detector’ and any Kill Rock Stars compilation. Final track ‘Orca’ sounds like it could fall apart at any moment and just about makes the one minute mark. The guitars grind over a busy bass, heavy yet loose drums and explosive vocals. DIY has never sounded so good. Limited to 400 copies with hand stamped sleeves.”



Mastering the second 12″ from NO  on Video Disease and Static Shock Records.

“The follow up to the incredible debut from 2012, “The Great Space” finds No reaching new heights of their disastrous hardcore sound. Not for the weak. The recording is a little rawer than the last one (although definitely not verging towards raw punk) and the songs more frantic. “



Mastering Creem’s Curator 7″ on Static Shock Records.

“Coming out at the end of May this is a brand new four track EP”

“Members of Nomos and Natural Law combine forces to bring you the best Boston band not from Boston. The band plays early 80s style hardcore not unlike Last Rights or other Choke projects with a heavy dose of Blitz influence in there. ”


Finally, if you’re in Europe, be sure to catch Creem and Nuclear Spring on tour in June:

Do. 06.06.2012 Kortrijk – The Pits

Fr. 07.06.2012 Basel – Hirscheneck

Sa. 08.06.2012 Bologna – Lazzaretto Autogestito

So. 09.06.2012 Zagreb – Attack

Mo. 10.06.2012 Budapest – Szabad az Á

Di. 11.06.2012 Vienna – Venster

Mi. 12.06.2012 Munich – Kafe Kult

Do. 13.06.2012 Leipzig – Zoro

Fr. 14.06.2012 Berlin – tba

Sa. 15.06.2012 Hannover – Korn

So. 16.06.2012 Bremen – Sielwallhaus

Mo. 17.06.2012 Hamburg – Ms Hedi

Di. 18.06.2012 Gothenburg – Skriket

Mi. 19.06.2012 Oslo – Blitz

Do. 20.06.2012 Off Day Copenhagen (@Dödsmaskinen)

Fr. 21.06.2012 Copenhagen – K-town Fest (@Dödsmaskinen)

Sa. 22.06.2012 Kiel – Kiel Explode Fest (@ Alte Meierei)

So. 23.06.2012 Münster – Cafe Lorenz

Mo. 24.06.2012 Paris – La Mecanique Ondulatoire

Di. 25.06.2012 Nottingham – JT Soar

Mi. 26.06.2012 Glasgow – The Old Hairdressers

Do. 27.06.2012 Leeds – Millwright Street Practice Rooms

Fr. 28.06.2012 London – The Grosvenor (early) / Limazulu (late)

Sa. 29.06.2012 Amsterdam – Occii

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