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Mastering another new 7″ for Mother’s Children.

They will also be on European tour throughout May with Mondo Ray, another wonderful band mastered here.





Hypnotized: 7” single
The Alex Fine cover art worked really well in getting me to pick up this record. Reminds me of Mike Allred (Madman, iZombie comics) in a lot of ways. Not only is the cover art really good, but so is the music: poppy garage punk that moves at a really nice pace. Both songs on here are pretty solid. Can’t decide which I like more, as they both have a way of staying with you long after the record is over. “Nothing” is the more poppy of the two and moves at a somewhat more mid-paced tempo. The repetitive riff is simple and catchier than hell. “Hypnotized” is a little heavier and more driven. I like the organ that is slightly buried in the chorus. The delivery is great and the line, “When I saw you I was hypnotized” sums it up. –Matt Average (Windian,”

Mondo Ray – Hypnotized Mastered


“Mondo Ray – “Hypnotized/Nothing”

The title track sounds like, if you can use your imagination, Joy Division’s “Love Will Tear Us Apart” sung by Steppenwolf’s dirty, punk babies. Side two is a little les ambient, and more twang driven. And I mean twang like the sound of a knicker elastic hitting a buttock. In this circumstance, that is a good think. I like this. Two decent songs that just cut to the chains without any hint of self-indulgent twaddle. I would never have guessed these guys were German either and again, that’s a good thing. (GG)


Mondo Ray – Hypnotized Mastered


Another Mondo Ray review this time care of Get Bent.

“We’re onto Munich-based trio Mondo RayHypnotized is pop thrills and rock ‘n’ roll chills. Windian Records has been on a roll lately, releasing a steady stream of appealing punk records (White Faces and a reissued Penetrators 7’’), so how solid this little slab of wax is really comes as no surprise. “Hypnotized” comes complete with a frantic riff (dare I say it’s hypnotizing?) and a refrain containing nervy vocals, all wrapped up in a sound that’s well in line with the cover art. Its B-side (“Nothing”) is more mellow and poppy, but it still brings plenty of energy to the table and is perhaps even better than the A-side. Both songs are guitar-driven blasts of refreshingly simplistic rock ‘n’ roll straight from the heart. The single’s brief duration (approximately four minutes) makes you want to hit repeat, crank it up, and sing along. Do you need this 7”? Yes, yes you do.”

A review of the Mondo Ray‘s Hypnotised 7″ mastered by yours truly.

“Also out now on Windian is Mondo Ray’s “Hypnotized,” backed with “Nothing.” This is a cleaner, less raucous single than the Penetrators’ release. It’s a very angular, chiming kind of garage – sort of like what frequently makes its way onto In the Red these days. It blasts through your stereo so quickly that you’ll find yourself repeatedly flipping the single, desperate for more of their music.

It’s a big sound from a trio, with the guitars ringing like there was a chorus of them. The rhythm’s a little down in the mix, with David da Cruz’s riffs the clear focus of the title track. As with the Penetrators’ single, the b-side outshines the a-side, if only because it showcases all three members far more equitably as it alternates a piercing, throbbing, pulsing rhythm with high harmonies and big riffs.”

Listen to it here and read the rest of the reviews.

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