Secta Suicida

Mastering Secta Suicida on Discos MMM.

“Bogota, Colombia is an unlikely place to find a punk band with a record, let alone a punk record–there are no record pressing plants and very few record stores throughout the whole country. SECTA SUICIDA is a group as much inspired by the old sounds of classic Spanish punk, such as Commando 9mm, La Uvi and Larsen, as by the new sounds of punk today, such as Peligro Social,and inspired by making things happen on their own, by their own. I met them on tour last year in Colombia and picked up their 2013 demo tape that was assembled at their own screen-printing shop, Rat Trap Records. At the time, the thought of having their music pressed to vinyl was a distant one, but here it is: co-released with Bogota’s Rat Trap Records, SECTA SUICIDA 4-song 7” captures the wild energy of their live shows and top-notch song writing, explosive riffs and driving force, self-recorded and mixed by themselves. The color covers, designed by Rat Trap’s Carlos Velasquez and screen-printed in Bogota put the heart and energy of their collective into this first vinyl release, a record that deserves to be heard worldwide, but is only a small sample of what Colombia punks have to offer. Complete with lyrics. First press of 300 with 135 available outside of Colombia.”

Buy it here!



Mixing Snob.

“A six track record, formidable debut, clocking in at 12 minutes from a newish London band featuring members of Good Throb, Skylark, Family Outing and lots of others. Biggest comparison here is probably Rudimentary Peni, all creepy bass lines and subject matter imbued with the rage of anyone living under the regime of Boris Johnson and terminal street harassment. A literal hail of rage, snarly guitar, 1-2 1-2 Actually fuck-you drums, with astoundingly angry female vocals. Ones to watch.”


Lumpy and the dumpers

Mastering the Lumpy and the Dumpers Collection for Erste Theke Tonträger.

“From time to time, LUMPY AND THE DUMPERS prove themselves to be the terminus of the Slime Punk Express. Blown out and covered in slime, Lumpy gnashes his way through these 12 tracks about ghouls, gnats, piss, sex pits and bad breath. In the realm of screaming, searing “throbbing idiot punk” (as LUMPY calls it), this is gold. It’s fast, it’s vicious, and it does not give a fuck. Total raw, warped punk just like I love it! LUMPY AND THE DUMPERS sound exactly like what you’d imagine Ren & Stimpy’s latin-jazz freakout band!

This band is about the filth inside, which is not to be confused with the darkness, it’s not mental anguish and black godlusts that are spewing forth here, just the natural logistics of flesh, the slippery smelly stuff, honesty of form in the chitterlings and the old shambles. Semi-solid beings playing songs of uncomfortable physicality.
Wrap this whole package up in an absolutely gorgeous 2-color, screen-printed sleeve (art by LUMPY himself) and you have a 100% essential hardcore LP.”


Mastering Primetime for La Vida Es Un Mus Records.

“Self-proclaimed ‘chaotic neurotics’, Primetime release their debut four track EP on La Vida Es Un Mus. These four ladies deal in note perfect post punk which harks back to the glory years of 1979 to 1982. ‘Tied Down’ is the calling card and is a scratchy mix of Kleenex and Delta 5 with an instant hook. The sound is raw and minimal yet inventive. You can’t help but fall in love with this band after just one listen.”

Go ahead do yourself a favour and buy it.


Ricky C Quartet

Mastering the Ricky C Quartet‘s second LP “Recent Affairs” on Wanda Records.

“Their long-awaited second album!
They’re loud, they’re fast and they’re dangerous! Its The Ricky C Quartet, bringing a style of classic punk rock n’ roll infused with a heaping dose of antipodean influenced adrenaline! Delivering a snarling energy with pissed-off lyrics and red-hot guitar leads, backed by walking bass lines that’ll get those feet moving” “



Hallowed Butchery

Mastering Hallowed Butchery “Canticle of the Beast” on Thought Crime Records.

“Experimental Doom Metal mayhem from Maine/USA. This has all been played and recorded by a single person, Ryan Fairfield. His music is full of passion and giving the term “brutal” a new meaning. This was recorded before his life changing „funeral rites for the living“ album on Vendetta records and has been released on a cassette tape in a quantity of 100 copies on the same label in 2008.

This re-mastered vinyl re-issue is limited to 500 copies.”


Blood Robots L

Mastering Blood Robots S/T LP on Thought Crime Records.

“Members of that band seem to have been in pretty much every Punk or hardcore band from the U.K. in the last 25 years or so: Health Hazard, Ebola, One By One, Boxed In…you name them. Blood Robots started in 1982 and recorded 2 demos, a split flexi 7“ with Reality Control and a few compilation tracks. Here´s most of their recorded work combined on a record that has more than 40 minutes of superb and pretty unique Punk, that has been influenced by Swell Maps, The Fall and of course Crass.”


glass hits

Mastering Glass Hits/Accordion Crimes Split 7″ for Snappy Little Numbers.

“SLN-115 Is Solid Gold!

We mean that literally.  Gold vinyl.  Wood covers.  The Glass Hits/Accordion Crimes”Split” 7″ has arrived and it’s a doozy!  Not only is it packed full of post-punk/hardcore hits,Cause Medic Ink outdid themselves on the packaging.  The covers are hand-screened wood panels and there are not one, but two complementary inserts.  One is even hand-numbered.  The Opaque Gold vinyl spins at 45rpm plus a download code is included.”



Mastering Spells “Asphalt Navajo”.

Taken from I Can Fly, You Pasty Motherfuckers:

“In just a short time my band SPELLS will start releasing tracks from our newest recording session that wrapped this past weekend. Honestly, this could be some of the best stuff I’ve been a part of to date. And considering that I’ve been writing, recording, and performing in bands for the last nineteen years, that says a lot. I’m not insinuating that they’re going to be successful publicly, I’m just extremely pleased with the execution.

The song that these lyrics pair with could be a big reason why.

Very few people know that nearly every single day I think about giving up. In the pursuit of some seemingly unattainable goal, I’ve become terrified with the notion that I’m forgetting to look around. But every person struggles with that, right? Well, this song is a tribute to all those light-off and-leave-it-all anthems that address remedying restless soul syndrome. But with a twist. I’m not alone. I’ll take the wife and kid along. Yeah, the fam. My pals. Let’s get all of our stuff, a shit car, and just bum around till something in our abdomen fails. Because I believe there’s more learning to be had by following roads to destinations we’ve never heard of than by cracking some book, or half sleeping through a lecture.

It won’t happen in the foreseeable future, my ego would never permit it. So, until that day, I’ll wish and scream.

Oh yeah, I chose the Navajo because they were the first and largest nomadic tribe residing on American soil prior to English settlement. Direct descendants of the Anasazi, their ancestors had discovered the hard way that building foundations, and burying permanent roots, was tantamount to signing your own death sentence. Long live the restless wanderer.”


Seeds of Doubt

Mastering Seeds of Doubt “Shed Philosophy”.

Taken from the the Dots and Dashes review:

“For a band from London, it seems eminently reasonable for Seeds of Doubt’s Shed Philosophy EP to begin with a track entitled I Need To Chill and end with another, Head In A Mess. Because the capital is itself eminently capable of inspiring both of these sensations, the latter a therefore suitably confusing slab of consummate slacker-rock.Although the former is all the more compelling still, the four-piece paying homage to their formative years as the giddy melodies known and indeed loved of Bandwagonesque combine with the assiduous, thus hugely characterful indie-pop renowned of one Graham Coxon. If you’d already listened to Never Gonna Change, you likely had few doubts about you as to their credentials, but few could’ve foreseen them having so competent a record in them…”



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