Mastered at NLBF: Illegal Leather “Raw Meat” on Dead Beat Records.

Released October 1, 2021

“Illegal Leather- Raw Meat LP.  Illegal Leather are fronted by the one and only Marco Palumbo AKA Terminal Gagger, lead screamer of the seminal UK punk band the Gaggers. And his uncharacteristic vocals are so immediately recognizable on Illegal Leather’s debut full length ‘Raw Meat’. Marco goes back to his roots, here, playing a similar ferocious hybrid of the guitars gnashing, lewd ‘n crude Punk Rock filth that made the Gaggers such a household name over a decade ago. With slashing guitars, throbbing bass and Marco’s caustic sneering vocals, Terminal Gagger’s vile, apathetic lyrics show his vitriolic silver tongue hasn’t waned with age. Illegal Leather’s muscular melodies and alluringly creative song writing are instantly catchy, and there’s more than enough vocal spit in the mix to satisfy any fans of Marcos previous bands including the Gaggers, Miscalculations, Disco Lepers and La Rabbia. ‘Raw Meat’ delivers a dozen oozing cuts of supercharged, menacing, bulldozer Punk that’s equal parts attitude, aggression and electricity with loud, blaring guitars driven by one of the crudest guitar tones I’ve heard in years. A fantastic slab of totally fucked Punk Rock that’ll sidle up nicely next to your Pagans, Reatards, Electric Eels and Spits records with eye-popping artwork by Terminal Gagger himself. A misanthropic masterpiece from London’s finest including a handy pull-out, lyrics sheet insert to boot.

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Remastered at NLBF: Câmbio Negro “Ecos do 3° Mundo” on Punk Vortex.

Released November 3, 2020

Câmbio Negro, is a seminal Hardcore Punk band from Recife – Brasil, formed in 1983 they were one of the first bands playing that kind of music on the North East of the country and the first on that region to release an album. “Ecos do 3° Mundo” was previously released as a demo tape in 1989, and is considered by many their best stuff, brutal, raw, energetic Hardcore. Punk Vortex records has unearthed the original recording, restored, remastered and released it on vinyl. The original artwork has been also revamped! Taking into consideration that the songs were stored on cassette tape for decades and obviously lost a bit of quality, the final result is great! I am very proud of rescuing this piece of Brazilian Hardcore Punk and making it available to all.

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Mastered at NLBF: Liquids “Hot Liqs” on Drunken Sailor.

Released September 30, 2016

“Hot Liqs” is a total god-send. Sixteen new Liquids recordings, making a return to approximately 75% of their songs that have found their way onto cassettes in the past, along with what I believe to be a completely new instrumental, “Howdy”. By now, everybody is already way past-familiar with the Liquid’s splendor, but be prepared to be impressed even further with the majority of these recordings.
A number of these tracks have such radical changes that can instantly revitalize year-old material. “Sick Shit”, “Dumb as Fuck”, and “Heart Beats True” are the first few songs with significant changes that come to mind, but a number of other tracks follow suit by further embellishing the already brilliant music through additional chords and hot, hot licks.
The Liquids has never sounded so fresh before. It may only have one new song, but this is easily my most favorite Liquids release, hands down. So many gems make a much welcome return, like “I Killed Donald Trump” (now stylized as “I Killed D.T.) and “Permission Slip”. Hell, “Dumb as Fuck” only appeared on their “Live at Mat’s House” cassette, meaning this is the song’s first real appearance on a stand-alone release, as far as I can tell. I think it goes without saying about how good this release is, it’ll be sure to woo anyone who considers themselves a Liquids fan.”

Art For Blind Put Ears

Mastered at NLBF:

Various Artists “Put Ears on Yourself Vol​.​1” on Art For Blind.

Released March 10, 2017

Taken from Circuit Sweet:

“Put Ears on Yourself is the first in a new 7” single series curated by Art For Blind Records. Each 7” will feature 4 bands from Ireland and the UK and will be housed in a series of limited edition screen printed sleeves designed by emerging artists, designers and illustrators.

The first volume features UK artists Trust Fund, Milk Crimes and Lower Slaughter along with Dublin based garage punk band Sissy. The records are housed in covers designed by Leigh Arthur, Charolotte Ager, Rebecca Bronya, Sinead Young and Edel Doherty and were handprinted in County Leitrim by Pulled.

Trust Fund offer up the track “Splitter”. The track is a lo fi melodic soundtrack to long journeys and features record-mates Milk Crimes on backing vocals.

