Mastering Sissy “EP”.

Taken from Nialler9:

“‘You know this battle can only be won if we are on our knees.’ Unidentified priest.

So begins the short debut EP from new Dublin rock band Sissy (featuring members of Fag Enablerz and Putrefaction), before launching into ‘Sail & Rail’, a song about going to England to get an abortion with Enya which steals the melody from her song ‘Orinoco Flow’. “Stick your dick in me so I can go on holidays / 2 Obstetricians and a G.P / won’t tell me I’m not going on holidays,” the band sing to a lo-fi bockety catchy rock arrangement cheerily.

The 11-minute EP is heavy on the sarcasm but with a realistic feminist motivation. ‘No Mickey On The Mouse’ is similarly humorous in its delivery and anti-patriarchal in its outlook – a singalong song for kicking against the pricks delivered with a potent garage-rock shuffle. Ditto ‘Nothing’ – “nothing tastes as shit as getting treated like nothing feels.”

It’s a short release but Sissy have lots of character, plenty to say and funny and fun ways to say them.”

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Mastering No More Art “Sorrows of Youth” LP on Man In Decline Records.

“NO MORE ART finally delivers a long-awaited full-length after multiple releases, including a split 7″ with DOOM TOWN on Man In Decline, multiple singles, and a demo. The new LP, entitled “Sorrows of Youth” contains 8 songs that build on the formula of their earlier releases: surf-drenched early punk with female lead vocals and lots of melody. Think DANGERHOUSE records, The ADOLESCENTS, and MASSHYSTERI. Guitarist, Will Kinser, was a member of RED DONS and that influence comes through as well. Listen below for a sample of what to expect. This is, by far, their strongest material to date and we’re honored to be releasing it.”

strange attractor

Mastering Strange Attractor “It’s Always Halloween (Downtown)” on Goodbye Boozy Records.

“GB 96 – STRANGE ATTRACTOR – It’s Always Halloween (Downtown) – 7″

Just in time for all hallows’ eve, the groovy ghoulies from Scudbury’s Strange Attractor are back
with another crypt kicker. “It’s Always Halloween (Downtown)” is a single-sided 7”
that will shred your face off like a razor blade tucked into a candy apple.
Tricks and treats!


Strange Attractor East Coast tour dates

10/17 – Montréal @ Death House w/Soupcans, Hag Face
10/18 – Québec @ La Source De La Martiniere w/ Single Mothers
10/20 – Sackville @ The Pond w/ Soupcans, Kappa Chow
10/21 – Halifax Pop Explosion @ Gus’ Pub w/Soupcans, WTCHS
10/22 – Halifax Pop Explosion
10/23 – Halifax Pop Explosion
10/24 – Moncton @ Esquire Tavern w/ Hag Face, Impulse Items

Dying Shames

Mastering Dying Shames S/T 7″ on No Front Teeth Records.

“Garage Rock ‘N’ Roll featuring members of the Ten-O-Sevens, The Gaggers, The Miscalculations, The Ricky C. Quartet, The Seminals and Los Pepes.
This is exceptionally well-written and played blend of 1960’s and 1970’s punk, rock ‘n’ roll and powerpop with nods to The Flamin’ Groovies, Small Faces and Missing Links all brought together with an underlying punk sentiment.
Recorded completely in analogue for the absolute authentic sound.”

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Criminal Code

Mastering Criminal Code “Salvage” EP on Erste Theke Tonträger and Cut The Cord That…Records.

“In my opinion, Criminal Code need no introduction. If you are not familiar so far, let Daniel Vandenberg explain this band for you! Criminal Code from Tacoma, Washington, play an anthemic, sneakingly melodic mixture of post-punk and cacophony of raw wavy punk. Formed in 2011, they’ve just released several 7“s and their debut LP No Device on Deranged Records, a welcome shot in the vein (or kick in the teeth) to an increasingly ethereal genre. They took their Husker Du/Greg Sage influences and made it their own unique sound. The new 7“ harkens back to the raw, stripped down and primal intensity that characterised the early days of post punk, back when it was still considered just punk, only punk that was a little off and slightly more unsettling than usual. Criminal Code straight rip and rock with an urgency and rabid junkieunpredictability that was traded in long ago when post punk started investing wholeheartedly in synthesisers and chorus pedal collections and diverting down broodier pathways to goth and whatever-wave. Criminal Code are a perfect mess of contradictions, simultaneously full-bodied and forceful, and cold, distant and washed-out, like a hardcore heart in pale post punk skin, or vice versa. While specifically for Criminal Code’s European tour, the EP neatly coheres and expands on their Husker Du Over A Cliff guitars and post-post (post) Wipers despair/rage. Snag the EP on tour and dig hard!”

Criminal Code are embarking on a lengthy European tour. Here are the dates. Don’t miss them!

11.03.2014 Kortrijk – Pits
11.04.2014 Paris
11.05.2014 Leeds
11.06.2014 Glasgow
11.07.2014 London – Static Shock Fest
11.08.2014 Antwerp – Het Bos
11.09.2014 Osnabrück – Bastard Club (tbc)
11.10.2014 Hamburg – Hafenklang
11.11.2014 Berlin
11.12.2014 Münster – Gleis 22
11.13.2014 Amsterdam – Winston
11.14.2014 Tübingen – Epplehaus
11.15.2014 Bologna
11.16.2014 Trento
11.17.2014 Zagreb – Attack
11.18.2014 Budapest
11.19.2014 Vienna
11.20.2014 Brno – Vegalite
11.21.2014 Nuremberg – Projekt 31
11.22.2014 Frankfurt


Mastering Chemicals “D.A.G.R.I.P.” on Taken By Surprise and Jonny Cat Records.

