Mastering Suspect Parts “s/t” on Taken By Surprise and Oops Baby Records.

“Apocalypse Pop, waiting for the apocalypse to…drop… 

Suspect Parts is the brainchild of two exiled Americans, one Brit and a German who managed to tame their inner demons with buzzsaw punk/powerpop, a cotton candy-meets-razorblade concoction that goes down surprisingly smooth. 

Ex and current members of bands like The Briefs, Clorox Girls, Maniac, Ripchord, Radio Dead Ones and Red Dons – they are Suspect, they come from Suspect Parts. 

Combining 60’s pop and bubblegum with late 70’s California beach punk and powerpop, Suspect Parts have something brewing that can’t be ignored. The Seeds, the Kinks, the Knack and the Buzzcocks can be heard, as well as a little Nuggets, a little Star Spangles or Rezillos, a little Protex or Undertones, but with a modern touch. Backward-looking but forward-thinking 60s pop with a punk edge. 

Now, their self-titled full-length debut album is finally here. Recorded straight to analog tape in the negative 15 degree cold of a January in east Berlin. Ten songs, 24 minutes, a relentlessly catchy uppercut to the senses. 

Apocalypse Pop. When oil runs out a major line is going to be drawn. Which side are you on? Which tribe are you willing to die for? … Pop’s chosen warriors will rule the apocalypse …. Drop, waiting for the apocalypse to…pop…”

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Apostrophe Sunshine Piss

Mastering Apostrophe “Sunshine Piss” on Punctuation Recordings.


Mail Order Children

Remastering Mail Order Children “Anthology” on Snappy Little NumbersJerkoff, and Ratgirl Records.

“The complete collection of released and unreleased Mail Order Children tracks from their Eps, 7 inches and demos arranged in reverse chronological order from 1998 to 1996.”

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Old Forest Friends, Others

Mastering Old Forest “Friends, Others”.



Mastering Klüte “Loser” on Custom Made Music.

Recorded and mixed in Estudios Montealto.

“Spanish punk/rock n roll outfit Klute make high energy songs that echo the spirits of The Replacements, Husker Du and early Soul Asylum. The bands catchy choruses and driving riffs will have you singing along with this  4 song cassette E.P. in no time.”

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Sonic Order s:t

Mastering Sonic Order “s/t” on Doomtown Records and Byllepest Distro.

Recorded and Mixed by James Atkinson, Mutiny Studios, Bradford

“After a demo tape that was a total rager, Norwich’s deadliest are back with six more thunderous shots full of proper riffs to ruin your day.

This UK band features former members of Jackals and Sonic Order play in a style similar to Jackals (without the metal parts), making this tough, bombastic and angry hardcore that captures some pretty heavy and negative raw vibes. Add gruff and fierce blown out vocals on top of that, and this is the reason Sonic Order are one of the finest representatives of the new wave of UK hardcore.

Don’t miss out on this one and prepare to be executed!”

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Kriminal Demo

Mastering Kriminal “Demo” on Aborted Society Records.

“This is the demo cassette from KRIMINAL, a brand new hardcore punk outfit based in Berlin, Germany. Very much in the 80s Scandinavian style of d-beat punk, KRIMINAL features ex- and current members of INSTINCT OF SURVIVAL, COUNTDOWN TO ARMAGEDDON, NOCTURNAL SCUM, GUIDED CRADLE, and RANDOM BLACKOUTS, although musically this is more straightforward hardcore than the metal/crust-leaning output of their related bands. Lyrically this is a diverse mix of dystopian fiction and personal politics, nested within a wall of distorted rock n’ roll riffs and pummelling drums.”

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Diät Positive Disintegration

Mastering Diät “Positive Disintegration” on Iron Lung Records.

Recorded at Dong Xuan Productions by Tobias Lill.

“Years in the making, the follow-up or maybe even companion piece to 2015’s “Positive Energy”, “Positive Disintegration” sees the band with a bit more of a pop zap to the ever present post punk dreariness of modern Berlin life… Or even modern life at large as most of the lyrical content has to do with the monotony of barely getting by or trying to have a meaningful exchange with a remotely interesting person. These things are hard to come by most of the time and this music eats at that very feeling. It’s almost enough to make you wanna throw in the towel and move to Spain without a care in the world to haunt your remaining days. You probably won’t though, you’ll most likely listen to this record while you sip your overpriced room temperature coffee drink whilst ordering new bulbs for your anti depression lamp from a major online retailer. It just feels like life is getting away from you, ya know? Dark.”

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Mastering Levitations “Dust” on Adagio 830 Records.

Produced and Engineered by: Tobias lill

“The Berlin trio Levitations make an intense, feverish, raw-nerved form of post-punk, one that takes its cues from the genre’s ragged pioneers rather than the sleeker, more danceable acts that came later. The album’s title track is a burning headrush of a song, and you can check it out below. (stereogum)

Levitations are a three piece post punk / garage band from berlin. The three girls formed in 2009 and after a 7″ this is finally their debut LP. 9 songs of blistering dark post punk – somehow reminds of a mix between Super Wild Horse meets Kleenix or Lilliput. Raw and catchy at the same time”

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Colonised s:t

Mastering Colonised “s/t”.

Recorded & mixed by Paul Champion at Twin Earth Studios.

From Adelaide, Australia.

“Experience in South Australia’s Aboriginal communities, the death of a parent, and post-traumatic stress disorder are a few of the issues feeding into the emotional hellstorm that is their debut six-song demo, the sound of which is in the mould of those post-punk bands that rocked hard while pounding the clay into some different shapes – like Wipers, Husker Du, Killing Joke, Mission of Burma, feedtime, Midnight Oil!”


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