Trust Fund’s Ellis says of the track: “Splitter was mostly recorded in 2014 — I played guitar and drums, and Stefano played the bass which is why it’s extra fresh. It was going to be the b-side of ‘Cut me out’, but then I guess that song never came out as a single. Then in 2016 the band Milk Crimes came down to my basement and laid some sweet harmonies over it. Ellie left her reduced-price fake meats in our freezer and I was super excited but then they remembered and came back for them and that was a bad time for me. The song is about the ‘splitter’ adapter which means that two or more people can listen to music from one headphone jack. It could be argued that the song is therefore also concerned with the role of technology in mediating human intimacy. It has a sick guitar solo.”

Elsewhere on the 7″, “I’ll be Back Soon” is Leeds based punks Milk Crimes first outing on vinyl after an exciting demo released on cassette by Chunk in early 2016. The song is a promising glimpse of their forthcoming debut album in late 2017.

Dublin/London based Sissy contribute the track “Nice Guy” to the compilation, which is a deliciously snarling piece of garage punk taking aim at those fucking nice guys and is the perfect follow up the bands recent self released 7”.

Rounding off the record is Lower Slaughter’s “Tied Down”. The result is a sound which brilliantly shows the most of Sinead’s very different vocal style and maintains the ingenuity and experimentation which make the band such a breath of fresh air.”

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The Beat featuring Ranking Roger

Mastered at NLBF in 2016 The Beat featuring Ranking Roger “Walking On The Wrong Side” on Heavy Soul Records.

“The unmistakable voice of Rankin’ Roger has returned to the 7″ format, and come back with another classic BEAT single to follow on all those Two-Tone and Go Feet classics: Mirror in The Bathroom, Too Nice To Talk Too, Tears Of A Clown and Stand Down Margaret cemented The Beat at the top of the UK reggae tree along with UB40.
A soundtrack to a generation of skanking youth, The Beat are back with a new album due in September called “Bounce” and this is the first single to be taken from it. Backed with a non-album exclusive b-side “On The Road” get ready to get those knees in the air again!”

Rest In Power Ranking Roger ❤


Mastering True Vision “Demo Tape 2016” on Quality Control HQ.

Released July 24, 2016

“Promo for the Against the Grain 7″ which came out August 2016 on QCHQ and includes an exclusive cover of the band Release (Greed)”

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Scheissediebullen - Anwohner raus!

Mastering Scheissediebullen “Anwohner raus!” on Gunner Records  & Meta Matter Records.

Released November 11, 2016

“Gut drei Jahre nach “Aufschwung” gibt’s ab dem 11.11.2016 endlich den Nachfolger “Anwohner raus!”. Wie gewohnt kommt die Platte mit der patenten Laufzeit von gut 44 Minuten verteilt auf 15 Songs daher. Soviel Mucke passt gerade noch auf eine Vinylscheibe, von der es direkt von den Labels auch eine auf 200 Stück limitierte Edition mit farbigem Plastik und Siebdruckhülle geben wird. Für die 90s Kids gibt’s CDs und für die Millenials beizeiten auch noch alles in digital für umme von Bandcamp.” 

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Johnny Notebook - s:t

Mastering Johnny Notebook and the Blue Screens s/t on Stencil Trash Records.

Released October 30, 2016

Johnny Notebook is the synth punk solo project from Daniel of Dean Dirg, Toyotas and Metric Eyes.

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Wonk Unit Mr Splashy

Mastering Wonk Unit “Mr Splashy” on TNSrecords.

Released September 23, 2016

Ever get the feeling you’ve been cheated?

Well, you should if you are ignorant of the air, leanings and grandeur of Wonk Unit, London’s improbable heroes. Heroes of community, of politics and melody.

Champions of Wonkfest, the ever growing London festival that is key to the punk rock calendar. Yes, punk rock. Individual, ironic, poignant and occasionally wistful, Wonk Unit deliver “Mr Splashy” in your ears and it resonates in a contemporary way, legitimizing the mantra of “21st century punks”.
My mate Sean brought home the latest Descendents effort on vinyl recently and spun a few tunes. My reaction?“This sounds like Wonk Unit”. Case closed.

Ever get the feeling you’ve been cheated? Honk If You Wonk. Johnny Takeaway” 

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Hyäne - s:t

Mastering Hyäne s/t on Static Age Musik.

Released November 18, 2016

 ” Hyäne are a powerful post punk band from Berlin who’ve recently released an impressive ep on Static Age Musik. In this instance it’s “post punk for geeks who wear boots and sport shitty haircuts as opposed to the goth and eyeliner crowd.” It was recorded and mixed by Tobias Lill…” – Taken from just some punk songs.

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