“CHEMICALS return to Europe for a secons round after their succesful first trip in April 2013! They’ve been busy shredding Portland to pieces in the meantime recording a new album entitled D.A.G.R.I.P. with recently reacquired RED DONS drummer Richard Joachim back on board the USS KMKLZ! The record was produced by Tim Kerr (BIG BOYS, POISON 13) at Buzz Or Howl Studios and mastered by Daniel Husayn at North London Bomb Factory. Fun fact: Steve Turner from MUDHONEY is playing guitar on one of the songs.”

And here’s the tourdates:
Fr. 10.10.2014 – Amsterdam – Pacific Parc – 11pm
Fr. 10.10.2014 – Amsterdam – ADM amsterdam – 3am
Sa. 11.10.2014 – Groningen – ORKZ BAR w/ BAD VISION
So. 12.10.2014 – Berlin – Bei Ruth w/ BAD VISION, Spray Paint, Modern Pets
Mo. 13.10.2014 – Hamburg – Hafenklang
Di. 14.10.2014 – Copenhagen – Ungdomshuset
Mi. 15.10.2014 – Bremen – Sielwallhaus
Do. 16.10.2014 – HELP Germany
Fr. 17.10.2014 – Frankfurt – Dreikönigskeller w/ Nervous Twitch
Sa. 18.10.2014 – Leipzig – LIWI w/ GULAG BEACH, NASTY PACK
So. 19.10.2014 – Munich – Kafe Kult w/ Opiliones
Mo. 20.10.2014 – Opava – U Vočka
Di. 21.10.2014 – HELP Czech Republic / Slovakia / Hungary
Mi. 22.10.2014 – Vienna – Arena Beisl Erdberg w/ Demenzia Kolektiva
Do. 23.10.2014 – Trento – CSO Bruno
Fr. 24.10.2014 – Graz – SUB w/ Divided Minds, Black Gust
Sa. 25.10.2014 – Nürnberg – nürnberg.pop
So. 26.10.2014 – HELP Germany / Holland / Belgium
Mo. 27.10.2014 – Liege – péniche Légia w/ POUTRE
Di. 28.10.2014 – Paris – La Mécanique Ondulatoire w/ HIS ELECTRO BLUE VOICE
Mi. 29.10.2014 – Tours – Le Bar À Mines
Do. 30.10.2014 – Tarbes – CeltiCPuB IsNoTaPuB
Fr. 31.10.2014 – Benidorm – FUNTASTIC DRACULA CARNIVAL
Sa. 01.11.2014 – Benidorm – FUNTASTIC DRACULA CARNIVAL
So. 02.11.2014 – Perpignan – BBC Perpinya w/ Cyclops
Mo. 03.11.2014 – Marseille – la Machine à Coudre
Di. 04.11.2014 – St. Etienne – L’Assommoir café-concert
Mi. 05.11.2014 – Geneva – URGENCE DISK RECORDS
Do. 06.11.2014 – Tübingen – Pausenhof
Fr. 07.11.2014 – Hannover – Stumpf
Sa. 08.11.2014 – Antwerp – Het Bos w/ Acid Baby Jesus
So. 09.11.2014 – Kortrijk – The Pit’s – Bang Zoom Noise Produktions VZW


Mastering Scraps on No Front Teeth Records.

Check out Uber Rock‘s review:

“When you get a member of The Gaggers, Miscalculations and East End Riot kicking up a shit storm of good time old school punk rock under the moniker of The Scraps then it is impossible to fail right? Well what we have here is four tracks of just that, each one as enjoyable as the last. It’s a must buy that’s for sure.  Saving the best till last ‘Watching You’ sounds like it could fall apart at any given moment but it’s the ragged charm that’s the bait and part of its allure and I’m loving it.  As I said four tracks of ragged punk rock old school style is the order of the day and all written and played with much gusto and passion. ‘Waste My Time’ has a smudge of Buzzcocks and Ramones thrown into the mix whilst ‘Time Has Come’ is sharp with a cool as riff. Great stuff indeed. Available HERE on digital but it is apparently being pressed on vinyl as I type.”

Good Throb

Mastering Good Throb “Live on WFMU” on Muscle Horse Records.

“A rambunctious live session recorded in April 2014 by the band Good Throb in New Jersey, NJ, USA, at the radio station called WFMU. ‘Live throb’ consists of 8 songs spanning both singles, a comp track and their recent LP, plus a lovingly butchered Flux of Pink Indians cover. It was patiently engineered by Serge Z. Good Throb was extremely hungover during the recording of these tracks, so it sounds rawer and more demented than usual.”

Buy it here!


Mastering Wounds ” -MMXIV-” on Best Before 84.

“Wounds from Portland, OR with a 7 song demo cassette of melodic punk. Members of Red Dons, Autistic Youth, and Defect Defect”

Recording by Adam Becker at Red Lantern Studios.

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Mixing the Majorettes debut “Denim jacket girl in a leather jacket world”.

“Exciting mixture of high energy and sweet pop catchy tunes, driven by quirky melodies and vocals. Think Le Tigre meets The Stooges…

Majorettes started as a pop-punk-garage female duo in February 2014, then in April became a 4 piece band that delivers a mixture of high energy and sweet pop catchy tunes, driven by quirky melodies and vocals.
Now is landing in to a new territory of contrasting loud powerful with sexy pop.
Live performances are fun and turn in to the unexpected.

This page is about Majorettes, a 4 piece band from London, completely DIY grrl riot, neo-punk, neo-pop and neo-noise and completely fun.
An American-French-Cockney-Mexican-Italian mix.”


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