Vanilla Poppers - Lurking In The Corner Of Cleveland Ohio

Mastering Vanilla Poppers ‎”Lurking In The Corner Of Cleveland Ohio” on Negative Jazz.

Released 2016

“Debut ep from Australian/Ohio quartet Vanilla Poppers. Coming off of a very successful US tour, Vanilla Poppers offer up 6 blistering tracks of raw, unhinged, in your face punk.”

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Sister Disaster - BlackoutsMastering Sister Disaster “Blackout” on Soul Rokker Records | Shill Records | Several Casualties 

Released December 16, 2016

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Nadsat s:t

Mastering Nadsat “Nadsat” on Andalucia Über Alles.

Released July 7, 2016

“Por fin, tras una larga espera, podemos escuchar la primera grabación de NADSAT, otro grupo más compuesto íntegramente por miembros de esta organización; un melocotonaso cósmico en toda regla que no hubiera sido posible sin la paciencia y trabajo de Manu Holländer, el único punk de verdad de esta ciudad, y la genial masterización llevada a cabo en North London Bomb Factory. En esta ocasión, el punk trianero y jerezano se han aliado para engendrar una criatura de lo más variopinta que, como todo lo bueno, se ha hecho de rogar hasta la desesperación. Pero ya lo tenemos aquí, y nosotrxs estamos muy felices de compartilo con todxs vosotrxs.
Pronto estos sonidos invadirán la realidad tangible a través de una edición en cassette de la mano de Andalucía Über Alles, que pondrá todo su cariño en elaborar un artefacto digno de ocupar un espacio en vuestra colección musical, así que, si queréis contribuir a que este proyecto no deje de crecer, id apartando los jayeres para apoyar a este grupo de nihilistas.
Escúchalo, baila, léete las letras, compártelo o métele fuego a tu computadora si te parece una mierda, da igual, Nadsat ya está aquí con un mensaje indestructible: PUNK, DIY y FUERZA JUVENIL.”

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Mastering Guilt Police (Girl Power) “Welcome to the Gun Show” on Richter Scale , Kibou Records ‎, Mono Canibal ‎ & Mangel Wax

Released January 1, 2017

“GIRL POWER are a total powerhouse hardcore trio. Anyone that heard their debut 7″ or has seen them live knows this! Dare I say it, ‘Welcome to the Gun Show’ is even better than that first 7″!

7 tracks of pounding slow followed by lightning fast, coupled with intelligent lyrics and catchy riffs is what you’re getting here. This does not disappoint from the first note to the last.

One of the best kept secrets in UKHC right now. “

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Crude Heat

Mastering Crude Heat “Demo”.

Released June 19, 2016


Life Survival

Mastering Life / Survival “Split E.P.” by Static Age Musik

Released February 14, 2017

“Two bands that have refined their respective sounds from noisey punk and metallic grindcore into genre expanding contributions to DIY punk rock. Instinct of Survival (Hamburg, Germany) continue to flavor their stench core influenced punk with a industrial melodic sensibility reminiscent of early Killing Joke. LIFE (Tokyo, Japan) again prove they are the best thing going in crasher crust style punk with three tracks that deliver all the pounding, reverb drenched bombardment you need from the genre while finding room for some amazing melodies and guitar work. Essential material from both bands. Artwork by the Human Warhead Yeap. Tape Version by Hardcore Hell. 7″ version by Desolate Records & Static Age Musick.”

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The Brunettez

Mastering The Brunettez  “Street Cat” – self-released EP

Released July 15, 2016

Recorded by Laura Großer, 2014


Girlie : Pigeon - Split

Mastering Girlie / Pigeon “Split” on Späti Palace and Flennen.

Released September 23, 2016

Taken from Lola:

“We’ve talked about Girlie’s throwback charms in previous gig guides; the likes of Interrugnum bounding along with unreserved indie flavour. Honest lyrics, dirty guitars and garagey production define Girlie’s presence on this record. Pigeon by contrast have an altogether darker sound, influenced somewhat by squalling vocals and swelling guitars with enough grit to de-ice your footpath. This split EP strikes a perfect balance between both bands: the fresh, open Girlie running into the brooding, blown-out Pigeon.” 

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Mastering Role Models “Forest Lawn” on Glunk Records.

Released September 10, 2016

“Sophomore album from UK based rock and rollers Role Models return with a sparkling follow up to debut album ‘The Go-To Guy’. featuring guest slots from the likes of Steve Conte & Rich Jones from Michael Monroe band as well as Chris Barry of 39 Steps there is also a horn section on the stunning ‘Bullshit Corner’ which sees the band expand on their sound as they deliver another album that will no doubt be a contender for album of the year!”


Soft Walls Live From MT8X

Mastering Soft Walls “Live From MT8X” on Faux Discx.

Released September 30, 2016.

“4 extended jams of live-looped motorik psychedelia. Heavy drum-machine repetition, droning keyboards, and extended guitar ragas. All played live (with vocals overdubbed later) by Soft Walls main man Dan Reeves, direct to his beloved MT8X cassette tape machine. Features expanded, re-imagined versions of two songs from 2014’s acclaimed ‘No Time’, one from 2012’s debut ‘The Soft Walls’ and a guitar meditation exclusive to this release.”

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