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Warsong Control

Mastering Warsong “Control” on Sabotage, Dirt Cult, and Too Circle Records.

“After leaving their mark on three continents, Zaragoza, Spain’s WARSONG are traversing previously uncharted territory with their first release sung entirely in Spanish. This different way of expressing themselves opens onto a free street making new things possible. I honestly don’t know how this band keeps cranking out so many bangers, but their latest record packs 8 more gripping tracks both recognizably WARSONG and significantly evolved from their previous releases. Their most complexly rich record to date, “Control” is an arresting soundtrack for dark times. Those who have been following this band for a while will also notice less distortion, longer and more elaborated song structures, and an unexpected treat on “Dejando Atrás” featuring guest female vocals from the singer of ACCIDENTE. I’d be hard pressed to find a current comparison because WARSONG has few musical contemporaries- they are truly carving out their own path. I hear the convergence of diverse elements such as THE ONLY ONES, early NEW ORDER, the WIPERS, SONIC YOUTH, and THE RAMONES blended up and spewed out against the neoliberal end times.”

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Mastering The Corrigans new EP on Hurrah Música.

The Corrigans are Zaragozan, but they could have been born in Kent, Sheffield, or Romford. The Corrigans are a group of the now, but not out of place in compilations of the best of 1979 power pop. The Power Trio are clearly influenced by British groups, Mod Revival,  Punk, Garage,  and more amphetamine. The Corrigans are punks in parkas.”

Check out their first EP



Mastering a new Warsong 7″.

Due out this summer to coincide with an US tour.

For those of you who don’t know…

“new band from spain… people from insomnio and no escape… they started while insomnio were still around and during their time in no escape.. expect some really well played melodic hardcore/punk with a rock edge… or something like that.. just download the goddamn record and think for yourself… i hate writing stuff like that.. download it here. Buy it from here”  Original post.

Meanwhile have a listen to a song from their last release, mastered here, on SabotageErste Theke Tonträger, and Doomtown Records.


Warsong‘s new 12″ mastered here reviewed at

“Warsong hail from Zaragoza, Spain and in 2011 the band released the excellent nine-track album Ancient Times. With this followup five-track EP, the band manages to maintain the momentum that the long player gave birth to and deliver some more quality garage/rock ‘n’ roll-influenced punk rock that takes its cues from a wide variety of bands including the Adolescents and the Wipers (which might seem obvious with a Greg Sage-penned cover featured on the release). Vocalist Carlos manages to channel a sense of Cliff Hanger (The Freeze) in his delivery despite having the obvious inflection from not singing in one’s native language.

“Feel The Darkness” (not the Poison Idea track) manages to mix the Adolescents, the Crowd and Agent Orange into a sound that really takes some beating and which really does have a great early ’80s SoCal punk feel to it. Despite those specific band comparisons there is still that hint of garage punk within the music and it’s an exemplary mix of different genres of punk.

“Winter Sun” opens with a great intro and the guitar leads throughout add to the melody rather than taking over with any invasive high pitched tone. The title track, again, features a strong intro with guitars and bass creating a minute of anticipation before the vocals come in to help bring this high point to the fore. It’s hard to keep saying the same thing but Warsong certainly excel at introductions and “Surrounded” is no exception with a Freeze-like quality. There are times in this song when the guitars momentarily drop out and it helps generate a looseness that makes me think of a guitar cutting out during a live performance only to almost immediately kick back in. That kind of thing is what sticks in my musical memory-I’m sure we all have moments like that when something happens in a song and you look forward to it whenever playing that record-and I’ll no doubt listen to this with a longing for those drop outs in the future.

With an atmospheric cover of the Wipers’ “Window Shop For Love” that is more polished, albeit only slightly, than the original bringing the EP to a close, Warsong have clearly displayed an ability to write songs that hit home with an edgy, anthemic and melodic purpose as well as showing them as having the facility to choose wisely in seeking a song to cover. There is a warm tone to the five tracks that presumably comes from the production here and this is what I like to hear from punk with a garage feel to it as it seems to strengthen the sound. Basically, this is 18-and-a-half minutes of high quality punk rock that is based around some solid musicianship.

You can listen to the EP on Warsong’s own Bandcamp page, as well as finding a link there to download Ancient Times for free.”

Original Post Here


“WARSONG, From Zaragoza (Spain). Barely six months after their latest european tour, they’re back on tour again featuring new record- THE CARAVAN EP. 5 songs on a Twelve inches released by Sabotage records, Erste Theke and Doomtown recs.

WARSONG – The Caravan EP (Kalle Stalle). Review-

Here we go, from the ashes of INSOMNIO and NO ESCAPE comes WARSONG with their second release after their impressive “Ancient times” debut-LP. Five songs: all killer no filler (four original songs plus a Wipers song that hasn’t been covered to death – especially not in Spain). On a good day, this record will make out an instant classic, on a bad day you’ll have to play it twice to discover the depth and richness of this record, but you definitely won’t sell it to anyone else again, because real good records stay forever. If you want to describe the sound of WARSONG, put together a band with a young Clif Hanger (The Freeze) fronting an all star band with the best ingredients from DAG NASTY, ALL, THE WIPERS and the mighty ADOLESCENTS. Your wettest dreams come true, if their subject is pure melodic hardcore-punk in classic 80s style. The more often you play this record the bigger it grows … and it’s damn huge right now.

If you trust a over 40 Year Old Punk Rock Nerd, buy this Record or let it be!!!! Again Mastered by genius Hajji Husayn from the awesome Red Dons.

You can listen and download both records here in their website:

FB page:

Live video:

-They still need HELP with some dates. If you want to help them out, drop a line here or write to enterradovivo(a)gmail (dot)com. Any help will be appreciated!

These are the tour dates:

26-Tue – Euskadi —HELP

27-Wed – Paris @ confirmed


29-Fri – Brighton @Cowley Club

30-Sat – Bristol @Red Lion

01-Sun – Edinburgh @
02-Mon – Off

03-Tue – Sheffield @

04-Wed – UK — HELP

05-Thu – London@

06-Fri – Belgium/ North France/Holland — HELP
w/ No more art

07-Sat – Amsterdam @OCCII w/ No more art

08-Sun – Hannover @ UJZ Korn w/ No more art

09-Mon – Dresden/ Leipzig –TBC

10-Tue – Erlangen @Jugendhaus

11-Wed – Tübingen@Epplehaus

12-Thu – Zürich — TBC

13-Fri – Lyon –TBC

14-Sat – Barcelona @Casal de Roquetas”

Taken from the Warsong Facebook tour page.


Stream the entire new Warsong 12” on their bandcamp.


Out soon on Erste theke tonträger, Doomtown records, and Sabotage.


Sneak preview of Warsong‘s new record coming out on  SabotageErste Theke Tonträger, and Doomtown Records!

Four song 12″ EP – The Caravan.

Listen to the title track before and after Mastering.

Warsong – Caravan Unmastered


Warsong – Caravan Mastered


Mastering Warsong‘s new recording. Rumour has it that it’s going to be released on 12″ 45rpm on Sabotage Records.

“new band from spain… people from insomnio and no escape… they started while insomnio were still around and during their time in no escape.. expect some really well played melodic hardcore/punk with a rock edge… or something like that.. just download the goddamn record and think for yourself… i hate writing stuff like that.. download it here. Buy it from here”  Original post.

You can download their “Ancient Times” LP here:

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